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Title: Forgive don't Forget
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Chapter I: Everything Happens for a Reason

Location: Tokyo,Japan

Uchiha Sasuke: Infamous playboy known to all. The youngest of the two sons of Uchiha Mikoto, and Uchiha Fugaku. Cognated from the family which the Uchiha Industries, a popular company known to all, originated from.

Spiky, Raven-colored, ebony hair with tints of sapphire, spiking at the ends.

Coal-colored eyes, porcelain white skinned

Desirable features meant for women to drool and run after.

Uzumaki Naruto: Hyperactive, Loud mouth, one of the best friends of Uchiha Sasuke. Only child of Minato Namikaze and Uzumaki Kushina, owner of The Uzumaki Corp.

Spiky blond, Cerulean-eyed.

Nara Shikamaru: Has a decent friendship with Uchiha Sasuke. The Nara Tech. Corp. in partnership with the Uchiha Industries. Commonly known to be a lazy genius.

Spiky hair, Pineapple-ish type of head.

Hyuuga Neji: Silent. Stoic. A mystery to women and (some) men. His mysterious attitude towards the ladies and his silent treatment drive women insane.



A rosette haired, porcelain skinned, jade-eyed 18 year-old teen sat on her lazy, cushioned chair, leaning back as she talked to her best friend on the phone.

"I'm telling you, forehead girl, you should transfer to Konoha Gakuen with me!!" whined Ino on the other line.

The rosette haired girl lifted a hand and rested it on her forehead. 'It's not that big,' she thought to herself furiously.

"And I'm asking you, Ino-pig, why should I?" Sakura retorted, running her hand on her so-called 'Large forehead' "And my forehead isn't big!" cried the girl as she put her hand down, and instead, examined her freshly manicured fingernails,.

"Yeah, I know you're forehead isn't big! Geez… I mean, old habits die hard!" Ino exclaimed on the other line.

"Then why did you-- beep-- hold that thought. There's someone on the other line," Sakura interrupted..

"Yeah, yeah." Ino replied. A small beep was sounded and naught was heard than the sound of night engulfed that the silence. Ino huffed impatiently at the silence.

"Yeah, hello?" Sakura said.

"Yo, Yo, Sakura," greeted another female voice on the other line.

"Tenten!!" Sakura exclaimed in excitement. "Hold on, I'll three-way the call!"

"Err, I guess," Tenten replied.

Sakura joined the two calls and spoke into the receiver once again.

"Heyy guys!" Sakura said.

"Hey." The two voices answered simultaneously.

"Tenten, is that you on the other line?" Ino asked.

"Yep. Who else?" Tenten answered sarcastically.

Ino giggled. "Too bad Hinata had to miss this conference."

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but hey, she must be out with her family and hot(cough) cousin on a dinner outing or something." Tenten said.

Both girls giggled as Sakura remained silent. She had regretted the whole three years she spent in High School without them. They had been all close friends since the very start of their educational lives, only to be torn apart when the Hyuuga Family and the Yamanaka family had dinner. Apparently, Konoha Gakuen was a very good prestigious academy for kids with bright expectations of the future.

Ino's mom had run into Tenten's and they had a talk. The result, Sakura's three best friends sent to the same academy for their whole high school years.

"Wow, I feel so connected with you guys." Sakura commented sarcastically.

"Well I told you! You should transfer to K.G. already!" Ino said.

"Yeah, Sakura. C'mon. You'll love it there!"

"Hmm... I'll think about it." Sakura said.

"Sakura-sama, your mother is calling you down for dinner." a voice said, coming out of the white speaker right beside Sakura's glass table. The flat, rectangular speaker that hung on Sakura's peach colored walls was(often used when to call Sakura downstairs

- "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there," she said as she pressed the white button built below the speaker lines where the voice came pulled her finger away from the button, and listened to Ino's and Tenten's conversation.

"--yeah, I know he's hot! But the Uchiha is even hotter!!" Ino squealed.

Sakura felt her blood drain out of her.

'U-Uchiha?' She thought.

Their voices suddenly became very distant. It was like her soul was being pulled out of her body.

'Sasuke...Uchiha....' She thought once again.

Memories of two years agocame flooding back to her.

An evil grin slowly plastered her features.

Once she composed herself well enough to use her body, she decided to get her butt down to the dining room.

"Ne, guys, I have to go now. Apparently it's dinner time for me." Sakura said.

"Aww." The two girls replied in unison.

"Hey, don't be disappointed. Who knows. (?) Maybe I will join you guys. Hey, things could happen. Specially when it's our last year of High School." Sakura said.

Ino squealed. "Yay, Forehead-chaaaan!!" she exclaimed. "Well see ya then!"

"Yeah, Sakura! You know it'd be great if you joined us this year." Tenten added.

