Chapter 7 Changes for the better

Last Time

"I was acting like a jerk and I hope we can somehow talk this out, you surely want to know why and well one, if you don't come back my Wife will rip my head off and not talk to me ever again. Oh and before you think that I only do it because of that you are wrong, I made a mistake and although I can't take it back I still hope that you can forgive me and we can talk this out at home, I would be honored if we could start over and forget that this ever happened". Katheryn just looked at him, speechless. She saw where Jayden got his charm and sweetness from.

"Mr. Venturi ? I don't understand"

"Well you see if you were to go now a person we know very well would be as miserable as sin and it would all be my fault".

"Who?" Derek raised an eyebrow at that and nodded his head towards the car. Understanding dawned on Katheryn and she blushed slightly.

"So how about we all sort this out in the warm house by a warm chimney and a hot chocolate maybe?" she nodded and they were off to home again.


Derek drove Kathy and Jayden home and called Casey, telling her that he got Kathy back. As Derek arrived home and they went into the house, with a silly smile on Jayden's face and a happy Kathy. As soon as the door opened Kathy was tackled by a tear- stained Abby.

"Don't you ever do that again, I was really worried! " Abby sobbed.

"I am sorry Abby, I promise not to go anywhere again".

"Yeah you better listen to Abby, damn girl that was absolutely not funny and what is that supposed to mean I annoy people? I sure as hell don't" Jeremy let her now. Just then Casey and Ashley burst through the door. Casey walked straight past Derek and to Kathy, checking her for anything abnormal.

"Are you alright? You really had us worried. "Casey hugged Kathy in a bone crashing hug.

"Casey. I .can't. Breath." Releasing her Casey gave her a brief smile before looking at Ashley.

"Don't do that again" Ashley said before heading upstairs.

"It's time for bed now, we will discuss this further tomorrow". Casey said sending the kids into their rooms.

Casey still hadn't faced Derek, he cringed at that, now she was giving him the cold shoulder. He feared that he would have to sleep on the couch tonight. Also that she may really think about leaving him if he didn't work wonders. He was still contemplating what to say as he heard her whisper.

"I am sorry". No sooner the words left her mouth he saw her shoulders shake and then he heard a sob. This women never ceased to surprise him. Casey fell to her knees, head in hands and let out small suppressed cry

Hurrying over to her, Derek knelt down beside her. He hugged her, while she clung to him, her hands balling into small fists and clenching his shirt.

"I was scared, really scared" After another sob she continued, " Ashley and I couldn't find her and I grew more and more worried. It tired to think of a possibility of where she could have gone and as I couldn't think of one, I was starting to think about us. About what you said".

"About what I said, Case, you know I didn't….."

"No. You were right. I have four of my own kids and I started to neglect them. I am a horrible mother , I have failed as a therapist for young girls, because you were right I can't keep work from Private life and Kathy does resemble me quite a lot." Taking a shaky breath Casey went on.

" I just wanted to help her, nobody deserves what we had to go through. Worst of all is, I have disappointed you. I have failed at being your wife. Your games are important and I wasn't there to support you. I don't understand why you still want me, you are rich and you could have anybody.". Derek's brain was still processing what he heard just now until he heard the last part that is. That's when his brain started to function again.

"Case, that is nonsense. You deserve me just like I deserve you, if anyone has to be sorry it is me, because I behaved like a jerk.

" You know me I need to be in the spotlight. I didn't like all the attention Katheryn got. Also I was upset that she seemed more important to you than me, and after tonight's events with Sam and all, I just snapped. You are a perfect mother and an even more perfect wife if that is even possible. So stop crying… please?". A small laugh escaped Casey at her husband's poor attempt to stop her crying.

"I love you Derek"

"Well who doesn't ?"

"Jerk". She giggled a little and Derek knew that this was in the past and they would figure something out.

"So does this mean I don't have to sleep on the couch tonight ?".

"What would I do without you?"

"Probably die of boredom"

"Derek can't you be serious?".

"I am serious".

"DER-EK" He laughed because she still said it the same way she did when they were in high school.

"Derek, are you even listening to me? I swear sometimes……"

"I love you". That was enough to shut her up and the kiss he planted on her lips. When they broke apart the smile she gave him was enough to make every man melt.

With Katheryn Her Point of View

I am really happy that I am able to stay here. I still think this is a dream. I wondered what Jayden wanted to say to me before Mr. Venturi interrupted us.

I was about to lie down when the door opened. Jayden stood in my doorway, he was wearing his boxer shorts and a navy blue T-shirt. I could feel the blush creeping up my cheeks just looking at him.

