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This was stupid. She had agreed to the damn dinner just because her mother was practically doing pretty much everything in her capability to get Sakura to attend the Uchiha-Haruno-Hoshiwagi dinner.

Only when days had passed, and it ended up at the day before the said dinner did Sakura cave in. Hana had a conversation with Mikoto over the phone, thus, they came to the conclusion that Sakura might reconsider her answer if they allowed her to bring one of her friends along.

Well, that did it exactly. She had second thoughts.

And with the help of her three friends, Ino, Tenten and Hinata, she had finally came up with her decision. She was taking Sai to the dinner.

And she just hoped that she wasn't making a mistake.




Chapter XI- Sorry

"Hana-chan! Welcome!" an excited voice came from the two main doors of the Uchiha mansion.

Sakura wasn't surprised anymore at the turn-out of Sasuke's residence.

Steeled-iron gates surrounded the huge white mansion. At the front, you could see the small guard house that managed the front gates. And at the back, there you will find an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a tennis court and a very beautiful garden.

The Uchihas' residence was at the part of Tokyo Japan where you would normally find the Western-styled houses, malls, etc.

Sakura also lived nearby, which answers the question as to why she as well lives in a western-styled house.

Of course people normally found in the area where the Uchiha's live, and nearby where Sakura lives means that they belong to rich families harboring wealthy businesses.

"Mikoto-chan!" Hana greeted back as she embraced the said woman.

"Oh, Sakura-chan, you look so beautiful tonight! And, your friend as well! Sai, was it? Hana mentioned him to me when she called before you guys had driven over here!" Mikoto explained.

Sakura gave Mikoto a sweet smile as she fidgeted with the hem of her tasty red spaghetti-strapped dress that ended a few inches above her knees.

Her long hair was tied into a half up- half down do, and she had applied light make-up on her face.

Sakura glanced at Sai, wearing that tux made him look so…different than his usual everyday kind of laid-back style he usually wore.

"Sai, are you sure this is alright?" Sakura questioned him. She wasn't entirely sure if he was comfortable with the idea of attending this dinner with her. She wasn't even sure why he had agreed to come to this dinner.

Sai flashed her one of his smiles. "I'm sure, ugly."

A vein throbbed at the side of Sakura's head, and she had ended up punching Sai hard on the shoulder.

"Wow, for a girl, you sure know how to hit." He commented as he rubbed his abused shoulder.

That earned him another hard punch.

"Ah, so I see that the blossom has finally arrived." a very familiar voice said. The source, appearing beside Mikoto.

"Itachi-chaaan!" Sakura exclaimed. Her eyes widened with delight as she flung herself towards the said man, dressed properly for this occasion in a tux as well.

"It's nice to see you too, Sakura-chan." He said as he patted her head.

"Mou, stop doing that. I had to fix my hair for over an hour you know." She said as she stuck her tongue out at him. "Oh, yeah! This is Sai, my friend! Sai, meet Itachi-chan, I would love to say that Itachi-chan and I were siblings but unfortunately, we're not related, so I can't really tease him on a daily basis."

Sai flashed him a smile and shook Itachi's hand.

"Ah, it's nice to meet Duckbutt-emo haired guy's brother." He said.

Sakura's sweat dropped. 'My gawsh. He sure knows how to make an impression.'

Itachi grinned. "Yeah, and it's nice to meet one of Sakura's friends as well." He replied. "Oh, and don't believe what Sakura here had said. We are going to be siblings someday. Well in-laws perhaps."

Sakura blushed crimson red as she punched Itachi's arm.

"Ita-chaaan!" she shouted. Her face flushing in embarrassment.

Itachi smirked at her. "Don't worry, Sakura. You know it's going to happen someday." He said as he slipped inside the house, preventing Sakura from punching him to a pulp any further.

Sakura muttered curses under her breath. Her face was still flushed, and the two couples belonging to different families, fortunately for her did not notice the encounter Sai and her had with Itachi.

"Sooo, what say we all head inside?" Mikoto cheered as she led Hana, Kenji, Sakura and Sai inside the huge Uchiha Mansion.

Sakura had pinched Sai's arm on the way to the destination Mikoto was leading them to, whenever he repeated what Itachi had said earlier.

"So I see that you and Sasuke-san will get married someday, hmm? And possibly have small Uchiha babies running around?" he said. It came out as a question, but Sakura knew that he was just teasing her.

