First of all: happy 2009! Yes, I do realize this is an author's note and that posting author's notes as a chapter is against the site rules. However, I feel this fic might need some explaining, so I'm posting an author's note with the first couple of chapters.

This fic is titled Every Day's a Holiday for a reason - because there will be an update every day. This will consist of the daily holidays.

Aside from daily holidays this fic will also have two other types: monthly and weekly.

The monthly holidays will all be posted as one chapter on the first day of the month.

The weekly holidays will be posted on the first day of the week (Sunday, unless it's the beginning of the month) of which they apply to. So if there's a week long holiday for the second week in June, the fic would be posted on the Sunday which starts the second week.

This fic will contain just about every random holiday that you can think of. Normal holidays will probably not be celebrated. Be aware that any day that says "national" (which may or may not legally apply since a national day must be approved by congress) apply to the United States only. However, for the purpose of this fic, we're applying "national" to the holidays anyway.

Also all times/seasons will correspond to the Northern Hemisphere. (Because Japan is in the northern hemisphere, as am I.) All Japanese breaks (Spring, Golden Week, Summer, Winter) will correspond with Japanese breaks. Or as close to.

General disclaimer: I own no familiar Prince of Tennis characters, nor do I own holidays or any rights to them. I do own any original characters that may appear, however, and the idea for this fic.

Other warnings:

This fic WILL contain shounen-ai.

This fic may contain yaoi.

This fic may contain het.

This fic may contain incest, twincest, shojo-ai, yuri, or anything else I wish to throw at you. Read at your own risk. (Chances are slim, though.)

The ratings on these fics range from K to T unless otherwise specified. If I do happen to write anything worth an M rating, I will warn you.

Now, I present to you: Every Day's a Holiday!

Happy Holidays!