"Hey.." Jayden trailed off.


"Can I come in?". He asked and if I wasn't mistaken his cheeks were also a little colored.

"Sure". He walked over to the bed and sat down beside me.

"so…" We both started at the same time. After an awkward silence he went on.

"I want you to promise me something". At that I looked at him, his eyes didn't have this sparkle they normally have and he was really serious about it.

"Can you promise me something?" He asked again.

"Yes… What ?" He looked relieved for a moment before taking a deep breath and going on.

"Don't interrupt me before I am finished ok ? " He asked and now he was looking a little nervous, also he was running his hand through his hair, he always did that when he was nervous.

"Ok". Looking to check I was serious Jayden went on.

"So I really thought about this happening different but you really scared me tonight. I thought you were gone and that cut my time of preparing to make this different". He stood up and started pacing.


"Nah no interrupting or I might lose my confidence" He walked back and forward a few times before stopping in front of me. He knelt down and took one of my hands. I could feel my cheeks heating up, once again. My heart was racing and I was sure he was able to hear it, it was beating so loud.

"Y'know I suck at stuff like this, guess I inherited that from Dad." I still didn't know what he wanted to tell me and now I was becoming quite nervous.

" I couldn't let you leave because you are my best Friend and if you ever need anything just tell me. ". He let go of my Hand and stood up, walking to the door. I was disappointed because I really thought I was more than a friend to him. I could already feel the tears prick at the rim of my eyes. I just waited for him to leave. When I didn't hear the door open or close I wiped my tears away with my arm sleeve and looked up. He was still standing there, hand on the door knob.

"Jayden? " I asked. Suddenly he banged his head against the Door, I was startled.

"Jayden, what are you doing?" After banging his head against the door once more he turned around to me. His forehead was already getting a red mark.

"That's not what I wanted to tell you and Geez… never knew this would be so hard" He smiled a nervous smile at me before going on.

"I hate being your friend" As he said it, so full of seriousness, I knew the tears were already on their way.

"Hey… don't cry, that sounded harsher than in my head. Kathy I am sorry that's not what I meant to say."

"Then what did you want to say". I was looking at him now, even though he looked blurry because of my tears.

"If you hate being my friend then why did you want me to stay ?". He was in front of me in a matter of seconds and started to brush my tears away.

"I hate being you friend because I can't do the stuff I want to do", Why did he have to be so confusing.

"What do you want to do, why are you so confusing? Just tell me!" I didn't want this to go on any longer. I didn't know what to feel anymore. And to top it off I started hiccupping.

"I am really bad with words". What was that supposed to mean? I was just about to ask when I felt his lips on mine. I think my eyes must have looked like they popped out of my head. He pulled away too soon and looked down embarrassed.

"I..I hate being you friend because I can't kiss you or hug you and it's killing me. I like you a lot. There I said it. Although it sounded cornier then in my head." I was still processing what he said and did, before I knew it my fingertips were on my lips. Although his kiss was just a peck and lasted for about 3 seconds it still made my stomach all tingly and his lips were really soft and warm.

"Kathy? Would you please say something ?". I looked at him and saw the fear in his eyes. I smiled and went forward to hug him. But I was a little too forceful because he fell on his back and I landed on top of him.

"It's true you really suck at telling someone how you feel, but I like you too". I could hear his relieved sigh and I was happy, really happy when he hugged me back. I don't know how long we stayed like that but after a while he spoke again.

"Umm… so you are my girlfriend now ?".

"If you want me to be" I replied. I pushed myself up on my arms so I could look into his eyes.

"Yes". We both smiled.

"So can I kiss you again ?". He was really cute.

"Yes". And finally he kissed me again. It was very different to the kisses I knew from Cole. Jayden was gentle and loving and sweet. He didn't push me or anything. I guess I was in heaven. As we broke the kiss I knew I was having a silly goofy smile on my face but Jayden wasn't any better.

I slowly got up from the floor and into bed, lifting the blanket.

"Do you want to stay a little longer?" I asked, my cheeks sure as red as a tomato.

"Yeah" With that he crawled into bed besides me and we snuggled.

Casey and Derek

"How much you wanna bet that Jayden is up in Katheryn's room ?" Derek said with a smirk on his face, indicating that he was planning something along the lines of a prank.

"DER-EK, you leave the two alone, they are so Cute together. Don't you even start rolling your eyes. They make a sweet couple and then Finally I can plan my baby's Wedding" Casey told Derek, Dreamily .

