Oneshot Introducing the gossip girl stars in way you have never saw them before describing thereselfs in a rap.

So I got a little bored so i Thought hey why not make another stupid story thing up so I thought about somethnig diffrenet for once and decided to do a rap of there personal self.
and hey please review It means alot to me.

Introducing Dan.

Yo yo yo Its dan your handy man,
Ill do things for you as quickly as a can,
I like to write I like to read,
And I also have a cabbage patch kid indeed,
Im not very funny,
And Im quite poor and I need money,

Thats my rap.


Introducing Blair

Hey hey ho,
My names called blair,
Which you should already know,
Im the biggest bitch,
But who cares I can be I'm rich,
My dads gay,
But so even if hes weird in a way,

Thats my rap.

Introducing Chuck,

Alright Alright Its me Im chuck The one person who everyone wants to fuck,
I am the god,
And If you want a quickie all you have to do is nod,
Im strong and powerful I can bring you down,
I mean even getting you outta my town,

Thats my rap.

Introducing Jenny

Hello there my names called jenny,
Alot of people think Im worth a penny,
I love my dad and I love my brother,
If only if we had my mother,
All i wann doa is just want to fit in,
Even if that means drinking blairs gin,

Thats my rap.

Introducing Nate

Well how do you do Im nate,
Alot of girls have been with me at this rate,
Im kind im caring,
I don't do alot of swearing,
My dads does coke so now hes in jail,
And we can't even afford hes bail,
And I dont want to go to yale,

Thats my rap.

Introducing serena.

People call me serena just by the name,
Im a person who dosent want to be a game,
I had to be a step sister to chuck bass,
Who i hate and is a total ass,
I like people who are different and kind,
And a quick thinking mind,

So I hope you enjoyed It as it was just a little fun project to do Please review on yout thoughts on it I like to know what people think of it thankyou.