"Sai no Baka!" she hissed as she pinched him harder on the arm this time. One that made him wince.

He flashed her one of his fake smiles in response even though she could see it in his eyes that he was affected from the pinch.

Oh did she hope that it left him with a mark on his skin. He sooo deserved it.

Once the Uchihas' living room came into view, Sakura had spotted Karin seated on one of the couches, wearing a dress that actually looked decent, beside Sasuke, who was wearing a tasty tux as well. All the men had to wear a tux. It wasn't really stated. Well it was just expected.

And she couldn't help but allow her eyes to ogle at him for a few seconds. Scolding herself moments later, reminding her inner that they weren't together anymore.

But somehow, the reminder did not hurt her as much as it had before…That was a fact, that had surprised her, to say the least.

Beside them, sat another couple. A middle-aged one at that. One that Sakura had assumed was Karin's parents.

She saw how Sasuke's eyes flickered towards them. I mean, even Karin's ruby eyes had directed towards them. Who wouldn't, anyways. They were a semi-large group anyway.

Sakura noticed that Sasuke's eyes flickered from his mother, to her parents, and it lingered longer on her figure, which ended up moving to look at Sai. His onyx orbs, she had noted, hardened. Which left Sakura with a whole round of questions.

"Oh how I remember the old days, when we were young and foolish, wait, the foolish part only referring to you, and you were too busy focused on Sasuke-san and your studies…oh how I wish that those old days were now, uhhh, the new days?— it was much easier that way. You were more irritable." Sai whispered.

"Ba-Baka!" she accidentally shouted as she punched his arm once again.

Sai chuckled at her weak attempt. "Not to mention that your strength has faltered from the capacity it had been from before." He said, grinning at the end.

"Shut up." She said, flushing red once again.

She was NOT weak, dammit! Hell no!

This comment would have normally had her all riled up and angry. But somehow the way Sai had said it, the effect had made her all flushed and embarrassed.

This little exchange did not go unnoticed by a pair of onyx orbs.

Sasuke was so NOT looking at them. He did not care. Hell no. It was just…a disturbance to the peaceful and serene aura his family's living room emitted.

Sakura and Sai were just causing a ruckus to the peaceful environment, which was the why Sasuke's eyes to observed them from where he was.

And that was his explanation.

It sounded lame. But hey, it was the truth. Atleast, that's what he wanted to think. Wait a second, he was NOT unsure about this. He was 100% sure that he was looking at Sakura and Sai's way because they were causing trouble and noise. That was it. Period. He wasn't unsure of his answer/explanation. He was sure.

Before Sai could say anything that would, no doubt make Sakura blush, an idea popped up in Sakura's head.

"Ugly, why are you grinning? It doesn't suit…" His voice trailed off as he watched Sakura fish in her small purse, pulling out a sliver digital touch-screen camera.

"Sai," she had said in a sweet voice. Too sweet to be the same normal voice of Haruno Sakura. The Haruno Sakura Sai truly knew. "remember when we were back in our previous school, and you were too obsessed about getting yourself embarrassed in front of your fangirls. You know, the kind that you don't want them to see a picture of you, making them drool and become even more fangirly and all gushy over you?" Sakura said, grinning mischievously.

Sai had mentally gulped before replying. "Yes."

"Weeeell, I wonder how fangirly and all gushy they'll get once they see a picture…" her thumb pressed on the button where the power button was. "…of their fangirly crush…" she focused the lens on Sai. "in a tux." She finished, clicking the button that caused the camera to flash.

And there it was. Stored in the camera as Sakura viewed the picture of Sai, in a tux at the rectangle screen.

Sai's face flushed from realization.

Sakura merely giggled before skipping towards her parents for protection.

"Sakura, gimme that camera!" Sai whispered briskly as he dashed towards Sakura.

She responded by sticking her tongue out at him and slipping the digital camera, after switching it off, inside her purse.

Once Sakura was beside her parents, she glanced back at Sai, who was not amused by the situation at hand, leaning on the couch behind them.

"Sakura," she heard her mother's voice call out to her. The voice that drew her attention towards her parents and the people conversing with them.

