Title: Decisions that I Make

Rating: T

Summary: Eliot is the silent enigma, always suspicious and secretive. But when he is injured by a mysterious attacker the group of thieves learn more about the enigmatic man.

Author Note: first Leverage fic, I am a fan of Eliot and Nate so this fic will mostly focus on their relations. They are not a couple. I don't write yaoi, or smut so this is simply a friendship thing. Enjoy.

Chapter One: The Start

"Mr. Ford, this is Cassandra a nurse at County Emergency room. I was given your number by one of your employees, an Eliot Carmen." I blink as the cheery voice on the other end finishes her greeting. Sitting at the conference table I'm aware of the other members watching me.

"Mr. Ford?" the voice implores and I snap to and answer quickly, casting a glance over at Sophie who the exchanges a look with Hardison.

"Yes, he's one of my men, what happened?" I respond and stand up, walking a few paces away.

"Well sir, it seems Mr. Carmen was injured in a fight of some sort, the local police brought him in. No charges are being pressed and he's ready to be released. He asked us to call you." She explains and I quickly agree

"Yes, I'll be down to get him. I'm heading out now. Thank you very much."

"Your welcome Mr. Ford." She hangs up and I click my phone closed, turning to look at the rest of the group.

"That was County Emergency Room, Eliot got himself into trouble and needs a lift." Sophie gives a small gasp while Hardison shakes his head and snorts

"That man is nothing but trouble." He declares and gets a blank look from Parker and a rolling of the eyes from Sophie. Hardison holds up his arms and stands,

" Listen, ya'll can go down and comfort him and all that, I'm going to stay here and man the fort and all." He walks out, heading for his own office. I frown, the two of them seemed to have been working into a friendship of sorts, but after that display I'm having my doubts.

"Look, I'd like to go, but knowing Eliot he's going to be even less talkative than he already is." Parker says, also standing and giving me a sardonic smirk before exiting in a bit of a skip. Sophie sighs and stands, pulling her jacket off the back of her chair.

"Let's go." She says, already digging in her purse for the keys to her ruby red Mercedes Benz sedan.

"Okay. Let's go get our guy." I agree, a sense of dread building up in my stomach.

County Hospital was just like every other place, a bad smelling sterilized white mess of halls and sick people. The halls are cast in a bright light, making the shadows thieves like Sophie and Eliot thrive in unavailable. Together Sophie and I walk up to the reception desk and wait for the rotund nurse to notice us. She looks up quickly, a cranky expression on her face as she asks what she can do for us.

"I was called about a friend of mine. Eliot Carmen." Her eyes light up at the other man's name.

"Ah yes, the charmer. He's in exam 6." She points down the hall and my eyes take in the bold six plastered to the wall beside the door. I smile and thank the woman, trying to catch up with a concerned Sophie. I couldn't help but share a smile with the other thief at the mention of Eliot's 'charm'.

"So, what's this I hear about a fight?" I ask sternly coming into the room. I stop mid stride and frown at the long haired man, his chestnut colored hair caked with dried blood from the stitched head wound. Eliot glares at me, his face littered with small cuts and swelling starting to close his left eye. Sophie gasps and moves quickly to the injured man's side, cooing motherly at him.

"Eliot, what happened?" she breathes, accent thick from worry as she tries to touch the man's face. Eliot recoils quickly, a dark look coming to his eyes that Sophie notices and accepts, backing off.

"Thanks for coming." Rough as always Eliot's soft voice sounds weary and the exhaustion is evident on his face. I'm about to comment when a knock at the doorway grabs my attention. I turn, finding a small woman dressed in scrubs standing there.

"You must be Mr. Ford." She presumes and I nod, holding my hand out for the clipboard with the obvious discharge papers on it. She pulls the clipboard back to her chest and motions for me to follow her outside. I glance quickly back over at Sophie and catch the Grifter's eye. Without a thought Sophie nods and stands, fluttering about the small room, gathering up the few personal items Eliot had on his persons and helping the injured man to his feet.

In the hallway the small nurse leans against the wall, examining the clipboard once more.

"What are his instructions?" I ask

"Well, Mr. Ford your friend was brought in with numerous head abrasions, the deep wound on his forehead, we think, came from hitting a hard surface. His glasses were broken, causing the smaller abrasions. His eye will return to normal in a few days, ice it every four hours. We gave him some medication for the headache and the doctor prescribed some painkillers." She hands me the two prescription slips, I fold them neatly and put them in my jacket pocket.

"Two ribs were broken in the fight and he managed to dislocate his shoulder. He managed to put that back into place before arriving here."

"Yes, that's an old injury." I clearify and the nurse looks about ready to wrap up when I ask

"What was his blood alcohol level?" I keep my tone low and hushed. The nurse looks confused and looks down at her chart.

"Mr. Ford, there was no alcohol in his blood. Mr. Carmen was completely sober during these events." I nod my thanks and the nurse turns, heading back to the desk. I sigh anf run a hand through my hair, heading back into the room.

"Ready to go?" I ask and Eliot nods, standing on his own but swaying slightly before regaining his balance. Sophie and I walk on either side of the man, there in case he should need the aid. Eliot, surprisingly makes it to the car under his own free will and reclines in the backseat, arms curled around his injured ribs. Exchanging worried looks with Sophie I nod my head and the con-woman eases her car out into the traffic.

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