Now you guys didn't think I was that cold did you to leave you with such a horrible cliffy? Well okay I sort of was but this should make it all better.

Oh and before going any further again a fair warning this some what chapter contains MAJOR LEMON! So you all have been warned you don't like, don't read!

So embrace a sweet epilogue to slightly dull the pain of the last chapter so I hope you all enjoy!



Whispered pleas of want and craving rang out in the depths of the countless hidden tunnels of the eastern wolf demon territory.

So deeply rooted in the base of the mountain it heated the core of the stone itself.

This searing heat generated by the pair of lovers lost in one another's almost flaming embrace.

Kouga dipped his head downward as he began leaving a trail of moist kisses from the soft lobe of his mate's ear downward to her naked shoulder.

His lips traced ever so lightly over her sweet skin barley brushing her with his heighten touch making her shiver.

Kagome whimpered slightly if her body hadn't been so overly sensitized by the want building up inside her she might not have felt them.

Kouga smiled against her he knew each sound his mate had ever made while in their bed chamber and this one was particularly sweet.

She was craving him and by the longing laced in her hushed whispers, badly.

Oh he had ever intention of fulfilling her needs but not until he was completely satisfied she had been tormented enough.

He made his way further down only this time the hot tip of his wet tongue parting through as he began to savor the flawless skin of her naked breast.

"Kouga" Kagome hissed as she began to squirm in his naked lap.

Kouga chuckled darkly feeling his mates slightly swollen belly bump against his toned stomach, oh pregnancy was defiantly something that agreed with her.

"Please, I need you" She begged weakly she had lost the battle to hold onto her modesty.

Kouga gripped her naked thighs slightly harder breathing in deeply her rich scent her sweet intoxicating flowery scent that he had come to love so much, it was growing thicker the further her arousal spiked.

He knew he was just a few more lingering touches away from forcing her to ooze full on cherry blossom scented musk.

With a final kiss he began ascending back to her parted lips, all the while his own pressing into her slightly harder letting his tongue flick over her sweet taste every now and then.

Kagome squirmed once again she was obviously becoming secretly frustrated.

He made his way over her collarbone up her neck and to her ear pinching the tender lobe between his pearl fangs.

Kagome shivered in an instant response of pleasure surging through her.

Kouga reluctantly decided he would have to save the remainder of his teasing for later.

"Tell me how you want it Kagome" He rasped his hot breath invading her.

With the further advancement of her pregnancy Kouga had been forced to get creative in the decisions on what possession they tried during sex, only this time he graciously let her choose how she wanted him to take her.

Kagome gripped his bare glistening shoulders tightly overwhelmed with the animal like driven need to be filled by her mate.

"On my back please" Blinded by desire as she was she couldn't contemplate any other way, not right now.

She was driven to far to the edge to think that much ahead she needed him inside her now!

"Hold on" He whispered

Before she could manage a response Kouga lurched forward forcing her back first onto the countless waiting fur pelts below them.

He leered on his knees over her drinking in the incredible sight of his flawless lover.

Her raven locks loose and wild fanned out above her merging into the dark furs perfectly.

Her pink lips parted as she breathed deeply, her chocolate orbs a shade darker glossed with lust.

Her still partially open kimono clinging just below her flawless naked breast, her swollen abdomen the only covered trace of her glowing skin.

Her knees slightly parted revealing her tantalizing sex, slick and glistening ready for his already throbbing length.

"You're so beautiful" He nuzzled his heated face sweetly into her damp neck.

Kagome's words were lost once she felt him take hold of his hard shaft guiding it to her moist entrance.

She cried out for him as he pushed fully forward first the tip then the rest entering roughly.

He growled against her throat nothing could possibly compare to the sheer sensation of being inside his mates incredibly tight womanhood.

He forcibly moved slowly knowing it would drive her crazy he could feel she longed for more, much more.

Kagome bucked beneath him desperate for reckless pounding for furious thrust she knew he was capable of.

Kouga gripped her hips tightly to steady her she was unknowingly squeezing him mercilessly the deeper he penetrated.

"K-Kouga" She panted her hands fisting onto his flexed shoulders her fingernails digging into his muscle plain.

Kouga growled in response he loved it when she was rough with him "You feel so good, Kagome" He rasped as he continued to his tortuously slow pace.

Her moans were desperate as she tried to push back against him only to have him hold her more aggressively in place.

"Greedy aren't you?" He teased with a wet kiss on her throat

"P-Please" She whimpered he was buried so deeply inside her but she needed more she needed him fully!

