"Val, there's been a change of plan."

The dark haired woman looked up from her paperwork, blinking up at her stepsister. She'd been staring at black and white print for far to long, Dahlia's pinks and reds seemed awfully faded.

"And that is?" Secretly, Valerie hoped that Dahlia would call the whole thing off. She was starting to get slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation, especially since she was heading towards a promising career as a policewoman, of all things. But she didn't dare tell Dahlia that. The girl was pegging everything on her plan, it seemed. Not for the first time, Valerie wondered if this obsession with revenge was healthy.

"I want you to shoot at Terry when I have the jewel."

"Excuse me?" Valerie stared at the redhead in disbelief. "You want me to shoot him?"

"Well don't kill him, obviously," Dahlia replied, flipping her hair. "Just disable him. I'm cutting him out of the deal."

Valerie continued to stare, still somewhat shocked.

"Oh come on woman, it's not that difficult!" the younger girl snapped, her eyes flaring. "I don't want him getting part of the profit, because there's no way he'll be able to keep his trap shut."

"But, why shoot him?"

"So we can say that you were trying to save your poor, defenseless stepsister from the homicidal creep who had her hostage."

Still puzzled, Valerie shook her head. "But how does this accomplish anything?"

"When you shoot him, I'll jump off the bridge, and Iris will find me downstream. You will arrest Terry, and accuse him of murder. It's not uncommon for bodies to be lost in the river, so it'll be no issue if I don't show up again."

Valerie shook her head, a look of horrified comprehension dawning on her face. "Dal, Dal what is this? I can't just shoot him! He's- god, he's more innocent than either of us!"

Dahlia crossed her arms and stared impatiently at her half sister. "Well, fine then. Don't shoot to kill, or even hit, if you don't want to. Just make sure that I can get off that bridge!" She had taken on a look of mad intensity, her eyes shining that ill-boding red again.

Suddenly, Valerie began to doubt the sanity of her adopted sister, just a little. The sinking pit in her stomach kicked in her self-preservation instincts, as if Dahlia was a hardened criminal! Little Dahlia, a criminal! But before Valerie had the time to scold herself for thinking such things, she had muttered her quiet assent to the plan.

Of course, once her word was given, it was brutally difficult to go back on it. And Valerie found that she couldn't.

Then all too soon, she was standing on a rickety bridge, her gun trained on a tree just over Mr. Fawles' shoulder.


"That girl…Let her go!"

Dahlia smirked, pleased at how well her plan was going. The reassuring weight of the diamond dragged against her back, pulling her downward to the river. Just a little while longer, she told it, amused at the thought of the jewel as eager for the completion of the plan as she was.

"Shut up! C-come closer… And I kill her!"

Oh, sweet, dearest, moronic Terry. He literally could not hurt a fly. She felt his arm around her shoulder grip her in a pathetic attempt of comfort. He was confused and scared, stupid fool, but Dahlia had told him to actually pretend that he was a kidnapping villain, and so he was. And Valerie was going to hold up her end of the bargain right about-

"Sorry, but you're not going to get the chance…"

-now. Dahlia moved as soon as Terry's arm loosened around her; the man was utterly shocked at the gunshot. She placed her hands on the wire keeping her safely on the bridge. Almost as an afterthought, she turned her head and shot her "lover" a malicious grin. And then she threw herself into the river.


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