"Yeah, I'll call you guys after dinner or maybe first thing tomorrow. Bye!" Sakura said for the last time that night.


The line went dead.

Sakura put her phone down on her table. She sat there for a couple of minutes. Trying to comprehend what she just witnessed.





His name kept ringing in her head.

"Uchiha...Sasuke." She said softly.

"Sakura-sama, your Okaa-san told me to inform you to hurry up." The voice said once again, coming out of the speaker.

Sakura glared at the small white speaker for a minute.

"Whatever...." She muttered to herself as she stood up, and went to her bathroom.

Stepping on her white tiled floor, only barefooted, her feet came(in contact with the cold tile, she felt a chill run down her spine. Sakura walked and stopped, right in front of her three-faced mirror. She took her hairbrush, and combed her pink tresses.

"Presentable." She mumbled to herself, recalling what her Kaa-san told her.




A while later, grabbing her flip-flops from the corner of her walk-in closet, she slipped her favorite pair on, and left the closet, switching off her light, and closing the door.

She finally left her room, she wore her all day outfit. Knee length denim jeans and a pink collared shirt layered with an ordinary white polo underneath fit her summery mood.

As she walked down the velvet red carpeted halls, she thought how ridiculous her parents' logic was, "Such a big mansion, for such a small family," Sakura muttered.

She was eager to get to the dinning table to bring up the subject of switching schools (not for the upcoming final high school year

"Stupid Mansion...stupid pride...." Sakura muttered once again, a string of incoherent words following.

Just making it to the dining table took more patience than her patience bar consisted.

The Haruno family lived in a mansion with an Olympic-sized swimming pool at the back, a tennis court perfect for sunny days. Sakura's dad owned a rich company, that had great dealings, similar to the Uchiha's, not quite as popular, but in the category. Sakura's mom however, owned the agency where top teen models of today's kind could be.

Sakura finally made it to the staircase, which would lead her to the polished marble floor, the main part of the Haruno household where guests frequently enjoyed their time when Sakura's dad hosted business parties.

Sakura's flip-flops made tapping sounds as they hit the back of her feet. She turned a sharp left, pushing the huge double mahogany doors. Their dinning room came into view.

A large chandelier was hanging above the long glass dinning table where Sakura's parents were seated, waiting patiently. Maids dressed in black and white clothing stood at the back table, leaning their backs against the furthest wall.

"Okaa-san, Otou-san. Good evening," Sakura greeted as she sat down on her seat across her mom's and beside the head of the table

"Sakura!" Her mother exclaimed while her dad acknowledged her presence by merely nodding.

"There you are!! What took you so long, dear?" Her mother agonizingly questioned her only child.

"Hmm? Nothing's wrong with me," Sakura reassured.

Sakura's dad glanced up from the newspaper he was reading for a moment.

"Um, Tou-san?" Sakura said.

"Hmm?" Her dad replied, not looking up from the paper he was reading.

"Usually, people read the paper when the sun rises, to be aware of the starting of a new day, not when the sun's setting," Sakura pouted.

Her Mother stifled a giggle while her dad looked up from the paper he was reading this time, a grin evident on his face.

"Well usually, the people reading it in the morning aren't as busy as me? Don't you think?" He said, pinching his daughter's cheeks.

Sakura flushed and swatted his hand away from her cheek, aware that she was being treated like a toddler.

Their dinner came, each served by a different Haruno household maid.

Sakura picked up her knife and fork, and started cutting up the steak into bits. As she chewed on the meat, she examined the facial expressions of her parents. If it was good, she'd pop the question up when dinner would be nearly done. If not, she'd have to ask them some other time.

As she ate the mashed potato and swallowed once she saw that her two parents were in an unusually good mood.

'Who are they and what have they done to my real parents?' she thought amazed.

The dinner they had together was almost coming to an end. Mr. and Mrs. Haruno were chatting lightly, while Sakura was fidgeting a bit, she waited until dinner was surely coming to a close.

She eyed her Dad who was already done with his dinner, and her Mom, close behind.

Time to get this show on the road.




Eyes fluttered open as Haruno Sakura sat up on her king-sized, canopy bed stretching her arms. A smile slowly plastered her features as she remembered what had happened the night before.

'I'm going to a new school! 'She exclaimed inwardly.

Reminiscing to the events that happened last night, Sakura jumped out of her bed, and grabbed her telephone on the glass table.

Last night: Specifically the closing of Dinner.

Sakura's blood almost drained out of her system once her parents directed their gaze at her, after calling both their names.

"Yes, Sakura?" Her dad questioned, already standing, prepared to leave for the master's bedroom, only to be halted by the call of his only child.

"Anou...I was wondering...."

"Hmm, dear?" Her mother beckoned softly, inviting her to come closer to them.

