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I had a request to write about how Brooklyn and Castiel first met. Well I am taking that request and starting a series about them. And yes Dean will be in there from time to time as when they met she was with Dean and Sam….

A certain angel learns of his new mission…

Castiel sat in the old church his head bowed in prayer. He had pulled Dean from the Pits of Hell several months ago and awaited his next assignment. He still checked in on Dean from time to time to ensure he was still headed in the right direction. His Father had a Master Plan and it included Dean Winchester. He was also watching Sam as well since it had been prophesized that Samuel would be the one to lead Lucifer's armies. As he continued his meditation, a presence entered the church.

The sound of boots crossing the worn wooden floor approaching Castiel as he remained bent in prayer. He lifted his head upon the owner of those boots pausing in front of him. Looking up he saw a man with blonde hair and green eyes dressed in jeans and dark blue sweater. It was Gabriel, Messenger and Archangel. Gabriel tilted his head at the younger seraph. He knew that he had picked the right angel for the task at hand.

"I knew I would find you in a House of the Lord. How are you, Castiel?"

"I am still of sound mind, Gabriel. Dean Winchester is a man that tempts fate time and time again. It is as if he knows I am watching and tries to test my limits and patience where it concerns him" he answered as weariness laced his voice. Gabriel looked down with patient green eyes. Placing a strong hand upon his shoulder, Gabriel gave Castiel his new assignment from their Father.

"I am here because you have a new assignment, brother. You are to be given a charge. A hunter, the same as Dean Winchester except she is not one to as you put it test your limits and patience. Her name is Brooklyn Ravenwood."

"Why her, Gabriel?" the younger angel's curiosity peaked.

"She is not just a hunter. She is a DeTaurius, Castiel. One of the last alive" Castiel thought he had heard a hint of sorrow in Gabriel's tone when the said that. His green eyes revealed nothing.

Castiel tilted his head at the Archangel. He was being asked, hand-picked by his Father to watch a DeTaurius. He had heard a great deal about the family. The matriarch, Markus DeTaurius, lived in the time of the Roman Empire and was one of the original Hunters to walk the Earth. For centuries the DeTaurius line was targeted by all threats as Lucifer's minions succeeded in almost wiping out all those with the DeTaurius blood but a few remained and Brooklyn Ravenwood was one. It was well known that Markus was still alive in a manner of speaking and that continued to fight alongside Gabriel. What many did not know was the connection Brooklyn shared with the Archangel including Castiel.

"Where is it that I can find her?" Castiel asked. Gabriel smiled as he started to speak "She is with Dean Winchester as we speak. You see, brother, she saved his life from a werewolf and had she travels with the brothers now. You will find them in New Orleans. I have faith in you, Castiel" and with that the Archangel was gone.

Castiel sighed heavily as he leaned back into the pew. How did he become the newly appointed guardian of a DeTaurius? It was always one of the higher ranking angels that were assigned such missions not angels of his rank. Not wanting to question any of the reasons behind his selection, Castiel closed his eyes and in a gust of wind he found himself standing in the French Quarter. He could see the dead walking amongst the living in this city. The spirits were carrying on their daily routines as if they were still alive and breathing. Some acknowledge his celestial presence as he stood there on Bourbon Street nodding their heads at him as if to say hello. Castiel could not help but to smile at the other worldly entities. Turning to focus on his given task, Castiel was able to get a lead at Lafayette Cemetery #1. He proceeded towards the sacred ground.

Castiel looked up at the wrought iron gate that marked the entrance to the burial ground. He could feel the energy radiating from the soil as he crossed the gate and pushed on looking for the pair. He allowed his senses to navigate his vessel through the maze of above ground graves and mausoleums. His path led him directly to New Orleans' most well known resident.

The angel stopped at Marie Laveau's resting place noting the various trinkets and offerings that were left in hopes of good fortune. He lifted his hand to the cool slab detecting Dean and Brooklyn's presence lingering upon the stone. They had moved on but he would continue to trail them until he located them.

Castiel continued to hunt down Dean and Brooklyn through the sites and streets of New Orleans. His resolve unwavering as he could feel the hunters' presence getting stronger as he rounded back to where he started yet he found his vessel proceeding towards Rampart Street. The tourists and locals paid no heed towards the man with the dark hair and sharp blue eyes in the dark suit and tan coat that stopped in front of the brick building on the opposite side of the street. It was here that Dean and Brooklyn were. .

