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Derek and Casey Venturi, in their thirties now, are still happily married , loving each other more by the day.

Derek is still playing professional Hockey and is captain of his team. As for Casey ,she is a bestseller Author, she started writing the story of her life, beginning from when she met Derek and how he changed her life, to where she got pregnant at a young age. She published the book right after she finished college, it was a bestseller right away. She still writes but also has her own home office where young pregnant women can come to and Casey does her best to help them through this hard time.

But not all is sunshine, because now their children are making their lives a living hell. Jayden Michael Venturi and Ashley Summer Venturi have just turned 15 recently and are both very like their parents were when they were younger. Jayden has grown into a handsome young man, also a little player but not as bad as his father once was, Jayden is more interested in school and comes more after his mother. Although he loves Hockey just like his father does, well lets make it short all four kids love hockey and play it too.

Ashley is more like her father when it comes to character, always acting cool and cocky, she is a player and school is her place to show off, the school belongs to her. She isn't as bad as her father was with girls but she has boys swooning all over her, much to the dislike of her father. Although Ashley and Jayden often fight over the tiniest things they always are there for the other one, if really needed. Also Jayden is very protective over Ashley as she is over him.

Then there are Jeremy Dean Venturi, 14 years old and Abbygale Rose Venturi , the youngest with only 11 years.

Jeremy was like a mix of Edwin and Lizzy, he was as tricky as Edwin and was into sports as much as Lizzy. Little Abbygale was a small version of Marti. All thought of her as cute and innocent but in reality she had her ways to get what she wanted, she knew how to twist someone around her little finger.

Lizzy and Edwin are married as well and have got 2 children, two twin boys. William and Liam Venturi. Lizzy got pregnant at the age of nineteen and had them when she was twenty. Lizzy and Edwin married a year later. William and Liam are both 10 years old , really adorable kids.

You have a hard time telling who is who with the twins because they look alike, both have brown, shaggy hair and rich brown eyes. They resemble their Parents a lot, both in looks and in Character.

Edwin is manager of Sony, he earns a lot of money, not as much as Derek but still a lot more then average people do. Lizzy became a representer of environment protection and works for a sister company from Green Peace.

We still have little Marti left, she is not little anymore, she has grown up into a beautiful women now. She married at the age of 22. She married Dylan O' Neil , one of the most famous singers around. She has a 4 year old daughter now, named Ruby. You could say it was love at first sight, they met as Marti was 18 , on a concert of his. She asked him for an autograph and BAMM , they were a couple 3 weeks later. Dylan didn't have it easy ,as he first was introduced to the family, Derek bombarded him with questions, such as what are your intentions with Marti , for an outsider it was quite fun to watch but Marti thought otherwise. She apologized for Derek's rude behavior and after she threatened to never speak to Derek again he allowed Dylan and Marti to date, Dylan and Derek are close friends now.

Marti is a Costume Designer for theater plays, she loves her jobs and Ruby has to try on all the costumes she designs, little Ruby loves it ,too.

Emily and Sam married and have one son, Nathan Davis. Like Derek , Sam also plays professional Hockey in the same team. Emily is a famous critic for the New York times, she criticizes books and writes what's good and what's bad about them. Nathan is 12 years old and has got black hair and almost the same skin color as Emily but a little more light-skinned. He is a smart boy and plays guitar, he wants to become a famous rock star someday.

And last but not least we have Raven, Collin and Chad. Chad is now 16 years old, very athletic and plays basketball, he is captain of his team, in Spain, and girls are all over him.

Raven is an interpreter and Collin works for a big firm in Spain, they all live in Spain now but still keep in contact with the Venturis.

Derek and his Family moved to Ottawa, where they bought a really nice ,big, House , almost as big as a mansion. It has 6 bed rooms, one of them is a guest room, three bathrooms , Casey and Derek have one to their own directly attached to their bedroom, then there was a bathroom for the kids , just down the hall. The last one was downstairs. They have a big kitchen and a cozy Living room. In the back yard is a swimming pool so they really have all you could imagine.

Lizzy and Edwin also have their own house and live about 15 minutes within walking distance from Derek and Casey away. Their house is very nice and cozy they have 4 bed rooms, one is a guest room. 2 Bathrooms and a kitchen that is big enough for about 6 people. They have a really nice pond in front of their house.

Emily and Sam lived about 30 minutes within Car distance away.