"This is my daughter, Sakura." Hana introduced her to a middle-aged red-headed woman, beside a chocolate brown haired, middle-aged man. "Sakura, meet Hoshiwagi Rin, Karin's Kaa-san, and Hoshiwagi Kaoru, Karin's Tou-san. Both people, I assume, are the parents of your friend." Hana asked, meaning that she had assumed that she and Karin were…friends.

The way the two looked at her made her want to crawl under a rock or something. Their intense gazes made sure of that.

"H-Hai." She replied. "Nice to meet you, Rin-san, Kaoru-san."

"Nice to meet you to." Rin replied. "Quite a lovely child you have here, Kenji." Kaoru had added.

By the looks of it, Rin had the body of a model. Her face was that of a young woman as well. She was definitely a model, or was one at that. But the frown that she wore constantly on her face, and the aura that she emitted just spoke volumes of what seemed to shout…unapproachable.

Karin's Tou-san, on the other hand, seemed quite the same. He held the aura of a strict, too overprotective Dad.

"Oh, and Karin." Rin had called out to her daughter.

"Hai?" Karin replied once she was standing beside her parents, right in front of Sakura and her parents.

"I would like you too meet Haruno Hana and Haruno Kenji. Your friend's parents." Rin introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Karin!" Hana said, a beautiful smile graced on her features. "Yes, I suppose what my wife said, is correct." Kenji joked.

"Nice to meet you too." Karin replied sweetly.

Sakura and Sai exchanged glances.


Although Sai had only been at Konohagakure Gakuen for only a few days, he already knew Karin's attitude. He had even witnessed her telling some girl off just for bumping into her by accident.

Of course, having a gift that Sai had, which was the gift of having a keen eye on observing, he immediately knew, same as Sakura, that Karin was putting on a show.

How likely. Even in front of teachers she did the same. Acting like the teacher's pet, and no one even bothered to mock her about it.

They were…intimidated.

"It's nice to actually meet Sakura's parents!" she said, a smile on her face as Karin's ruby eyes glanced at Sakura.

The response of the pink haired girl was a simple smile.

What use was it to argue if Karin would most likely continue to play that charade she was putting on. The outcome would only be that Sakura was an undisciplined child if she had acted on instinct. Which was the opposite of what she really was.

Sakura decided that she would, for now, play the part she was now in…the part that Karin had given her with no choice.

"It's very nice to finally meet Sasuke-chan's girlfriend and her parents." Hana started

Rin nodded.. "Likewise. I hope that things aren't weird for your daughter or you." She had said softly.

"What do you mean by that, Rin-san?" Hana had questioned, confusion laced in her sentence.

"I mean, this must be as awkward as it is for me, meeting the Ex of the same person's house we're having dinner at."

"Actually," Sakura started. She was determined to prove Karin and her family wrong. Whatever lie Karin had told her parents before meeting Sakura and her parents, would soon be erased from their minds. She was determined to do so. To prove all of them wrong.

"My family and I are just here to show complete support for Sasuke. He was my childhood friend, as you may know, despite the fact that we had a relationship, one that ended…not quite as comfortable, we're just here to atleast let Sasuke know that we're 100% behind him on his decision. I do not harbor any feelings for him, not any longer. I am not a stupid girl who acts that way. Besides, we're just friends now. So there isn't actually any tension between both of our families. Atleast, not mine." Sakura had said. Her voice sounding stronger than what she had expected.

Sasuke, who was still seated on the couch, masked the shock that was currently invading his system. He tried to appear that he held no interest on the conversation the Haruno's and the Hoshiwagi's had.

Sai noted this, but even he himself, was surprised as well.

Mikoto, who was smiling, leaning on one of the walls as she let the two families converse and get to know each other—her heart was beating of pure joy. It just showed how much Sakura had grown into an independent, strong young teenaged girl.

Itachi smirked from where he was. Hidden from the view of all those who were in the living room. He knew that his little Imouto was stronger than what all of them gave her credit for. And this proved it. He was…proud of her.

Even Hana and Kenji were surprised. Hana could not hide the bubbling happiness she felt. Her once dependent daughter, had now grown into a strong-willed, independent young woman. One that she was proud of.

Rin didn't expect this. So she merely stared at the teenaged girl in front of her.

Karin, however, was bubbling with pure rage. She had expected the answer of Sakura to be that of a weak little girl that had her favorite toy stolen from her. She had expected Sakura to keep her silence. To keep being silent.