She begged him to move faster her unseen muscles rippled frantically around him massaging him as she yearned for him to slam further inside her.

Kouga sank slowly deeper to the hilt as he began to grind large tortures circles against her inner walls.

"What do you want Kagome, tell me" He commanded wanting to hear the desperation in her voice

"I want you Kouga! All of you, please!" Her tone so clouded with thick moans her words slurred in sheer desire!

Kouga kissed her sweetly knowing he had finally gotten all the permission he required.

"Hold on to me" He replied sharply feeling her thin arms curl around his neck in response.

He drew back slowly until only the head of his length remained inside her, then his hips slammed forward piercing her deeply.

Kagome screamed as he began pounding into her savagely just as she requested!

Every thrust vibrated through her system sending wave after wave of indescribable bliss.

Kouga growled through bared fangs as he slammed into her feverishly, it was paradise to lose himself in her so recklessly knowing she was enjoying every single moment of it.

Feminine sobs of sheer bliss filled the musk scented air as he filled her mercilessly!

He could feel her begin to contract around him knowing instantly her climax was dangerously close, but Kouga didn't ease up one bit.

He would stop when she was completely filled with his own satisfaction.

"Kagome" He groaned between bared fangs

Kagome could feel her fingers grip the hard surface of his back her claws digging into him as she drew closer and closer to the waiting edge.

Her action only making Kouga growl down at her his inner wolf begging to burst out untamed and unchecked.

With a brutal push Kagome fell screaming into the waiting oblivion her sex grasping him so tightly it drove the breath from her lungs.

Kouga's merciless pace didn't waver he continued pumping in and out of her even as Kagome convulsed beneath him.

He could tell she was spent her lungs clearly burning as she still cried in fulfilled moans of ecstasy!

Her small hands clutching him desperately as her body spasmed shaking blissfully but he would not stop.

She had begged him for merciless sex and she was going to get it!

His hard stomach rocked into her swollen belly forcing her perfect breast to bounce against him the air filled with a dark melody of moans.

Kouga could feel Kagome begin to tighten around him her body revving for a second climax, as he began to near his own.

"Kagome" He panted in warning knowing his own release was fast approaching.

He gripped her hips tighter with his clawed hands forcing her harder against him his vision instantly flashing in sensation.

The muscles of his groin flexed tortuously his orgasm ripping through him as he gasped for breath.

Kagome's ragged scream rang in his pointed ear as she released once more his essence gushing inside her coating her feminine walls .

He shuddered above her holding only her hips as if they were his anchor to the corporal plain.

He was certain she would most likely have bruise shaped finger marks come tomorrow he would make sure to massage her later.

It wasn't an uncommon thing to lose his control on her while caught up in the consuming heat of their love making but now that she was getting further into her pregnancy he needed to learn how to restrain himself better.

When Kouga's blurred vision finally cleared he was welcomed by a sight of his glistening mate.

Her sweet skin glowing with sweat her breathes in shallow rasp as she tried to regain her lost breath.

He trailed a line of sweet lazy kisses up her collarbone then to her parted lips.

"I love you" He whispered before steadily he pulled himself free from her now damp sex.

He collapsed beside her on the waiting cool furs of their bed, his own chest heaving slightly with the left over trauma of their excelled passion.

Kagome sleepily rolled over to face her sweat glistening mate a blissful smile gleaming towards him.

She leaned forward just enough to plant a soft kiss on his waiting lips, "I love you more" She vowed

Kouga chuckled talking her open hand in his bringing their now intertwined fingers to rest between both their faces.

He nipped the tip of thumb playfully between his fangs "Doubt it" He smirked

Kagome sighed deeply why was it so easy for her to be lost when she was with him? She couldn't even remember what she had been doing mere moments ago before he came storming into the den that was their bedroom and began ravaging her.

"Uhm Kagome" Kouga whispered through closed eyes a smirk still firmly placed on his handsome lips.

"Hum?" She mumbled almost feeling the grasp of sleep begin to invade her newly exhausted body

"I think dinners burning" He smiled

Kagome's eyes widen in instant terror the lapse in her memory previous to their tryst coming rushing back at his words.

Kagome sprung up amazed her body was so responsive after such exhilarating exercise.

Her panicked eyes fixed on the stone wall holding the carved base of the fire place where a pot of her home made stew was boiling over.

Only now could she smell the thick mixture of the herbs and meat blending into the air.

Hastily she wrapped her barely clinging kimono back into place to cover her almost naked body from Kouga's view.

"Oh no!" Kagome leapt to her feet rushing over to the lived flames consuming her metal pot.

