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Brooklyn and Gabriel sit down for a talk….

Several days later the hunter and angel were back in Phoenix sitting at the kitchen table as Brooklyn savored Brady's coffee which she missed greatly while Castiel tried some green tea finding he liked the taste of it.

"So did anything happen while I was gone?" Brady shook his head as he joined the pair. "I hate to be the one to disappoint, but all was quiet here, Brook."

The hunter shrugged her shoulders and went back to her coffee savoring the rich blend. Castiel smiled at her seeing she was happy to be home for a spell. Castiel had promised Michael and Gabriel he would train her and allow Michael to work with her as well. He had not seen either Archangel since they talked with him in Florida.

Castiel looked over at Brooklyn as she hopped up hearing her toast was done. She coated the large sliced with butter until they were nearly soggy. She joined the two men and stuffed her face with the sweet taste of cinnamon and raisins mixed with butter.

"Brady, have you seen Markus?" Her friend shook his head, "Nope, he's been gone for a few days; said something about being on a hunt and wouldn't be back for a while."

"Oh," she simply said returning to her toast. The angel knew she wanted to talk to her guardian about what she learned but it seemed she wouldn't get the chance as he was away. No matter she would get her chance soon enough.

"More tea, Cas?" The angel nodded his head as Brady took the mug and refilled it hot water and fresh tea bag. Castiel thanked the hunter and carefully sipped at the refreshing hot brew.

Brooklyn finished her tea and stood to leave, "If you both will excuse me I need to make a call." Brady and Castiel knew what the call was and respected her privacy. When Brady learned Gabriel was her real father, the hunter was floored as he didn't see that one coming. But after hearing more, the hunter saw both sides' points of view keeping a neutral stance for argument sake.

Brooklyn stood in the small grove of trees looking around as she called out, "Gabriel, I need to have a word with you." A hand on her shoulder made the hunter spin around to find the blonde haired seraph looking sadly at her.

"My daughter, please allow me to explain…" Brooklyn shot a hand up stopping the Archangel. Gabriel swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat as she looked at him with sad grey eyes.

"I wish you had come to me sooner and told me I was your daughter. Castiel told me you were in my life when I was growing up but not in the conventional means. And while it deeply moves me to know you were in my life, I still feel hurt that you didn't reveal our real connection sooner. And now, the demons know who I really am, Gabriel."

The Archangel took the hunter in his arms to which Brooklyn allowed him to comfort her. He was going to do everything he could to protect his daughter from harm. "I am so sorry for this, Brooklyn. I should have told you this sooner but yet I didn't. Can you ever forgive me for this?" Brooklyn heard his voice crack as the Archangel held nothing back. Brooklyn knew the Archangel was hurting over the anguish she had endured. She gently pushed the angel back and looked straight into his piercing green eyes which were red and welled up with tears. Brooklyn felt her own tears falling and heard her voice crack as she said, "I forgive you, Father."

Gabriel sobbed hearing those words. Brooklyn wrapped her arms around the Archangel trying to comfort him as best she could. Gabriel pulled back wiping eyes and looked down at the hunter.

"You do not know how much it means to me hearing you say that," he whispered as she smiled warmly at him.

"I can't hate you for what you did. I am finally beginning to see why you did it. But you must understand why I was upset."

Gabriel nodded his head at her, "My daughter, I understand why you were angry with me. I yearn to take back the anguish you felt but I know I cannot. However knowing you forgive me heals the rift within my heart and soul." Brooklyn took the Archangel in her arms embracing him once more before he had to go.

"I must go, Brooklyn, but know that I love you and will watch over you wherever you are."

Brooklyn nodded as Gabriel kissed her on the forehead and vanished in a gentle breeze. She sighed heavily as she headed back to the house stopping when something caught her eye. Bending down, she saw the shiny object and picked it up letting the item dangle in her hand. It was a St. Christopher's medallion. Brooklyn smiled to herself as she looked to the sky grinning from ear to ear.

"Thank you, Father," she whispered as she walked up to the house where Castiel waited for her on the patio. The angel embraced her kissing her softly on the lips as they strolled in the house. Gabriel watched from a distance as the angel greeted his daughter feeling the love they shared for one another radiating from them.

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