Mario Gets a Nasty Surprise

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario came into the living room, sipping some nice warm milk, while Luigi was busy playing the piano.

"Nice music skills, Luigi," Mario stated as he took another sip of his milk, sighing of relief after feeling the nice taste.

Luigi halted his piano playing, and turned around to face Mario.

"What did you say about my music skills?" Luigi growled as he stood up and cracked his knuckles. After a five second pause, he looked at his fingers, which were broken.





"...AHHHHH!!!!!" Luigi screamed in pain as he held his right hand in pain, bumping into the wall and then falling on the ground, rolling around as he continued screaming.

Mario shrugged, and he headed off into the kitchen, finishing up his milk. He figured that Toadsworth or a doctor would be able to fix up Luigi, so once more, he headed off for another adventure to take down Bowser. This time, when Mario arrived at Bowser's castle, there were steaming piles of red hot magma pouring down from the stone cold fortress. Boldly charging forward, Mario pounded the door down with his fist, continuing to run straight into the castle. Much to his surprise, he was ambushed by seventeen Dry Bones, who all used their electricity to paralyze Mario on the spot.

"Mamma... mia..." Mario coughed as his left leg twitched, unable to get up. He then heard laughter, and he looked up, to see Bowser's gargantuan feet in front of him. Mario's eyes widened as his head was stomped on by Bowser's right foot.

"Poor, innocent plumber..." Bowser chortled as he shook his head and waggled his right index finger, "What are we going to do with you... hmmm..." Snapping his fingers, he got a grand idea. "I know... bwa ha ha ha!"

A few minutes later, Mario was strapped to a piano. The Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, and Bo-Bombs watching all demanded for music to be played. Sighing, Mario began, but he went off key, causing the audience to boo and jeer as they tossed tomatoes and rotten garbage at the red-capped Italian American plumber. Mario tried to doge, but he was strapped to the thing.

Bowser, who was watching from the stands, only could laugh as he handed a strange hooded figure behind him fifty dollars. The strange hooded figure then turned around and ran off, a green crap falling down behind him, Bowser and his minions watching Mario suffer the pain.