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Chapter 1


The heavy snow glowed pure white over the Southern lands deep along the mountain sides lined with bare and snow covered trees below in the surrounding forest.

Winter had come early to these lands most animals leaving for the season or hibernating else where, but the cold was welcomed to the dominate race of the mountains, the wolf demons.

Echo's of laughter and running rang out through the forest like a bell. Deep within the forest a group of children huddled.

Though they were no mere children there pointed ears and long furry tails aiding to that visual fact, they were wolf demon pups all male wolf demons pups.

Their bodies were too small to wear armor like their elders so they were decked in the heavy cover of soft brown furs.

The groups of children were huddled around a hand made ball stitched together with thick leather as they took turns kicking it towards one another.

"Over here!" One called.

Another pup kicked the ball towards the smaller framed demon.

"Heads up!" The pup warned.

The pups continuously kicked the stitched ball back and forth enjoy the long lasting game.

Until, the sound of crunching snow and a the smell of something sweet drifted under their noses causing them to pause in their actions.

Slowly they all turned to the figure emerging from the surrounding forest shadows. Instantly their young eyes were greeted by the sight of an older female wolf demon wearing a light blue kimono with golden design.

A large purple happi jacket hung over her slim shoulders, decorative flower patterns printed along the fabric. A white obi tied around her slim waist.

Her dark brown hair in a loose bun slanted slightly to sit neatly on her shoulder, she was indeed beautiful. With skin as fair as the snow, though the most enticing thing about her was her fierce crystal blue eyes.

The wolf pups were obvious to her beauty due to their naïve age, but they knew all to well who this fair wolf demoness was.

She was lady Kome, the alpha female of the entire southern tribe, mated to the tribes one leader.

The pups quickly turned to greet her as was expected of them, halting in their play.

"Boys" She began in a honeyed voice.

"Yes Lady Kome?" They stammered a little a nerved their leader had appeared before them so unannounced.

"Boys, Kouga left the cave this morning without telling me or his father where he was going. Being his friends has he come here to play with you?"

The wolf cubs knowing that name all to well, stared at each other for a moment in pause.

"Friends? Kouga's not our fr-" One pup started before quickly getting punched in the head by another one to silence him.

Kome narrowed her eyes a bit as to what the child was going to say.

"Kouga hasn't been by but…" He hesitated "We can tell you where you can probably find him" Another finished for him independently.

"Oh?" Kome's brow arched

Over looking the snow covered lands was a large cliff ledge giving a wonderful view of the surrounding area, the large caves the wolf demons lived in and the mountain sides they roamed.

On this cliff was a pup from the wolf demon pack, his hair was raven black held in a small pony tail, he like the rest of the wolf pups was covered by the brown fur pelts for warmth. His small pointed ears matching his tan skin then seemingly out of place were his piercing, blue eyes.

The wolf pup stood over the cliff ledge though he had no intention of eyeing the beauty around him. He stood on his small hands, his feet raised high into the air as his head was cocked to look down at the ground almost touching his nose.

"197,198,199" the pup thought out loud as he lowered himself to the ground then back up stretching his muscles.

The cold was well welcomed as small beads of sweat rolled down his strained brow, his chilled hands sinking lower into the snow as he did so.

Unaware, that only a few feet away a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes that matched his own, watched him silently through the brush.

"2-200!" The pup growled his arms shaking from exhaustion his eyes narrowing with the frustration his body was reluctant to do any further work.

The pup determinedly tried to do one more lift only to have his arms give out and slip out from under him! Quickly he found himself face first in the snow.

The silent figure watching the young pup stepped forward, Kome smiling sympathetically as he wiped away the dirt and snow covering his young face.

Her white fangs caught the visible sun light in the distance drawing the young pups eyes to fix onto her approaching form.

"So, this is where you are?" Kome smiled walking towards the boy.

"Mother?" The pup asked in surprise.

"Kouga, I have told you about wandering off without telling me" Kome spoke her eyes narrowing a bit in disapproval.

Kouga looked down to the ground not having a response to his mother hard stare.

She gave a heavy sigh before kneeling in front of her son letting the snow seep into the bottom of her kimono.

"Kouga" She whispered in a gentle voice.