Damn! Karin had expected SILENCE to be Sakura's answer! Silence that meant that she was not over her EX! That meant that she was still grieving for her loss of him! What the hell was going on!?

Karin silently fumed.

Her face soon, broke into a smile.

"Well that's wonderful news! I can't believe it myself, but I'm happy that you've moved on, Sakura!" Karin exclaimed. Smiling at the end of her statement as she drew Sakura into a stiff hug.

One that Sakura stiffly returned.

'This is all for Tou-san and Kaa-san.' Sakura thought as she returned the hug. Hell, she wanted to slap Karin straight on the face. But she had to play along…for her parents.

"Well then!" Mikoto decided to interrupt. She had sensed the tension between the two teenaged girls and decided that it was time to break things up. The sooner, the better.

"Fugaku-kun had just arrived, I received the announcement from one of the maids up front, soooo. Shall we start dinner then?"

"That'd be…wonderful, Miko-chan!" Hana replied.

Still though, her gaze was locked with Karin's. Despite the fact that both girls were smiling,― (it was a show for their parents and the people around them) their eyes stated otherwise.

'Ugghhh, can I please rip this chick apart!?' Sakura thought as she kept her sweet smile on her face.

'AARRRGGGHHH, I just want to pull that bitch's hair out till she becomes bald! That way she'll be called baldie instead of pinky!' Karin thought as well, as she gave Sakura a wide smile.


"Yo, ugly."

"What? You deaf now too?"

He could only see white now…

"Now, that my friend, is what you get for using two insults in one sentence." Sakura said sweetly as she dragged a dizzy Sai towards the Uchiha's dining hall where everyone else had gone too, way before them.

Sasuke saw this little exchange, completely oblivious to the two who had gone out before him. He blended in the surroundings well, if he chose to. And that, was the perfect time.

He felt a slight ache at the left side of his chest. 'Geez…I have to get used to seeing Sakura with other men. This stupid feeling is what I get for being used to the fact that I am used to the idea of seeing her with me. Now that it's like she's with someone else, it's weird.' Sasuke sighed.

He really had to get used to the idea of Sakura seemingly dating someone else. I mean, you can't really blame him for feeling that way. He was used to the idea of Sakura being with him, then after a year where they had an encounter, she hadn't really gone out with someone else. That is, until now.

He wasn't jealous. Of course not! Being jealous means that you aren't really satisfied with what you have at the moment. Being jealous meant that the object of the weird things he's been feeling means that he wanted to claim that…object…or…person.

"Stupid!" he muttered to himself. He was being completely idiotic at the moment. It was stupid to think that he was…stupid. (A/N: Alright I'm sorry, but it's just that Sasuke is confused at the moment, so he's repeating words to not…confuse him any more than the state he is currently in.)

Sasuke was contented with what he had…with who he was…with.

Denial is harsh and easily distinguished, my friend.

He was sure. He knew that he was sure. He was contented… yes, he was. But the bothersome ache in the pit of his stomach this time, told him otherwise.

"Good thing dinner's about to be served. Guess I haven't been really eating a lot nowadays. It all comes down to dinner where starvation makes itself…known."


He was sure he wasn't jealous…that he was, indeed, contented…with what he had.




The seating arrangement was like this: At the head of the table, sat none other than Uchiha Fugaku, at his right, sat Uchiha Itachi. Infront of Uchiha Itachi sat Uchiha Mikoto. Beside Uchiha Mikoto sat Haruno Hana. Now beside Hana sat her husband, Kenji. Infront of the Haruno couple sat the Hoshiwagi couple who was beside their daughter, Karin. Beside Karin sat Uchiha Sasuke. Now in front of the said pair, sat Haruno Sakura and Sai.

And now, that was the seating arrangement. The Uchihas' dining table was made of glass. A very long one at that. The guests didn't even get to occupy the whole table. Just half of it. So the rest of the seats remained vacant.

As the exquisite western-styled food on silver platters were served, the adults (meaning the three parents of each family) began talking. Itachi occasionally joined on in them, seeing as himself, as well, was now currently done with school, and when he decides it was time, to start the working life. So yeah, he could relate to the adults. Much to be expected of Uchiha Itachi. Being able to relate to anyone.

That left the two couple sitting right across each other with nothing to say but either stare, or look away from one another.

Karin's lips curled from the corners of her red lipstick coated lips.

