This is a re-write of my old fic, Sonic the Hedgehog: Test of Survival. This takes place in the same timeline as another one of my stories, Sonicanger, but takes place around 10 years beforehand. All characters are property of SEGA, comment on what you think.


Another explosion, with more soon to come. And they do. Bits of debris fly everywhere, piercing my skin, small amounts of blood leaking through. The noise is deafening, the noise seems to threaten to burst my eardrums, but I keep on running…


"Son, Run into the forest and stay hidden for as long as possible. Keep moving. Robotnik won't want to waste his time and ammunition on burning down a forest. Keep your head down and they shouldn't find you. I've already sent Manic and Sonia to safety, now GO!"

An adult green hedgehog was kneeling down, trying to comfort his blue-quilled, eight-year-old son. Then came a large thump on the door. The air was filled with screams and the sounds of robots marching towards innocent Mobians. The smell of smoke was everywhere, caused by the fire that was ripping through the small village of Knothole. Out the window, a large, Octopus-Shaped robot was on a rampage, blasting down buildings from one of its eight cannons and squishing them with its metal tentacles.

Dr. Robotnik was at the controls of this metal monstrosity, howling with laughter.

Back inside the house, there was another large 'thump' on the door. The adult hedgehog quickly picked his son and dropped him out of the (Ground floor, thankfully) window and yelled at him to run. The Eight-year-old boy hedgehog nodded, tears beginning to form in his eyes, and began to run, only turning back just in time to see robots knocking down the living room door, pin his father up against a wall and put a sword through his heart. The boy turned again and proceeded running, tears streaking down his face as fast as his legs were carrying him.

(End of Flashback)

Want to know how I knew about that? Simple. I'm that boy, and that is what happened not even three minutes ago….

The stench is terrible. It seems intent on choking me to death.

Everywhere I run, everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, I can only see a few things.

Mobians screaming, calling out for their loved ones, or crouching down over dead bodies…

The thick smog-like smoke, still threatening to clog my air pipe…

Robots marching forward, mercilessly slaughtering and destroying everyone and everything in their path

I look behind me. More robots are coming, and there are so many of them. But what can an 8-year-old hedgehog do? Only one thing, run. Run as fast as I could. And running was something I could easily. It is unknown to me how I obtained my amazing speeds, but I once heard a doctor talking to my father about my DNA. They didn't know I was listening at the door. I'd never seen father look so concerned, that is until this all started.

I can only hear a few things, including screaming of the Mobian villagers, the crackling of fire, which is burning the village's structures to the ground and the robots marching forward. But there is one other thing I can hear, and that is the laughter of the diabolical madman, Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He is piloting that massive Octo-Bot, and he laughs even harder when the village hall finally falls, as if this is a circus, and this all just an act. But it's not an act, it's a matter of life or death.

I want to take a look back, but my dad said to me that if Robotnik ever attacked, to run out of the village as fast as I could and never once look back, so that is what I do.

I run past more robots, who don't seem to notice me, and then out of what's left of the village gate. Tears run down my face as I remembered the second half of what my father had told me.


Run into the forest and stay hidden for as long as possible. Keep moving. Robotnik won't want to waste his time and ammunition on burning down a forest. Keep your head down and they shouldn't find you.

*End of flashback*

I quickly streak into the forest and run into some large bushes. I won't be safe here for long, though. I must get going quickly. I quickly stop to catch my breath, panting heavily. The stench of death coming from the village makes me want to puke. . I hear some rustling behind me. I turn around, but there is no-one there, but this is no time to linger. I quickly rush off again, kicking up a trail of dust behind me. I can still hear the sounds of Knothole being destroyed, but they're getting fainter and I keep moving.

I can still hear father's voice inside my head.


And keep on running, son. And remember, we'll always be supporting you.

*End of Flashback*

I think about that. Then it hits me. My family are all probably dead. brother and sister, Manic and Sonia... I'll bet almost anything. More tears slowly work their way down my face, and continue to fall until they are soaked up by the cobalt fur. Night is beginning to fall. I know I'm going to have to find a place to sleep, I'm getting drowsy and I just can't keep on running like this. After another hour, I position myself in a large, thick, old, oak tree, where it's almost impossible for anyone else to see me. I roll over, trying to get myself comfortable, and then close my eyes. I eventually fall asleep, thinking of how I'm going to get through a crisis like this alive.