Kouga gently lifted his head to stare into the pair of eyes that mirrored his own, Kome gave a light smile looking at his face a small of patch of dirt still remaining on his cheek.

"Of all the snow covered ground my son manages to find the one spot of dirt for his face." Kome raised her sleeve to her son's cheek smoothing away the dirt.

"Mother stop! I can do it myself!" Kouga wined turning from her hold a blush spreading out over his cheeks as he wiped the spot away with the back of his hand.

Kome looked surprise for a moment but her tender smile never left her lips.

"Kouga" She began.

Kouga turned to his mother waiting for her to speak.

"Why are you up here? Why aren't you playing in the valley with all your friends?" She asked

Kouga's eyes narrowed a bit at the question "Friends ha…" he thought in sadden amusement.

"I don't have time for playing! I have to get stronger!" He announced loudly!

"Stronger?" Kome asked in surprise

Kouga's gaze fell to the snow once again a moment of silence past before he found the nerve to speak.

"Father-" Kouga began Kome's eyes widening at the sudden change in her son.

"Father said I'm not strong enough to lead the pack" Kouga's young eyes narrowing a bit at the remembrance of the last few days.

"Kouga-" Kome began trying to sooth her child as she extended a hand out.

Kouga quickly refused her affection as he jumped to his feet striking a proud stance his small tail waving a bit as he did so.

"But I don't care! I will become the strongest demon ever! Then father will see that I am strong enough to rule the tribe!" Kouga vowed with pride in his voice.

Kome watched her son in surprise before her eyes narrowed a clear hint of worry hazed over them.

"Is that what you believe?" Kome asked.

Kouga's eyes fell to his mother noticing the changed tone in her voice.

Kome got to her feet standing tall in front of her son.

"Kouga come with me" She asked before walking past him to the cliff ledge over looking the tribe's territory.

Kouga did as his mother asked and walked beside her until she came to a halt at the edge.

She looked over the land shining with snow and smiled "Kouga tell me what you see?"

Kouga looked down able to see the tribe's main cave and the surrounding caves spotted out around the mountain side. Seeing countless wolf demons wander around the forest and cliffs their no doubt thick forms looking like ants from this height.

"I see the cave and our comrades" Kouga replied lowly his young eyes still searching for something further he might have missed.

Kome smiled "Is that all?" she asked

Kouga looked further but saw nothing so he shook his head in agreement.

"Kouga," Kome began, drawing her sons full attention as she did so.

"Kouga this place is much more than just the caves and our family it's, our home. One day it will be yours from the tallest tree to the smallest blade of grass. No matter how much you train it will take more than physical strength to rule this tribe."

"You see," Kome kneeled before her son standing at her side.

"Real strength is not here-" Kome's clawed finger pointed to the thick fur headband covering his forehead.

"It's here" Kome smiled gliding her claw down to his chest, right above where his heart beat pulsed.

"My heart?" Kouga asked out loud, in uncertainty.

Kome smiled "My son one day you will become the leader of this pack and I know you will love them all like no other, and do whatever you have to do, to protect them all."

Kome laid her hand back into her kneeling lap "And when that day comes I will be the proudest mother alive"

Kouga smiled back at his mother.

"Now, we should get back" Kome whispered climbing to her feet.

Kouga quickly grabbed the sleeve of her kimono stopping her in her tracks.

"Mother could you stay here a little while longer with me?" He asked quietly

"Of course my little Kouga" She smiled warmly turning to stand behind him, her slender arms draping around his small shoulders as she pulled him to her stomach.

They stood there on the cliff ledge, watching the beauty of their home hum around them.

Kouga looked from the serene beauty of his home to the warm loving face of his mother.

He leaned his head back against her, watching as she stared down at him with a devoted smile the gentle breeze tossing her hair only slightly allowing rays of rich sunlight to beam through.

At this age, she was his entire world.


A light chilling breeze drifted into the eastern caves of the wolf demon mountain carrying on swiftly through the maze of tunnels and turns.

Deep within the caves the gentle kiss of winters wind touched the handsome face of the slumbering wolf demon, within the depths.

Sprawled over a large pile of furs and silks the cold air kissed his skin, his face tensing slightly as a light moan passed through his lips.

