Super Mario Ninja Koopa

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was outside in the woods, running alongside his good green-shelled friend, Koopa Troopa. As the two ran through the dense woods and stuck together, they used the combos they thought up of to take on the many Piranha Plants, Goombas, and the like they encountered in the forest. They then came across a creek, and noticed a nearby wooden bridge, but there were several blue Bo-Bombs surrounding it.

"Those Bo-Bombs are cunning, but they won't have a match for my super ultra mega fire balls of doom," Mario spoke in a strange Japanese accent, his mouth being badly sinced as he spoke, "With my super shoes of ultra deathness, I shall stomp my enemies to the third fourth quadriple levels of the grave to the great beyond."

"I call dibs on the fat guy," Koopa mentioned as he hid into his shell and ricochetted towards the Bo-Bombs,. knocking them into the air. The Bo-Bombs came back down, but were knocked into the air again by Koopa.

Mario crushed his knuckles, and he ran towards the bridge, jumping up into the air and pounding the Bo-Bombs down into the ground. As the bridge collasped into the fast moving creek, The Bo-Bombs struggled to get out of the water and onto the land. Mario and Koopa gave each other high fives as they ran into a nearby restaurant, filled with Wigglers.

"Hey-a, who ordered a slice of kicking butt action?" Mario asked as he grabbed a Wiggler nearby and started swinging it, tossing it at three Wigglers at the other table.

The Wigglers screamed and panicked as they hid under the tables, while the select few (read: three) Wigglers who got enraged turned red and charged towards the two. Koopa protected Mario, being rammed into the right wall by two Wigglers, while another as pounding his fists into Mario. Mario blocked the punches, and he kicked the Wiggler in the stomach, weakening the caterpillar as he jumped on it and fired his red hot fireballs on it, burning it to the ground. Mario got up, only to be choked from behind by another Wiggler, who then punched Mario's back several times with iots other fist. Mario struggled to break free, but he noticed that the Wigglers were smacking Koopa around like a hockey puck. Mario quickly placed his hands in his blue overalls pocket, and he grabbed a feather, tossing it to Koopa, who managed to grab it and became Cape Koopa, spinning around and using his yellow cape to knock the Wigglers out unconcious. Mario then grabbed the Wiggler's arm it was using to choke the red-capped Italian American plumber with his hands and started squeezing them, causing the Wiggler to scream in pain. Koopa came by, but he was knocked on the head by another Wiggler, who used a wooden table, causing some of the innocent Wigglers to flee.

Koopa moaned weakly, but he shook it off and started doging the Wiggler, who started tossing knives at him. Koopa then snapped his fingers, and hid into his szhell. The Wiggler grinned, and it stabbed its knives into the shell, laughing sinisterly as blood started coming out from the shell. However, it felt its shoulders tapped, and it turned around, only to be punched by Koopa, who had a spare green shell on him, retaining his yellow cape. He then picked up the unconscious Wiggler and tossed him on the Wiggler choking Mario, allowing him to blast him with several fireballs,burning the caterpillar alive. Mario and Koopa both grionned as they gave each other high fives, and then they ran off, to ensure more ninja style action.