"Sooo, Sakura." Karin began as she sliced part of her meal and slid it in her mouth, chewing before she continued.

"Yes?" she had to act polite. Her parents were right beside her, for goodness sake! Same for Karin. Maybe that was the reason why she had called her 'Sakura' instead of the usual name, pinky.

"Sooo, are you going out with Sai now, hmm? You two seem like you would make a great couple!" Karin exclaimed with such enthusiasm that it drew the attention― 'meant on purpose' Sakura thought― from the adults. Momentarily, of course.

"Of course not, Karin!" Sakura replied with the same amount of enthusiasm Karin had. "We're just really, REALLY great friends, you see! A kind of friend, that I'm sure you have!" Sakura said.

Karin's brow twitched. "Of course, Sakura-chaaan! Why wouldn't I? I mean, you too, I bet, have tons of friends! You know, with that great personality of yours!" Karin said.

Sakura and Karin smiled at each other.

Sasuke and Sai didn't even notice the exchange of the two, for they were too caught up examining each other.

'So this is the Uchiha Sasuke, huh? I don't see any great reason why ugly here likes him. None at all. He was just a waste of her time, I guess.' Sai thought as he flashed Sasuke one of his fake smiles.

Sasuke gave Sai the infamous Uchiha death glare. 'What the hell? If Sakura is going to date this idiot, she must really have bad taste…but then again, she had dated me…now that I think about it…this person looks a little like me.' Sasuke snorted at this.

"So how are you young adolescents doing, hmm?" a voice said from behind Sakura and Sai.

The four teens stiffened at the voice. All eyes were turned towards the source. Uchiha Mikoto, flashing them one of her brilliant smiles.

"K-Kaa-san." Sakura blurted out.

Karin's eyes immediately hardened. The words that sprouted out of Sakura's mouth were only meant for her (meaning Karin) towards Mikoto! And the said Uchiha lady didn't even suggest Karin to call her as so!

Mikoto grinned and patted Sakura lightly on the head. "There, there, Saku-chaaan. I'm very happy that you call me that now, instead of Mikoto-san." She said.

"H-Hai." Sakura stuttered back.

"Soooo, how do you find the dinner, Sai?" Mikoto asked politely.

"Hmm, in between courses, I think you have an excellent chef, Uchiha-san." He replied politely.

Sasuke inwardly snorted. 'Wait… WHAT? What the hell am I doing!? Snorting inwardly just because…nevermind. It's not really worth my time to think about these thoughts anyway.' Sasuke thought.

"Oh? Why thank you then, Sai!" Mikoto exclaimed cheerfully. "I'll make sure to transfer the word to our chef, hmm?"

Sai smiled at the elderly Uchiha lady.

"What about you, Sasu-chan? You seem a bit grumpy today." Mikoto commented as she went over to her son's side of the table.


"Oh, what's the matter then?"

"Hn. Nothing."

"Well…alright then." Mikoto said at the end. She then turned to Karin. "I hope you're atleast having a wonderful evening, Karin-san?" Mikoto asked.

"Hai! But you can call me Karin." She said.

"That's nice of you, dear. Well I must go back now to the adult's side of the table. Ja!" she said, smiling at the four as she walked towards her spot on the table. She passed Sakura and bent down to whisper: 'I leave Sasu-chan to you then, Saku-chan! Please try making him feel better, onegai? I'm sure that you'll be able to do it, hmm?' she said, patting Sakura affectionately on the head before straightening herself and proceeding to walk back to her place.

Sai of course, heard this, and flashed Sakura one of his knowing smiles. Sakura immediately blushed crimson afterwards, hitting Sai on the shoulder and calling him a baka before averting her attention to her food.

A pair of onyx eyes watched them from his place.




Why did things have to be so…so complicated between them? Couldn't they just become friends? I mean, sure. She didn't actually say that she didn't forgive him. Because he didn't actually say that he was sorry…

It was a sorta apology.

So currently both of them were sorta friends.

Meaning that now, he was sorta confused.

He sighed as he gazed down the railings. Looking down at the pond below, part of the Uchiha garden at the back, which reflected the full moon's light. Causing a glow on the shallow water.

Sasuke sighed. The rest of his family and the guests for tonight were all chatting with each other back at the living room.

The dinner went by smoothly.