Then slowly his eyes drifted open, revealing bright azure orbs.

Kouga stared blankly at the stone ceiling above him for a few moments, feeling the soft furs tangled around his well toned body, smelling the ash of what was left of last night's fire.

His arms crossed behind his head a little numb from being slept on all night.

Gently Kouga lifted his head freeing his arms of their pinned position as he sat himself up with a low grunt.

"A dream?" He whispered

The furs slid from his torso revealing his hard sculpted body and large toned arms his raven black hair freed from his hair band falling all around him messily.

Kouga looked over his room eyeing the stone walls surrounding him a small fire place to his right, built into the wall. A few bones and skeletons from the prey he had consumed and the steam from his indoor hot spring rising in the back of the cave.

Kouga climbed to his feet with a grunt eyeing his armor at the corner of his bed where he had left it the previous night.

He lifted it from the ground and over his firm body strapping the leather to his shoulder and fur pads. Only this time he added something different to his outfit a large fur cape now hung over his shoulder pads hanging to his mid back. Being that it was now winter even demons needed something extra to be warm.

He pulled his fur shin guards over his legs tightening the string around his calves. Then grabbing his fur head band and hair band.

Scooping his hair up into his hands he tied it up in his normal high pony tail.

Kouga let his hands fall to his side as he stared at entrance to his den.

"A new day" He sighed

The sun raised over the tall mountains in the east spreading its light over the snow covered area. Winter had finally come in full force.

It had only been a few years since the defeat of Naraku but already to the world seemed at peace.

Kouga had returned to take control of his tribe once again, After helping in the fall of Naraku Inuyasha and Kagome returned to Kaede's village, Kouga had not come in contact with them since.

He had seen no need to, word had traveled that Inuyasha had decided Kagome would be his mate and though Kouga refused to see himself losing to a half demon he would not go sniffing around another mans mate.

Kouga felt the cold stone of the tunnel walls under his hand as he walked through the maze his hand sliding against the wall smoothly as his mind swam with thoughts.

"That dream" Kouga whispered as he continued to walk through the tunnels seeing a bright spot of light in the distance.

"Why would I dream about mother?" Kouga pushed the questions aside for now, thinking it may have just been his consciousness way of telling him to write her more often.

Either way it would have to wait until late, things needed to be taken care of today.

Swiftly he made his way to the main entrance of the caves seeing most of his comrades already awake and sitting about.

The cave had not changed a bit since he had been gone in his quest for Naraku there were scattered bones laying all around in messed piles, lazed wolf's sleeping soundly against the jagged stone walls. Still large bundles of straw spread thickly over the cool floor where most of their prey had been fed upon.

One pallet larger than most in the far corner of the cave, the same place he had thrown Kagome those short years ago.

Kouga chuckled at the memory, that seemed like a lifetime ago now. The only notable difference in his home were the dozens of fires burning all around in effort to ward off the invading cold.

Kouga approached the frozen solid waterfall shielding the large entrance to the cave, winter had done its job well this season.

Kouga watched the change in his breath as it became visible in a heated cloud as he slipped past the large ice blocking the cave entrance.

He finally emerged outside hearing the snow crunching beneath his feet as he made his way down the icy cliff side.

He had placed Ginta and Hakkaku on guard duty last night and he wanted to make sure the two knuckles heads hadn't frozen to death.

Kouga jumped across the frozen water careful not to slip and fall through the ice, as he made his way over the thin layer of sleet until he reached the other side.

Slowly he walked up the carved path in the hill side watching as his view of the surrounding landscape spread wider and wider.

He could see below in the valley floor vast amounts of snow still remained from last nights blizzard, he wondered if snow was this thick in the southern lands?

It took only moments before he noticed he had reached the top of the rock face, his sharp eyes looking around until he spotted the two companions his eyes instantly narrowed with annoyance.

There Ginta sat his back rested against a large boulder, his spear tangled in his arms under a large fur pelt for warmth, his breath heavy and visible, he was clearly asleep. Hakkaku was no better his head leaned against Ginta's shoulder for support a small puddle of drool on his running off his chin.

The fire they had built last night mere feet before them now nothing but a pile of ash.