The cool air rushed in greeting the angel's face as he stood in the lobby. He paused as his eyes scanned the front desk area. They were down not here. Castiel headed towards the rooms as he had found where they were.

Brooklyn awoke still wrapped in Dean's arms as he remained fast asleep beside her. It had been a rather difficult case that greeted them in Lafayette Cemetery. Someone had summoned a zombie to terrorize the Voodoo Queens in the French Quarter. Brooklyn was friends with one of the women which were why they were there. Marie was more than willing to provide them with what they would need to fight the undead being. It was discovered that a very powerful priest was seeking vengeance for a wrong committed against an ancestor and the hunters would need an equally powerful force to fight it. Dean had found himself slightly turned on as Brooklyn had summoned the Baron Samedi. She was partially clad as the heat and humidity was dreadful exposing some of her otherwise clothed body. The Baron appeared before them. He was dressed in white top hat, black tuxedo, and dark sunglasses. The Baron stepped out of the summoning ring looking at her.

"You summon me, Little One" he spoke in a nasal voice. Brooklyn nodded.

"We need your help, Baron, for someone has brought forth a zombie to terrorize the Queens."

The Baron stood there taking in what she just said. Stepping forward he invaded her personal space grinning from ear to ear. Brooklyn knew that the Baron was widely known for his "habits" and was prepared to respond in kind.

"What do I receive for my assistance?" he asked slyly touching her auburn hair. She jerked her head back turning to retrieve several gifts for the loa. She could see his eyes widening behind the dark rims as she presented a box of fine Cuban cigars and a bottle of rum. She smiled as she knew she had the Baron. The deity licked his lips at the sight of the items the hunter held.

"Help us and these are all yours, Baron. What do ya say? You were never one to turn down fine cigars and rum now and besides do you want to be outdone by a mere human?" she said as she waved the bottle and box in front of him. Her grey eyes further egging him on. Dean watched with silent amusement as Brooklyn worked the Baron into helping them.

"It is agreed, Little One. Anything else I can get as well?" She stood firm shaking her head assertively. "Sorry, Samedi, but I'm not that type of girl."

The loa shrugged his shoulders knowing he could just as easily find another good looking mortal woman to seek company with.

They waited at the cemetery until the priest arrived at the grave. Brooklyn and Dean watched intently as the man began the ritual once again. Sensing the hunters the priest hurled several vials at them. Dean and Brooklyn jumped out of the way of retreating behind the safety of a large above ground grave.

"Great! Now what!?" Brooklyn exclaimed.

"We take down Houdini my way, that's what!" Dean said. Drawing his gun, he aimed at the figure ready to pull the trigger. But Dean would not get the chance.

The Baron stepped out from the shadows frightening the man. The deity grabbed the man by the shoulders throwing his head back and releasing a dark mist from his mouth. The vapors drifted into the priest's body causing him to emit an ear shattering cry as his body jerked and convulsed for several minutes until his eyes turned to white blanks. Then the Baron raised one large hand in a sweeping manor to which the soft earth opened up swallowing the man. The Baron turned to the hunters who remained behind the safety of the stone wall. Dean and Brooklyn appeared in the moonlight meeting the loa.

Brooklyn pulled out the rum and cigars from her bag presenting them to spirit. The Baron grinned as he happily accepted the offerings his eyes never breaking away from her. That should keep him content, she thought as he turned and vanished into the Louisiana night. A slight chill to the air made her cross her arms across her chest. Dean stepped up behind her encircling her with his strong arms and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. The stars above shined bright as they headed back to the hotel.

Flashing back to the present, Brooklyn got up quietly and headed to the front desk. In the midst of the confrontation, Dean had bruised his shoulder. He was still complaining of it when they got back so Brooklyn decided to get some ice and see if on the off chance the hotel had a heating pad.

Castiel walked down the hall as he heard the door opening. He saw Brooklyn step out. He felt his heart stop then pick back up as he gazed upon her. He could sense the DeTaurius blood flowing through her. She was an auburn haired beauty with fair skin and from he could determine in total control of her body. But what struck him were her eyes. Beautiful grey orbs that were windows to her soul. He watched as she approached him and smiled a soft sweet smile as she said good morning to him. He turned to follow her as she headed towards the elevators.