If you could call the constant annoying way Sai and Sakura had their conversation right in front of him smooth, and the fact that Karin kept bugging him the rest of the night on the table on the reason as to why he was colder and even snappier than usual, didn't help.

Sasuke sighed as he ran his hands through his spiky dark ebony locks with one thought plaguing his mind.

And in that moment…he knew that the swirling emotions inside of him were not the actions done by the constant times wherein he would not eat. He knew that the gut-punching feeling he felt whenever he saw Sakura with Sai, (which happened to be a lot lately during these past few days.) wasn't just the fact that he was uncomfortable or not yet accustomed to the idea that she was dating someone else and that he was totally cool with that. He admitted that he was quite relieved when he heard that the Sabaku kid and his sibling were gone for a few days. He admitted to himself that when he thought about it deeply on that same day, Sai was still there, and it actually made no difference whether the Sabaku kid was gone.

He had finally admitted to himself that what he was feeling…was really… Jealousy….




(A/N: Alright, so at the start of this fic, I asked you guys to atleast listen to a song that will be instructed at one part of the fic, ongoing till the end, so yeah. This is the start where I ask you guys to listen to 'When You're Gone' by Avril. Of course I know that this song is quite used frequently and getting quite old now. But it really suits this part. Thankies!)

Back at the Uchihas' living room, Uchiha Mikoto had noticed the absence of her youngest son. She scanned the people that were not present as well, in case they went with him, but no. All of them were there.

Haruno Hana, Haruno Kenji, Uchiha Fugaku, Hoshiwagi Kaoru and Hoshiwagi Rin including herself formed a small circle holding wine glasses filled with wine. Of course.

At the other side of the room, Karin was seated on one of the couches, her sparkly designer styled rhinestone covered cellphone was flipped open as she was busy texting.

On the other corner of the living room, there were three more people.

Sakura, Sai and Itachi. They were busy chatting casually, and in some occasions, Itachi would say something that would make Sakura blush, which would lead to Sai saying something and her to react by punching him.

Sasuke was the only person that was not with them indeed.

'He must not be enjoying the dinner like I had hoped.' Mikoto thought sadly as she excused herself from the group. 'Tonight must have really made him have second thoughts on his life decision. I guess he wasn't sure anymore if the life he really wanted to have…was a life with Karin…and I think…I know where he is and who the right person is to help him think things straight.'




It was a chilly night. Yes it was. The leaves of the trees from below rustled. Clashing with the direction of the wind.

Sasuke could hear nothing but the natural hymn of nature. Beyond that, nothing else disturbed his peaceful state.

"Hm… so your Kaa-san was right. She knew exactly where you would be." A sweet melodic voice from behind him said.

Sasuke swiftly turned around. His onyx orbs stared at Jade ones. Their eyes meeting.

"Sakura." He said.

His voice sounded so smooth and velvety to her ears as she walked up beside him. Leaning her thin arms on the railing of the Uchihas' mansion roof.

Unlike ordinary houses that had no balcony-like styled roofs, he Uchihas' mansion had a different quality. I mean, that really was to be expected coming from the number one family throughout Japan that had the most successful one.


Sasuke's eyes met hers once again.

She hadn't called him that ever since their very first, in such a long time meeting. Well she formerly used to add the suffix to his name, before. Starting when they were childhood friends till when they were dating.

Only when she had found out that he had…moved on without her, did she change that. Banishing the suffix from his name and calling him his first name only.

"Hn. You haven't called me that in ages." Sasuke commented as his shoulders relaxed.

"Mmm-hmm…I figured, since we're now kinda sorta friends…what the hell then." Sakura replied.

Her voice…the sound of her voice when she directed her words toward him, in that soft way of hers, never seemed to change the idea of him thinking that it belonged to angels.

That her voice…belonged to angels…

But then again…she did look like one.

"Hn…so what are you doing up here?" he asked her nonchalantly.

"Mmm…your Kaa-san told me that you were currently at the point of confusion." Sakura explained.


"Aaaaaannnnnddd, I wanted to help, baka!" Sakura exclaimed as she hit him playfully on the shoulder.

Sasuke gave her a lop-sided grin. It didn't reach his eyes though. Even if it did, Sakura knew him better than anyone else did. Despite the fact that they broke up and went their separate ways for a while. She still…knew him better than anyone else that even tried to get to know him.

"Hey," she said in a softer tone. Her eyes softening as well. "what's the matter…hmm?"