Kouga approached the duo of passed out demons without caution his footsteps loud and heavy, they didn't even budge.

His azure eyes rolled in frustration, some guards they were.

Kouga took in a large gulp of chilled air before shouting down at them, his voice booming like a crack of thunder.

"Morons!" He roared

Ginta and Hakkaku's eyes shot open in sheer panic as they fumbled around blindly in the mess of their tangled furs!

Both fear riddled demons to caught up in themselves to realize they were edging dangerously close to the hill ledge, until it was to late and they went toppling down the slope in a ball of crying panic!

Kouga watched motionless as they screamed all the way down until they hit the ice below with a hard crack!

Even Kouga couldn't help but smirk in amusement as they slammed into the ice surprised that their combined weight didn't break it into shatters.

Adding to his enjoyment he watched as Ginta and Hakkaku finally fumbled to their feet on the cold glass sliding clumsily as they did so.

"Who did that?" Ginta barked his beady eyes narrow with rage!

"You better get ready for the beating of your life!" Hakkaku threatened!

"Oh yeah you and what army?" Kouga laughed from the top of the hill peak.

Ginta and Hakkaku's heads instantly fixed on the towering wolf demon above, they both straightening in both fear and surprise.

"O-Oh h-hey Kouga!" Ginta smiled apologetically

"G-good morning!" Hakkaku bowed in clear worry his threat may have been taken to seriously.

"Idiots" Kouga sighed pinching the bridge of his nose his eyes closing tightly, it was to early for this.

He folded his legs beneath him as he waited for the duo to climb their way back up the hill side resting his head against the large boulder they had just carelessly been leaning on.

"What's the big deal Kouga? You didn't have to throw us off the cliff" Ginta whined in a huffed cloud as he reached his annoyed leader

Kouga peeked an eye in their direction "I didn't throw you off, you two idiots fell off!"

"You could have just woken us up" Hakkaku whispered under his breath, it didn't go unnoticed.

Kouga's brow twitched in anger "You knuckle heads weren't suppose to be sleeping to begin with! I put you on guard duty for a reason!" He snapped

Ginta and Hakkaku jumped a bit from his sudden aggression, Kouga was never the friendliest but even he never got this upset with them especially this early in the day.

"You two are exhausting" He sighed laying his head back down, how was it possible he was already getting a headache?

"Umm Kouga?" Ginta asked sharing a look of concern with Hakkaku now sitting at his side.

"Something on your mind?" Hakkaku thought out loud before he could stop himself

Kouga glanced in their direction, it wasn't surprising they had caught onto his touchy mood. Ignorant as he knew they could be they weren't stupid, and they knew him better than he liked to admit.

"I had a dream last night" Kouga sighed staring up at the grey sky, it looked like snow at any moment.

"Dream?" Hakkaku asked

"What kind of dream?" Ginta replied

"It wasn't a real dream, just memories" Kouga hesitated thinking back to the vivid images he had relived this morning.

"Memories from when I was pup, back in the south" He sighed, the memories of his past were so far away he could barely recall them now, but his birthplace. He could never forget that, no matter how much time passed.

"What about the south?" Ginta asked, Kouga's past wasn't a mystery to them like most of the men under his rule but even they didn't know everything about where they leader hailed from.

"My mother" Kouga breathed, even now able to see the clear image of his mother smiling at him through the sun shine.

"Lady Kome?" Hakkaku repeated, glancing in Ginta's direction they knew of the alpha of the south, mated to Kouga's father.

"I haven't seen her in years, its kind of strange to dream about her all of a sudden" Kouga thought out loud barely able to recall the last time they had spoken.

"Well maybe it's a sign you should" Hakkaku stated boldly.

Kouga snorted out a dry laugh, "Yeah right"

The last thing he could do was travel all the way to the south, the distance alone would be enough to kill of most demons. Not to mention this time of year, the weather would be brutal to say the least.

"Kouga-" Ginta started seeing this issue really wasn't upsetting their leader though he would never admit it to either one of them.

Suddenly the howl of a distant wolf rang out loudly around them, snapping the trio from whatever conversation was to come.

Kouga was on his feet in a flash eyeing the direction the call had emerged from.

