Heey! Well, this is my new story. I'm pretty excited about this, tbh... It's set over 24 hours, and I'll (hopefully) post a chapter a day, each spanning one hour. I did hope to make this one a bit longer-- but all of this drabble writing is having a bit of a negative effect on me-- it means I can, and do, condense whole chapters into less than a thousand words, making for a really short story. Sorry, guys.

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Twilight FanFiction
By Becky Scarlett-Cullen

Chapter 1

--"Life is an interesting journey."

Hour one—9am, January 1st, 2009


I wake up to a soft brushing across my cheek and smile, though my eyes stay closed. I love the way that my Bella wakes me up every morning. I am so lucky to have her; she is my everything, my one-true-love, and my soul mate. I love her so much. As I roll over, and open my eyes, they meet a pair of pretty green eyes. They're huge in a tiny face, and beautiful. And they're exactly like mine. But it's not Bella… I could have sworn it was her who had kissed my cheek.

I smile at my youngest daughter, and then the breath is knocked out of me as two more small explosions jump on top of me. My sons—Jack and Sam. I laugh, and scoop them all up, spotting Bella, who is laughing at me from across the ridiculously extravagant room.

The kids resemble us greatly. Jack has Bella's beautiful brown hair and my eyes. He's six and the oldest—and he's developing a cheeky streak. Emmett, my brother, couldn't be more proud of him. Sam should really look like Bella—he has her brown hair and lovely brown eyes—but he still manages to look like me. And Lexy, our only daughter, has my bronze curls and green eyes, but somehow resembles Bells.

I love my family to bits; I couldn't be more proud of them. I'd do anything for them, even if it meant sacrificing my own life, and I know Bella feels the same way. They're my world, my everything, and if anything were to happen to them, I would be devastated…

And so begins another day in the Masen household. Well, not just another day—it's January 1st, after all. And we're in London, staying in a fancy hotel—we've been visiting my family over Christmas, as have the rest of the family. Emmett and Alice, my siblings. Emmett's wife Rosalie and their children Matt and Niamh, Alice's husband Jasper and their new baby Marie.

Our flight back to the USA leaves this evening—although it's not exactly just any flight. Air Force one will be our mode of transportation—one of the many perks of being President-elect. Rose, Emmett, Jazz and Alice will be coming with us of course, on their way back home. They live in the US too—even my parents were brought up there, though the moved to London when we all went to university.

But as soon as we're back in Washington state, it'll be crazy again. We've still got a lot of packing to do, in preparation for the big move in two weeks to the most famous house in America. The other Washington, for that matter.

In just two weeks, I'll be the president, and the little monsters climbing all over my will be the first family. It's a scary though, but it's true… and it's something we're all going to have to get used to. My family are pleased enough. They were ecstatic when the polls came in, and I was announced as the next President.

Back in the present, I pout at Bella, who laughs and moves over. As soon as she's close enough, I press my lips to hers, to disgusted noises, courtesy of my children. I laugh, and push them away, climbing out of bed. Pulling Lexy, who screams delightedly, onto my shoulders, I run downstairs with her, the boys running after us, and Bella bringing up the rear. Sitting my daughter on the bench, we throw together the ingredients for pancakes, and Lex helps to stir the thick mixture. Bella has disappeared with the boys, presumably to get them changed, and Lexy giggles as I flip the pancakes high.

I shove the pancakes onto a plate, and call for Bella and the boys to come down.

There's no answer. I call again, and wait for a response, smiling distractedly at Lexy as she wipes floury fingers over my pyjamas.

Leaving my daughter in the suite's kitchen, I run through to the kids' room, and poke my head around the door.

But there's no one there.

I frown—Bella would usually have told me if she was heading out. But perhaps she'd just forgotten.

I head back to the kitchen, and it takes minute to realise that Lexy has gone now, too. I frown. This is sort of odd… but I'm sure she's just crawled off, and is hiding from me somewhere…

I call their names again, but there's no reply. This is probably Bella's idea of a joke. I might as well play along.

I cover the cooling pancakes with a cloth to keep them warmer, and set off to search the suite. Our magnificent Christmas tree still stands there. Bella and the kids decorated it on Christmas Eve, when we reached here. It still looks great, and the smell of the pine fills the whole suite. There's no one in the living area, and no one in the kitchen. I frown again, but go through to the various different bedrooms, searching through all of them.

The apartment is empty. This is really… weird.

Abandoning all pretense at a game, I reach for my cell and ring the familiar number. Bella. But no one picks up—in fact I hear her ring tone, until it falls silent again. It's in her handbag, with her coat. That's odd—she would have taken her bag with her if she left the apartment.

But she's not here.

Taking out my phone, I dial Alice's number.