AN: simple once-short with jasper and Alice. A POV. Aaaah…. I just love those two!


I don't think that even an earthquake could have removed me from my current position. Just lying here in our bed with my head on Jasper's stone chest was enough. I was so relaxed and content and jet so vibrant and full of energy. It was odd feeling like this. Being able to do anything in the world, literally, but still not having the willpower to. If I could spend eternity like this I know I wouldn't complain.

The sun was setting and shining though the window on our very still bodies. We had a sheet throw lightly over us but it did nothing to provide warmth, just cover. My head is turned towards the sun and my eyes are close, trying to take in the sun and its warmth. I sigh contently. I slowly open my eyes and what I see takes my breath away, even though I don't need it. Jasper's entire body, of what is in the light is sparkling, just like a diamond. I have seen him in the light before, of course, but the feeling of seeing him this beautiful, the effect, never goes away.

Some might say that never changing, going forward and so on may be a bad thing. To some things I can agree but never this. Never about how my entire being reacts to every move he makes or anything, everything, he says to me. Even if it's just some trivial human thing, no pun intended, like just a peck on the checks or just a simple hug. Every one of those things makes my dead and silent heart flutter. Figuratively speaking of course. I knew my heart would never beat again but none the less, it still felt like it would.

Jasper began to slowly and very gently, it was like a whisper, to draw his finger up end down by back. I turn my head up and he was looking down at me with a smile that once again made me stop breathing. He then smiled even more and I smiled back, still not breathing. It was dead silent until I broke it with a breathy "Hi."

His smile was, using Bella's phrase, utterly dazzling. "Hi," he said back and we just stared back at each other for a time that seamed like hours but had only been a few minutes. I then turned my head towards the sun which I noticed had already set and the moon was glowing instead. The glimmer of diamonds was gone but I really didn't care. The sun would shine again. I closed my eyes again and let the feelings and sounds all around us overtake me.

AN: so hopefully there wasn't too much incorrect grammar or spelling. I do apologize for that.