The doors opened as Brooklyn stepped in pushing the button for the first floor. As the doors closed, a hand stopped the doors from shutting all the way. Hitting the open button, Brooklyn lifted her eyes to see the same man stepping in beside her. "First floor?" she asked the stranger.

"Yes, please" he replied as she punched the 1 on the row. She looked at her riding companion seeing he wore a dark suit, blue tie and white button up shirt beneath a tan coat. He had dark short hair that looked inviting for her hands to run through and was slightly tan. The feature that stood out in her mind was his eyes. Gorgeous sapphire blue orbs that felt as if they reached deep into her very being touching places that were locked away. Slightly shaking her head Brooklyn breathed as the doors opened and she approached the front desk. Castiel fell back and went over to the sitting area taking the seat closest to the fire that raged within the grand fireplace. He could hear Brooklyn asking about a heating pad only to be told that they did not have any and that the gift shop down the way may have them. She hurried out the front door and down Rampart. Castiel rose to follow her.

As she continued down the street she felt that she was being followed. Jerking her head back she saw no one. Picking up her stride, Brooklyn saw the shop ahead.

The demon followed her as she continued on. He knew that she was unarmed and alone. He had watched her leave the hotel and head west on Rampart. The demon's eyes turned black as he flashed back to when the hunter killed his sister. It was payback. Brooklyn could feel her hunter's instinct kicking as she sensed an evil presence. She walked almost ran as the feeling of foreboding overpowered her. As she got within arm's reach of the door, a hand clamped firmly down on her stopping her dead. "Hello, Brooklyn. No, no screaming or yelling for help now" as the demon whisked her away.

Brooklyn was in one of the above ground cemeteries. Spinning around, the demon stood there facing her. He grinned at her as she saw what he held. It was a Bowie knife only it had an upside down pentagram on it.

"I hate to break it to you, buddy, but the old kill Brooklyn with a knife trick doesn't work. I swear you damn demons all think alike. Never original in your ideas on how to kill me" she said sarcastically.

The demon snarled as it moved with inhuman speed pinning her against a grave with the blade pressed against her throat. "This knife, bitch, was blessed especially by Lucifer just for you. Once I kill you, your pretty little soul goes straight to him" the demon pressed the blade tighter to her skin. She cringed in pain as the blade broker her skin burning the wound. "Say your prayers" the demon taunted.

Castiel grabbed the demon hurling it into a mausoleum to which the demon landed with a loud thud. Brooklyn looked up at her rescuer. The man from the hotel. Had he been following her!? He looked into her eyes seeing confusion. The demon regrouped and lunged for the angel. Castiel turned on his heels stopping the creature in its tracks. With a hand lifted, the angel cast the creature out sending it back to Hell. Brooklyn watched as the demon was jerked out of its host and went crashing into the earth leaving a black stain upon the hallowed ground.

Castiel turned back to Brooklyn who was still in the position he found her in. "Are you alright?" he asked softly. She nodded her head absently. He tilted his head seeing where the blade had sliced her skin. Leaning in he gently placed a hand upon the injury bathing it in a soft glow. As his warm skin lay over hers, a surge of energy struck her. It was like lightning had hit her and its electric charge coursed through her. She didn't want it to stop. Castiel felt the same power fill his vessel as their bodies remain connected. As he pulled away the power she felt faded away. They both already missed the feeling.

"Who are you?" she asked the angel. He saw the questioning gaze in her grey orbs. He felt drawn to those windows into his charge's soul. "Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord" he replied. Being a hunter Brooklyn had seen everything but was thrown off guard to this. An angel? Wait why did that name sound familiar? Then it dawned on her. This was the angel that brought Dean back. Why was she getting that sinking feeling in her stomach all of a sudden?

"I should go, my boy- I mean my companion is probably wondering where I am. Um, thanks I think" she said. Castiel stepped in front of her as he spoke once again. "Brooklyn, listen to me please. I was sent here to watch over and protect you. And no this is not a joke" the seriousness in his tone made her quickly see this was no hoax. "But I need to get back to the hotel though" she pleaded slightly. Without saying another word, Castiel embraced his charge sending them back to the hotel. She leaned into him as he held her. For the angel it felt right for some reason.

Dean stirred and felt chilled as he realized that Brooklyn was gone. Sitting up and grabbing his phone he punched in her number. As he hit send, the door opened as his Brook stepped in followed by a familiar face.

"Cas!? What are you doing here?"