If You Could See Me Now

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A/N: Okay so I got the idea from Cecelia Ahern's book "If You Could See Me Now." I thought it would be a great idea for a Twilight fanfic.
Bella has a son called Cormac. One day he starts talking to someone called Edward, but Bella can't see him. He's an imaginary friend. Bella herself is lonely. Her father became an alcoholic after her mother's death, and her sister is flighty and reckless. Finding herself in the need of a friend, she suddenly meets a young man called Edward who is remarkably like Cormac's description of his 'friend,' Edward. Is it just a coincidence or is he really imaginary?

Chapter 1: Making Friends.


I walked along the road, feeling a presence pulling me towards them. That's how I make new friends, I feel drawn towards them. Well, actually, their need for me, for a friend, is what pulls me to them. Children were playing on the street. Some were dashing across the road on roller-blades; others were playing with dolls outside or having little tea-parties.

All the houses on this housing estate were the same. Large two story buildings with the same boring white walls outside. The gardens were large with a stonewall around each one, separating each garden from the next.

I came to a stop outside the last house on the street. This is it. This is the house. It was different from the others. It had the same white walls but had a porch going the entire way around the house. In front of a large window, there was a swing-chair. The door was painted a bright red and had two small panes of glass in it. Underneath were a knocker and a letterbox. It looked like a face smiling back at me. I couldn't help but wave at it.

"Who are you waving at?" a small boy around six years of age asked me. He had brown, curly hair and dark brown eyes. His complexion was pale and a slight frame. He looked strangely familiar.

"I'm waving at the door." I smiled at him, my crooked grin. I made a silly face at the door, hoping to make the boy laugh.

I succeeded. His laugh sounded like tiny bells chiming and was extremely infectious. He was rolling on the ground giggling.

"Why"—gasp—"are"—gasp—"you waving"—gasp—"at the"—gasp—"door?"

"I'm waving at the door because it looks like a smiley face, obviously. Duh!" I rolled my eyes but smiled down at him. I didn't want to sound mean. I wanted to be his friend.

"Oh!" The boy looked at me, confused at first and then just shrugged his shoulders. "You're kinda weird."

I laughed, and he joined in. "Yeah, I know. But normal people scare me. You don't want to be boring. You want to stand out, make your mark on this world."

"Yeah, I don't want to be boring. My mom is boring. I love her lots, but she doesn't like fun." His little face scrunched up into a frown.

"All grown-ups are boring."

"But aren't you a grown-up?" he asked.

"I am, but I'm old enough to know that you don't have to be boring. So I'm not. What's your name anyway?"

He hesitated. This is the worst part about making new friends. You could have a nice conversation with them, but once it came to introductions, they wouldn't answer. It showed that they weren't ready for my help yet. They needed it but they just weren't ready for it.

So I'd stick around until they were ready.

"My name's Cormac." He smiled a toothy grin at me. One of his front teeth were missing.

"My name is Edward." I smiled back at him. This was great. He wanted to be my friend. "Is that your ball?"

"Yep. You wanna play?"

"YEAH! Soccer is by far my favorite. My old friend Tom and I used to play all the time."

"Is that Tom Newton?" he asked.

"It is indeed." I smiled. I wonder how he knew my old friend Tom.

"I'm in his class at school."

Wait! That's right. Cormac. Cormac Swan in Tom's class. He used to talk about Cormac all the time. I used to see Cormac at Tom's school whenever I would go with him. That's why he was so familiar.

"Oh, I know you now. I used to see you at school with Tom."

He looked confused again. "But, I never saw you there."

"Well, of course you didn't, silly. Not everyone can see me. Tom needed me, so he could see me, but now he doesn't need me, so I disappear."

That's the hardest part of my job – leaving my new friends.

He nodded in understanding. Kids are more understanding than adults are. It's amazing how much their bright little minds could take in. We kicked around the ball for a few minutes when we heard a shrill scream come from indoors.


Before I knew it, a gorgeous, blonde-haired woman was walking out from the house. She was wearing a miniscule skirt that could hardly be called a belt, never mind a skirt. Her top was bright and sparkly and very revealing. To top it off, she was prancing about in killer heels. She turned to us and waved at Cormac.

"See ya later Mac. Don't be giving Mommy a hard time." She winked and got in the car parked outside the house. She turned the key, but it wouldn't start.

"Who's that?" I asked.

"That's my aunt Rose. She and Mom don't get along very well." He seemed almost about to cry.

A moment later, the most beautiful woman in the world came outside. She was carrying a phone in her hand and wearing a black trouser-suit. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her head. She was wearing matching heels, but as she walked down the steps from the door, she tripped.

"Shit!" she screamed. Rose laughed.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale, get out of my car. RIGHT NOW! I will not be asking again," she croaked, her voice hoarse from screaming.

"You don't need to ask again. Piece of shit doesn't work anyway," Rose replied. She got out of the car and walked back into the house. As she passed the woman in the black suit, she asked for money for a cab. Surprisingly the woman gave it to her.

"Thanks sis, I appreciate it. I'll pay you back soon."

The brown-haired woman just rolled her eyes and seemed to be muttering to herself.

"Who's the lady with the brown hair?" I asked Cormac.

"That's Bella. My mom."

His mom? Now that I think about it, there's no mistaking that he's her son. He's the image of her. Same dark hair and brown eyes. Same pale complexion and slight frame. I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw her or when I even thought about her. How very strange?

I felt a stronger pull towards her but that couldn't be possible. No grown up has ever needed my help before. I help children. Grownups are Esme's category, and even then, it's those that are dying that need her help. Grownups are just too narrow-minded to see me. They only believe in what they see before them. If they really, I mean really opened their eyes and believed, then they would see me. Not only me, but all of us. The entire gang, Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Jacob, Emily, Leah, Kim, and me of course.

No offense to Bella, but I didn't think she was the kind to believe in 'imaginary friends,' so I couldn't figure out why I felt this pull towards her. I still felt the pull towards Cormac, but it wasn't as strong as Bella's. This was really weird. I've never had to help out two friends at one time. I also had no idea whatsoever of how I was supposed to help Bella when she couldn't even see me. I would need to talk to Carlisle about this.

I had a feeling that my time with Cormac was going to be very… interesting.

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