And the gentleness of her tone…the softness of those precious jade eyes that stared at him, made his breathing stop.

She was just so…so…so everything that he never expected…what he never expected that he would one day want.

How…how forgiving she was…. Despite the fact that he had made her feel a turmoil of emotions in the past.

How soft her touch felt to him…As she gently stroked one of his arms on the railing that was the closest to her reach.

And how her eyes shone brightly. More brighter than usual because of the moon's light…

Sasuke froze.

He was searching for something in her eyes… more like… the emotion that he hoped that he would find.. The same feeling that he denied…

A feeling that he denied he himself was currently experiencing whenever he saw her.

"I'm just…" Sasuke turned away. "..confused."

Sakura lifted one of her eyebrows and stared at him. "Confused..? What do you mean by that?" she asked him.

Sasuke sighed. He then turned to her with serious onyx orbs.

"Just…" he took a step towards her. "…help me…" he was in front of her. His face inching down towards her.

"Sasuke…kun?" Sakura's eyes widened at the proximity of their faces.

"…understand…" he continued.

His eyes were now half-lidded as he bent down. His lips ghostly hovering above hers.

Sakura's mind swirled. Different emotions which she tried her hardest to keep buried deep within her unleashed.

She had to…help him…understand…

And her eyes closed. Her lips finally connecting with his as she brought her shaky arms up and encircled them around the back of his neck. She pulled him closer as she felt his arms snake themselves around her waist.

She had to help him understand…what…what he was…feeling.

Their lips touched again, and again and again as Sasuke's brows knitted.

He knew…the answer.

Sasuke pulled Sakura roughly against him as he angled his head to kiss her deeply. His arms were locked against her waist as he continued kissing her…Like she was water to a man coming back from the dessert after a long journey…as if she was the answer to his unspoken problem.

Tears slid down her face as she kissed him back.

Why did…everything feel so right?

Why was he…out of all the people in the whole world…the one who made her heart skip a beat…and ache?

Why were things so…complicated…?

Why couldn't she just have her…happy ending…?

She loved him…loved him so very much…

Wanted him…forever.

But she was just here…to help him think things straight…

Sasuke felt her tears slide down his own face.

He gently pulled away from her as he scanned her face.

She was looking away as tears continued to slip down her porcelain white face.

Sasuke gently brought a finger up, and gently wiped the tears away.

His heart…was aching… It hurt…it caused him pain… so much pain.

Sakura looked at him with a broken expression on her face. "I still…love you…" she said in a pained voice, as tears cascaded down her angelic face.


A grim smile appeared on her face… "I must be…stupid…"

Sasuke's heart panged.

He knew what he wanted.

He knew what he needed.

He knew…what he couldn't live without.

Each thump of his heart caused him pain.

She wished that she didn't blurted out the secret that pained her the most…not now…not in front of the source.

She wished that she could have stayed stronger…even for just a little while longer.

But…he had kissed her…at her weakest moment.

Can you blame her? If you're going to, please don't…she was…hurting… and her heart ached…

The pain…was unbearable. It was since the start of the dinner.

"I…I guess I lied…the things that I told…Karin's Mom…I guess…weren't really…true…" she said, laughing sadly. More pain…more tears.

"Why…why do you have to hurt me…?" Sakura asked.

Sasuke froze. He was sure that his heart stopped beating for a second. His eyes softened.

"I'm…I'm sorry…I shouldn't have― just, forget about…what I said…alright?" she said, trying her best not to choke from the sobs that tried to escape her lips. A grim smile graced her features.

She was…broken…

Sakura immediately turned her back towards him and was going to run towards the inside of the Uchihas' Mansion.

That was…until a hand stopped her. Grabbing her wrist, Sasuke pulled her tightly against his chest and secured her there, right in place with his arms tightly wrapped around her waist.

A sob escaped Sakura's lips as she buried her face in Sasuke's chest. His grip on her tightened as he rested the side of his cheek on her head.


Sakura froze.

He was…sorry.

Sorry for making her go through all that.

Sorry for hurting her…

Sorry for ever…leaving her…

Sakura felt his lips on her hair as he gently caressed her arms with one of his hands.

It was as if he left…

As if the guy she had met at the starting of the school year, wasn't him at all.

As if now, at this very moment…he was Sasuke…the Sasuke that had always been hers.


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