"A stray?" Ginta asked knowing the sound they had all just heard couldn't have been any other animal but that of a wolf.

"No, way to many to be just one" Kouga confirmed taking a strong whiff of the air swirling around them, a pack was close and they weren't from around here.

As if on cue circling around the distant cliff side path leading up to the main cave entrance a group of fellow wolf demons emerged.

Their armor and furs a dark shade of grey and black, matching the hide of the numerous wolf's tagging along their sides.

Kouga felt his brow raise at the sight, these demons were either very brave or incredibly stupid for entering his territory unannounced, they clenched spears and tridents in their clawed hands and he knew they hadn't been totally unprepared for a hostile welcome.

One large male leading the group coming to a stern halt just before the frozen waterfall, clear he had no intention on entering without approval from the inhabitants.

His rust colored hair caught the early light in a dim glow, his badly scarred face draped over largely hanging fangs.

"We seek the leader of this tribe!" The large male called out forcing the cave side to life.

Flooding from the entrance demon upon demon came rushing out weapons drawn and flexed from the intrusion of their home.

The large male didn't flinch a muscle at the show of force circling him and his company.

"Where is the one named Kouga!?" He barked out loudly for all to hear him clearly.

Before anyone could respond Kouga came soaring through the frost bitten air in a blurred flash landing direction before the towering male with no sign of hesitation.

"Right here" Kouga announced proudly, unphased by the sheer size of the male towering over him.

Every set of eyes leering on the cliff side and below fixed on Kouga instantly in anticipation for what was about to happen between their leader and the invaders.

"You are Kouga?" The large male asked raising a brow in questioning.

"You got a bone to pick with me or something?" Kouga asked his stance widening a bit in annoyance, the company of the unknown male numbered below a dozen.

He wasn't anywhere near concerned about these intruders, with one flick of his wrist he could order them all killed for trespassing on his mountain, but he was interested in what they had to say in their defense.

The large male took his arrogance as all the reassurance he needed.

"Lord Kouga" He bowed respectively earning him a disbelieved grunt from Kouga's throat.

"Who the hell are you?" He growled lowly knowing he hadn't been called 'lord' since childhood.

"Excuse our intrusion M'lord but we hail from the southern tribe." The large male announced apologetically

Kouga felt his eyes widen in disbelief, had he heard them right? The south? What in the hell were they doing here?

"What do southerns want with me?" Kouga asked his patience for this conversation wearing dangerously thin.

He may have been born in the southern lands but that was no longer his home, that was a lifetime long abandoned.

"We have come to speak with you prince Kouga, I am Akashi messenger of the south" The large male finally announcing his position and name.

"Prince?" Kouga heard one male under his command whisper to another from above them.

"Prince of what?" Another asked causing a low buzz to ring out through the cliff peaks between the males watching them.

"Quiet!" Kouga roared upwards, instantly the columns of men fell deaf not daring to speak again.

"I don't give a damn where you are from or why you're here, just get the hell off my mountain!" Kouga snapped at the group standing before him, he had enough. The south was a memory for him for a reason and he didn't care to relive it!

"But prince-" Akashi began determined for his message to be heard

"Stop calling me that!" Kouga warned, he hated hearing it when he was a child and he hated it even more now!

"Forgive me, Kouga but we were commanded by lord Garomaru himself to relay his message to you directly" Akashi insisted.

Kouga felt the color drain from his face at the mention of the name he had just heard.

"What about my father?" Kouga whispered dryly as if the mention of his kin burned his tongue.

Akashi looked upwards to the countless sets of eyes leering at them from above and knew he couldn't possibly complete his assignment before so many witnesses.

"Is there a place we can speak more privately?" He asked respectively

Kouga's previous reluctance on allowing these males any closer to his mountain home was gone in an instant.

"Follow me" He instructed sharply turning from them towards the main cave entrance.

Whatever was going on between these strangers and his birth place he knew with every fiber of his being, it couldn't possibly be good.

Hours flew by like moments as Kouga had allowed the males entry into his home to rest and relax from the trying journey from the south, while he retreated into the countless dens carved out into the mountain side.

