Miss Mary Sue: Final Mix

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And this is the last chapter of Miss Mary Sue.


After the death of Mary Sue, things slowly gravitated back to normal. Well, as normal as a group of twelve non-existent beings without hearts can be. Kate stayed behind with Marluxia to clean up the lounge for several hours before she needed to return to the MSSF headquarters. They did manage to clean up quite a bit of glitter goop off the floor, but it was still on the walls. Various books and papers were still on the floor where they had fallen. The room also faintly smelled of unicorn vomit.

When Xemnas walked in on the middle of Marluxia picking up some of the books after Kate left, he raised an eyebrow. "Number XI-"

"Superior, I can explain-"

Number I, however, cut him off by waving his hand. He surveyed the room, which looked like two idiots had tried to clean up after a decent-literature-inspired tornado ran through the place. His amber gave carefully observed the walls, ceiling, floor, and shelves. Marluxia shifted, somewhat nervously.

"…Did you rearrange the bookshelf, Number XI?"

After The Graceful Assassin finally had to explain to Xemnas what happened, aside from the bookshelf being re-arranged, there was the question of what to do about the now-vacant position of the organization's thirteenth member. After all, Organization XII wasn't a very badass title. There was something about Organization XIII that just had a nicer ring to it.

In the midst of all this pondering, several days later, Axel just so happened to come across a blond-haired boy who sounded suspiciously like Jesse McCartney when he was out on a mission. Not only that, it turns out that this kid could wield two Keyblades. Yes sir, it seemed like the Square Enix gods were just handing out free Keyblades like candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Since two Keyblades was almost as good as three, the kid was immediately accepted into the Organization. He got bonus points for not sparkling and attaching himself to a certain pink-haired flower fanatic.

They called him Pablo.

Until Axel changed his name to "Roxas".

Mary Sue herself was not-so-dearly missed. All of her stuff seemed to just disappear when she'd exploded. The wardrobe, the small animals that she attracted whenever she sang, everything. This was a welcome development to most inhabitants of the castle, especially Marluxia. Because she had caused them all so much pain and misery, she became sort of a taboo within the castle walls. Everyone sheepishly avoided the topic like a rainbow, sparkling elephant in the room. Roxas had inquired about it several times, but the answer was almost always "I dunno, ask Marluxia." Said Nobody refused to recall the topic.

Speaking of the Graceful Assassin, having his annoying stalker gone brought much-needed peace and quiet to his non-existent life, even if he did spend days on the phone with various catering halls and what he assumed to be other Sues, canceling wedding plans.

When he finally put down the phone after that last conversation about cancelling the wedding reception, he breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, it was all over. That is, until he decided to check his e-mail that evening. Axel had sent him a link to some website. Number XI frowned. It was probably that stupid poptart cat or something. Against his better judgment, he clicked the link.

It was worse than any poptart cat or Rickroll combined and multiplied by seventeen.

It was Mary Sue's tumblr.

With all her pictures from her stalker scrapbook posted.

All of them.

After seeing that, Marluxia proceeded to scream for a solid five minutes.

Back to Miss Mary Sue herself, she did live on in some way. She had gone down in Sue Slayer history as one of the most notorious Sues of all time, mostly because she was so infamous, with her 53 names and over-the-top antics. She'd even earned her own plaque in the Hall of Shame, which, under a picture of the lady herself, read the following:

"Mary Sunlight Ramen Dawn Moonbeam Starlight Shimmer Heaven Earth Coffee Starbucks Hamster Gym Socks Cloud Gumdrop Materia Christmas Turtle Soup Daisy Miso Neko Kawaii Amazing Gorgeous Loch Ness Candy Rainbow Apple Cloud Rain Snow Hail Sleet Strife Heart Lily Athena Ocean Star January February March April May June July August September October November December Antidisestablishmentarianism Sue.

Mary Sue 53-Name.


Kingdom Hearts Fandom.

May she rest in pieces."

Kate, the Sue Slayer who'd taken her out of the picture, was enjoying life as well. She'd had her five minutes of fame (which basically consisted of people at the headquarters saying, "Hey, you took out old 53-Name!") after slaying the Sue, but for the most part, kept a low profile; not that she wouldn't welcome praise. But she did enjoy taking things slowly in the aftermath of Mary Sue.

Not only that, she did have a boyfriend now.

On the Saturday after Mary Sue's death, Kate and Matt decided to have their first official "date". It was nothing formal, just lunch at a local pizza place, about a block away from headquarters. It was a nice day; the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and all was well. It was an overall cheerful mood that only came with the demise of the Perfect Angel.

Kate herself even seemed to be cheery. The shoulder that had been hurt during her fight with Mary Sue had been bandaged, and would probably heal within a week or two. She was sipping a soda and sitting across from Matt, who seemed to be nervous. Then again, he always was.

"Hey, Matt?" she asked suddenly.


Kate paused for a moment, almost as though she was unsure of what to say, or she was uncharacteristically self-conscious about it. "Do you think I'm…you know, special?"

Matt, on the other hand, blinked. "…Who are you and what have you done with Kate?"

"I'm serious!" Kate protested, although playfully. "That Sue…y'know, 53-Name. She said she couldn't see someone like me having a boyfriend because I'm not special. Not that I really give a crap what she thinks, but…"

The other Sue Slayer began to stir his water with his straw, which was probably something of a nervous habit. Normally, he clicked his pen, but he didn't have it on him. "Well…I mean, compared to a Sue, you're not special. None of us are. But that's a good thing. Being too special…too perfect. That's what makes them monsters. You and I have flaws, we have emotions. We do stupid things, we make mistakes, we say things we regret later. That's what makes us human."

"Yeah, you're right." Kate smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem." Matt smiled back, but suddenly, he frowned, noticing something out of the corner of his eye.


"…I feel like we're being watched," he said lowly.

"You're just being paranoid. No one's watching us." Kate folded her arms. "C'mon, let's order something."

Matt didn't look convinced, but nodded anyway and looked over the menu.

What Kate didn't realize was that Matt was indeed correct. There was someone watching them, from behind a tall building across the street. This someone appeared to be a young boy in his early teens. He was somewhat lanky, but wore nothing but tight, black leather and black boots. At his hip was a very manly sword. He had jet black hair, and his crimson eyes glared daggers at the Sue Slayers.

"You'll pay for the death of my sister, Katelyn Hart. For my name isn't…Gary Stu!"


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