"Case… Don't you think it's a little too early to plan a wedding? They are 15 years old"

"Derek, you can never be too early with planning a wedding. Every Detail has to be organized and…. Derek wait for me!" While Casey was going on with her speech Derek was already in front of the guest room and opening the door. Casey arrived a few seconds later as the door was open.

Casey was clapping her hand over her mouth to stop making any sound and Derek had a guinea smile on his Face.

Jayden and Katheryn were lying in the single bed, with Jayden lying on his back and Kathy's head lying on his chest, sleeping soundly.

Pulling her husband into their own bedroom, after closing the door to the guest room, Casey started to squeal quietly.

"They are so adorable. Seeing them like that I would like to be a grandmother now". As Derek gave her a look clearly saying" Are you Crazy?" Casey just smiled a dreamy smile.

"What ? you have to admit they are sweet and our grandchildren would be perfect".

"Casey. I don't wanna be a granddad for another 10 years, so you better lay off and not plant any weird ideas into their head".

"I didn't say a time I just said it would be nice to be a grandmother now". Shaking his head Derek stripped to his boxes and climbed into bed. Lying on his back and closing his eyes he couldn't help the smirk forming on his face.

"Babe, what are you thinking about, I know that smirk and it never is anything good". Casey said, suspiciously.

"I am just trying to figure out a way to torture our son. And before you tell me to leave them alone, I live for this moments Casey, that's the best part about being a father, because I am gonna give them all the hardships back, every single one they gave me." Before Casey could protest Derek had already grabbed her and rolled on top of her.

"Now let's stop talking about them and start to refresh our relationship, shall we?". The Blush that came across Casey's face was crimson and Derek wouldn't be Derek if he would let that pass. He gave her a firm kiss before rolling back onto his bedside and closing his eyes.

"Now now Casey, were you thinking about naughty things again?. Really shame on you to think about that while there are children in the house". He didn't have to wait long for his favorite reaction from her.

"DER-EK". Yeah some things might never change.

"You…you did that on purpose and I wasn't thinking about sex" Casey said not all too convincingly. Derek turned to her and looked her straight into her eyes.

"Who said anything about sex ? But I guess it can't be helped, I am after all super good looking ,smart, charming, hockey god and all" Derek also lived for these moments, he would never ever get tired with getting a rise out of Casey.

"I don't know why I married you"

Casey turned her back to him, muttering a "Jerk" under her breath and pulling the blanket up to her neck.

Sneaking an arm around her waist Derek Pulled her flush against his body, leaning up and whispering in her ear.

"It's a good thing that our children are all out of the house tomorrow". Casey couldn't keep the shiver from running up her body as she heard the deep and husky voice of her husband. Smiling to herself she fell into a peaceful sleep.

Next Day

Casey was downstairs making the food ready for the picnic the kids were gonna have. It somehow became tradition that Lizzy and Edwin would take the kids out for a picnic once a year so Casey and Derek could relax just like Casey and Derek would Take Liam and William another day so Lizzy and Edwin could have their time together.

"How are you doing this fine morning ?". Derek whispered into her ear. Casey was so surprised she let the knife she had fall to the ground, just missing Derek's foot by a few inches.

"CAS-EY are you trying to kill me ?"

"Well it's your own fault for sneaking up on me" She picked the knife up and stuck her tongue out to him. Smirking Derek retorted.

" The memories I have of that tongue of yours". Of course it had the effect he wanted. She became all flustered.


"Yeah you said that too"

"Get your head out of the gutter". Before they could continue Abby and Jeremy came into the kitchen, Jeremy smirking in a "I know something to blackmail you with" way and Abby just being plain happy.

The other three were down not too long after them and sat down at the table.

"Mom I am starved please hurry up" Ashley whined. Kathy and Jayden were sitting awkwardly beside another. Both a blush on their cheeks. At first they ate in silence, but Abby was looking excitingly at Kathy. After about 5 minutes Casey asked.

"Honey why are you staring at Kathy, that's impolite".

"I was just wondering mom, will Kathy get twins now?"

"Sweetie how did you come up with that ?"

"Well Jeremy said that Jayden and Kathy did "The big naughty" Yesterday and we found them together in bed today and when they do "The big naughty" twice she will get twins right?". Derek was chocking on his food, Casey looked shocked, Ashley amused, Jeremy tried controlling the laughter, Kathy was embarrassed , Jayden was both Embarrassed and angry and Abby looked like the innocence in Person.

"I am gonna kill you Jeremy". Jeremy jumped up the table and up the stairs, Jayden hot on his heels.

"You get back here you little brat".

"Mom !! Jayden will kill me………No Jayden….pal think about what you will do……..Put the Broom down…….…MOM; DAD HELP ".

It will never get boring in this household.

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