Deep within the caves Kouga had led Akashi and a few of his men to one of the unoccupied caves, lit with mounted burning torches for visibility, the floor laid with fur pelts for comfortable sitting.

Kouga sat in the middle with Ginta and Hakkaku by his left and right side as their role.

While Akashi and his men did the same on the opposite side sloshing and unpostured as all wolf demons were.

Kouga eyed Akashi in unease before he finally broke the building tension in the room by clearing his throat loudly.

"So what does my old man want?" He asked in frustration, whatever this 'message' was about it couldn't have possibly been worth all the trouble he had stirred up in the mountain.

Akashi was noticeably a bit hesitant to reply "You're father knows that coming to you, after so long was unexpected and he asked us to apologize-"

Kouga rolled his eyes in aggravation "Just get to the point" He interrupted

"Very well" Akashi nodded noticing the wolf demon before him was loosing patience fast.

"I wish I had better news to deliver, but I do not" Akashi began slowly his voice trailing off in clear reluctance

"What is he finally kicking the bucket?" Kouga laughed humorlessly, why else would his father send men here? To see how he was fairing? Ha.

Akashi's face soured a look of clear remorsefulness in his dark eyes, as his gaze fell to the floor below.

His silent men at his side followed suit the air becoming thick with the scent of disappointment and sadness.

Kouga noticed this as soon as it happened making all traces of joking leave his voice instantly.

"What?" He asked dryly "Is he?" His voice hinging on shock.

Akashi shook his head knowing he had not other choice but to tell him, "No, Lord Kouga not your father"

Kouga felt an unexpected flood of relief surge through him but the air remained still, and he knew worse news was to follow.

Akashi knew his form gave away their secret as he reluctantly locked eyes with Kouga but did not speak.

This was getting tiresome and all to challenging "Spit it out damn it!" Kouga roared

Akashi bowed his head leaving his anger riddled gaze unconnected

"Your mother, M'lord she's dying" His voice was barley above a whisper.

Every soul in the room focused on Kouga who stood motionless above them, even Ginta and Hakkaku took a steadying breath to compose themselves from the news they had just heard.

Kouga's azure eyes darted back and forth through the dark room his body now completely numb, his heart beat increasing so roughly he could hear it thump unevenly in his chest.

"Mother, dying, mother, dying" Those words rang out through every corner of his mind.

Akashi slowly stood up his parted lips moving as he spoke, but his words never reached the now trembling wolf demon between them all.

All Kouga could feel was the constant flow of panic rush through him, his strong form beginning to tremble visually uneasy.

The ringing pound of his heart beat getting louder and louder until he thought it might deafen him completely.

He could feel Ginta and Hakkaku's hands cup his shoulders in effort to snap him out of his confusion struck trance.

Their worried voices able to pierce the dark void of his numbness as they called out his name in worry.

Kouga wasn't even sure how he managed the nerve to speak but a single world left his lips regardless.

"How?" He whispered

Akashi breathed sharply unsure of how to proceed but he knew he must, "She has fallen ill, our healers have done everything they can but nothing seems to help, her time is running out and Lord Garomaru has asked we accompany you back to the south to say your farewells"

Kouga's eyes were narrow and fierce in an instant fixing on the much larger male now standing before him.

Before any one in the room could react Kouga was flying at him with inhuman speed!

The sound of Akashi's large armored covered back rang out loudly in the small room as he was slammed into the far wall of the cave brutally! Kouga's toned arms flexed with strain as he suspended the massive wolf demon in the air by his throat!

Akashi's gasped desperate for air but Kouga's grip never faltered only holding him more tightly.

"Kouga!" Ginta and Hakkaku gasped in shock

"So my father sent his lackeys to do his dirty work! Getting scum like you to tell me that my mother is dying so he doesn't have to deal with his pathetic son himself?" Kouga snarled venom laced in his voice.

"That's not it he-" Akashi tried despratly to speak but Kouga hardened his grip around the demons throat silencing him.

"Shut up!" Kouga barked slamming him against the wall harder making the stone behind the large demon crack.

Akashi's men grabbed at their weapons preparing to attack the enraged wolf demon.

Ginta and Hakkaku noticed there actions and quickly turned to their leader in desperation to avoid a full out war.

