Title: Attitude
Series: Adventure 02
Pairings: Davis/Yolei
Characters: Davis, Yolei, Hawkmon
Rating: R
Word count: 300
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon and make no money with this.

"Ohhhh, that's it!" Yolei clawed the pillows in front of her and moaned.

"Should I go on?" the boy on top of her asked, placing a hand on her back to prevent her from throwing him off accidentally.

"No mercy!"

Davis beamed. This was one of the things he loved her for. "But Yolei," he started innocently, "it's so tight!"

"All the way, you silly fool!" she barked and shot him a daring grin over her shoulder.

"If you say so... here comes-"

He froze when the door burst open. "Vile fiend!"

Oh Hell, Davis thought and winced. "Hey there, Hawkmon..."

"How dare you?" the bird snapped. "Did you think I wouldn't hear you? Have you no shame at-"

"Hawkmon?" Yolei hissed. "What are you doing here?"

"Ensuring that you remain pure and untouched until your marriage?" Hawkmon was looking slightly discouraged.

Yolei sighed. "This isn't sexual, you dolt. Davis is tightening the laces of my corset so I'll look good in my dress tonight."

"Oh!" The bird blushed. "Oh my God, I'm sorry, I just thought-"

"We can guess what you thought, you little perv," she teased him. "Now be a good Digimon and wait outside, okay?"

"Of course! Tighten her up well, Davis! She's gained a few pounds since she last wore her-"


"Yes, yes!" He hastily left the room, closing the door behind him.

Davis finally allowed himself a sigh of relief. "How long until he realizes that neither of us are wearing pants?"

"Who cares?" Yolei grinned and pressed herself against him, making him moan. "Just keep going and think happy thoughts, tiger..."

He smiled, but then froze. "Wait, do you even own a corset?"

Her grin turned into an apologetic smile, and Davis groaned. This was one of the things he hated her for.