"I was wondering...maybe this school year, if I could...err, switch schools...." she whispered.

"What was that?" Sakura's dad questioned.

"Please tell us louder, dear,." Sakura's mom requested.

Sakura fidgeted a few moments before composing herself. "Um... I was sort of wondering... if I could switch schools this coming school year" She voiced shaking slightly.

"And why would you want to do that? It's your last year of high school. Why would you want to move schools all of a sudden?" Her father questioned sternly.

"Well…umm…you see…" she hadn't thought of a proper excuse quite yet. Really, who in the right mind would want to transfer when high school was almost over? Right…she would.

"Well, you see..I want to move to this school," she replied hesitantly.

"And what school would that be, my dear?" Sakura's mother asked curiously.

"The Konoha Gakuen."

"Oh? That school? I'm surprised that you would actually want to go there," sternness was replaced with confusion as her father raised his eyebrow.

"Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't want to go there? I want to be as successful as you and Mom when I grow up, but to do so, I have to get into Konoha Gakuen. There are better chances of getting into a good college because KG is a prestigious school and all," Sakura explained.

'Lies...that's not the ONLY reason) you want to get into KG, ' Her thoughts screamed on the inside while she told her story to her parents.

"Hmm... I guess you could transfer there...." Her dad reconsidered in his mind.

"But… what about the tuition and all? Iit's said that KG's tuitions are expensive due to the--

She was cut off when she heard her father chuckle, while her mother giggled.

"What?" She questioned.

"Are you serious, Sakura?" Her father asked, still amused by the logic of his child.

"Yeah, I mean--

Sakura's thoughts wandered off to answers. She giggled, 'What was I thinking?' she questioned herself. Clearly, the idea of her parents being filthy stinking rich didn't sink in yet.

"Now you see my point." Her dad said before kissing her forehead, and leaving the dinning room.

"Goodnight, Sakura; I hope you're sure of what you're doing," her mother said as well before engulfing her daughter in a hug.

"Goodnight Mom,"she) replied, breaking the hug before leaving the dining room to retreat to her room.


"OMG! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!" exclaimed a very excited Ino on the other line of Sakura's phone.

"No, I am not kidding you. I'm dead serious when I say that I am transferring to K.G. this coming school year," Sakura stated simply.

Ino squealed excitedly once again.

"GOD!" I can't wait to show you around campus, and introduce you to the hottest people, specifically guys," Ino exclaimed once again.

Sakura giggled as she held her phone an arm's length away from her ears. She still could hear her best friend on the other line.

"OH MY GOD FOREHEAD GIRL!! I AM SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED!!!" her best friend sang on the other line to her heart's content. "I CAN'T WAIT TO INTRODUCE TO YOU A BUNCH OF GUYS!!! I MEAN, THERE'S--

Sakura tuned out Ino's blabber, only tuning back in when Ino was closing her list of names




Somewhere far away, a blond boy sneezed.

"Ughh," he groaned.

"That's gross, dobe," the raven-haired teen commented.

"Who asked you?!!" shouted the blond as he grabbed a tissue box on the mahogany wooden table.

"I have to go to the bathroom for a quick sec. Kay, love? I'll be back in a flash. And Naruto, don't you dare get your grimy hands on my stuff while I'm gone. Be back in a flash!" a new voice interfered belonging to a ruby haired female.

"Hn." replied Sasuke.

"Pfft. Like i'd touch her nasty stuff." Naruto whined disgustedly once the girl was out of the room and out of sight.


"What, teme?"

"Shut up."




Months later...

The first day of school could be always described in one word for Haruno Sakura.


The place was so different; everyone didn't look familiar. Why would they?

A smirk slowly spread across her face as she headed towards the office. Conquering the school would be easy…considering she already had allies…and it was just her first day!

As she passed by, boys turned heads, while girls watched her with eyes that had envy had found home on their pupils-this can be used to replace "tainted on each of their pupils.

The whole school was buzzing with excitement as the news traveled fast.

"Teme!! Oi! Err Hey- that was disrespectful!! Mind saying 'excuse me' once in a while? Sheesh."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the sight of his best friend pushed accidentally by busy students finding their lockers, or getting to their respective classrooms earlier than the assigned time to get a good start of the school year seat.

"What is it, Dobe?"

Panting, the blond boy gasped for breath.

"You know- pant pant - there's this new -pant pant-"

"Naruto," Sasuke grunted annoyed, "you are allowed to breathe, you know. No one's stopping you."

Naruto huffed, "Anyways!" continued the blond boy as he swatted away his friend's comment, "Sasuke-teme, there's this new girl, she just moved in, and oddly, she is soo hot!!"

"And I care...because?" questioned Sasuke.

"Well because she's so hot… and oddly enough, she looks just like Sakura-chan...you know, your ex?" The blond boy snickered.


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