"Kouga please!" Ginta pleaded

"Stop boss!" Hakkaku begged

Kouga's lips folded back in a snarl not caring what was unfolding around him, he wanted to kill something! Destroy anything around him to make the pain in his own body fade, if only for a moment.

Akashi's face was loosing color fast the longer he was deprived of oxygen and yet Kouga felt no need to aid him, only watch him suffer more.

He growled low and deadly but forced himself to release the large male fading in his grasp.

The large male collapsed to the ground with a hard thud! Gasping for desperately needed!

Akashi wrapped his large hands around his throat stoking the newly made bruise as he began to cough thankful to be free once more.

Kouga narrowed his eyes down at the wolf demon by his feet in disgust.

He turned from all the eyes fixed on him not allowing themselves to drop their guard in preparation for what he might do next.

Kouga didn't grant them a single glance before he trudged out of the cave entrance into the winding tunnels beyond.

In record time he had made his way to his bed chamber the leather material of a rucksack gripped in his fist as he bundle up the supplies he deemed he might need.

A large fur pelt for warmth, a few loafs of bread and what other little food he could find laying around his room.

Once he got what he needed he threw the back over his shoulder making his way towards the main entrance without delay.

At the main cave Akashi and his men along with Ginta and Hakkaku were already waiting for the absent eastern wolf leaders return.

Ginta couldn't help but eye Akashi's newly made throat wound apologetically.

"Sorry, Kouga usually never attacks a fellow wolf demon without a good reason" He whispered lowly

Akashi raised his large hand in disapproval "I don't blame him, I can't say I would have reacted any different."

Hakkaku felt his eyes fall to the ground in disbelief "I can't believe Lady Kome is dying"

Akashi looked over to Hakkaku in surprise "You know of our Lady?"

Hakkaku nodded "Kouga doesn't talk about his past much but he has told us about his mother"

"And has he spoken of his father?" Akashi asked.

"No, and its none of your damn business " Kouga cursed emerging from the far shadows of the cave.

They all turned to Kouga eyeing his newly acquired sack smelling of food and other supplies.

"Kouga?" Ginta asked

"M'lord?" Akashi asked.

"Wh-Where you going boss?" Hakkaku asked uneasily not wanting to upset him any more than they already knew he was.

"The south" Kouga replied sharply walking past the two of his closest comrades without so much as a second glance.

"But M'lord we came here to be your guides!" Akashi insisted talking a brave step after the vastly departing wolf leader

"Yeah? I don't need guides! You would only slow me down" Kouga barked flashing them a threatening glare, he had no need for company of any kind!

"Kouga you can't go alone! Not this time of year?" Ginta pleaded, traveling that far in this unpredictable weather was no better than suicide!

"Kouga he's right what if you get caught in a blizzard?" Hakkaku added in clear worry

"Please M'lord listen to your comrades, we will aid you returning to the southern territory! As soon as we are packed and able!" Akashi said determinedly, what would their lord do if he found out he allowed his only son to venture towards home without a single escort?

Kouga's eyes fixed on Ginta and Hakkaku falsely allowing them hope he had listened to reason for once in his life, but as usual they were mistaken.

"You two are in charge until I get back, take care of the pack!" He ordered not allowing them a word in reply before he rushed towards the cave exit.

"Kouga!" Ginta called after him

"Wait!" Hakkaku yelled out in worry

Kouga let the calls and pleading of the wolf demons standing behind him fall away as his feet hit the ground running.

The sun was hanging lowly in the midday sky and he knew he only had a few hours of sunlight left, and he vowed to make every last one of them count!

His feet blurred in a powdered mess of flying snow and ice as he sprinted down the cliff sides without restraint!

He didn't know what awaited him in the south or even how long it would take him to get there, but he would make it no matter what!

His body and mind driven by one thing and one thing only, the sight of the most important wolf demon in the world to him.

"Just wait a little longer! I'm coming!" Kouga swore in the depths of his mind


Alrighty that was chapter one and yes this is going to be a Kouga and Kagome love story if you have not guessed by now.

Kouga's mother is sick and who in the old days helped sick people? Priestess and who do we all know who is a priestess?

That's right the one and only Kagome well stay tuned for more.

See ya soon!