Quickly she plucked a rag from the corner of the wall wrapping it around her hand to protect herself from the heat of the fire.

She wrapped her covered hand around the pot handle before pulling it safely from the hanging iron hook built inside the stone wall.

She placed the pot on the floor carefully removing the iron lid letting the steam from the bubbling mixture flood outward.

It smelled absolutely wonderful setting aside her fear that she had neglectfully over cooked the meal she had been working on all day.

"Whew just in time" She sighed relief laced in her voice as she grabbed at a hanging wooden spoon on the stone mantel, before she slowly began stirring the rich stew.

The scent of her self made cooked meal allowed a homey feeling to flood through.

Being mated to a wolf demon had defiantly come with a few sacrifices being constantly surrounded by stone and mountains being one of them.

But since the time she had spent at Kouga's side in the eastern territory he had done everything in his power to make her feel like home, and it had succeeded.

Turning much of his once completely isolated den into a welcoming sight of a small kitchen like chamber he had built for her, just one of the many changes he had done.

Another having dozens of his men create an indoor spring in the far back of their bedroom to accommodate her constant bathing routine, the demon carved stone pit flooded with fresh mountain water daily, it was paradise.

Kagome sighed happily as she lifted the slightly heavy pot towards the wooden counter Kouga had personally built for her.

She made it about half way before she felt the pot lift from her hands Kouga gripping the steel unaffected by its still hot handle.

"Let me do that" He smirked down at her before talking the stew container fully out of her reach and placing it on the countertop.

Kagome smiled gratefully knowing he was being overprotective of her fragile state, as usual.

"Thank you" She said walking over to the still steaming pot preparing to add just a few more spices into the mixture before it was completely finished.

"Anything for my mate" He smirked kissing the top of her head sweetly before returning to the now messy mound of their fur covered bed, no doubt to retrieve his lack of clothing.

Kagome looked away shyly her modestly flooding back as normal her cheeks slightly heated in a blush at the quick glimpse of his naked state.

She forced her eyes back on the waiting herbs scattered out before her, she began to reach for the spices when she felt her swollen stomach slightly nudge the wooden surface.

She giggled slightly at her almost disproportioned state, she couldn't believe how much her belly had grown since the shocking moment she had discovered she was pregnant thanks to Kouga's observant demon senses.

It had only been a little over a month or so and yet here she stood wide abdomen and all.

"What?" Kouga asked hearing her light hearted laughter as he grabbed at the waded mound that was his fur pelt.

Kagome shook her head slightly as she began sorting through her herbal spices.

"Nothing, I just can't believe how big I've gotten" She shrugged knowing this was a normal part of pregnancy but a very advanced part as far as she knew.

"I think your perfect" Kouga smirked pulling his fur pelt over his naked waist covering his lower half.

Kagome smiled at the sweetness in his voice she knew Kouga saw her as nothing but flawless, weight and all.

"I know I just didn't think I would gain this much weight, not until the fifth or sixth month at least" She whispered down at her sorting hands admittedly surprised she had lost the slim plain of her waist so quickly.

Kouga paused fastening the leather strings of his fur pelt loosely clinging to his sculpted hips.

"Fifth or sixth? Um Kagome how long do you think you'll be pregnant?" He asked his brows raised as he turned to face her.

Kagome turned half way towards her partly clothed mate her eyes wide with confusion.

"What kind of question is that? Nine months…" She watched his reaction instantly he looked surprised, worry flooded through her.

"Right?" She asked her tone noticeably lower

Kouga let a half formed chuckle of amusement pass his handsome lips.

"Kagome, demon pregnancy only last three months" He smirked

Kagome felt the herbs she was currently clinging too fall from her hand scattering on the stone floor below.

"What?" She asked in immediate response the color almost draining from her already flushed face with the brunt of the news she had just absorbed.

How was it possible this subject had not come up before now?

Kouga walked over to his rising panicking mate a reassuring arm coiling around her swollen stomach in reassurance.

"I cant believe you didn't know" He smirked knowing this must have been a huge surprise to her but a happy one he hoped.

"Of course I didn't know!" She basically shouted before talking a steady breath to calm herself not wanting to give away her rising fear.

Kouga raised a brow "Are you alright?" He asked lowly hoping this news hadn't upset her, he thought she would have been ecstatic to have their child here sooner, he was.

The moment he had found out she was carrying his child he was over the moon, literally. He must have jumped so high into the midnight air he reached where the blue of the sky turned to black.

Kagome shook her head slightly knowing it was just the shock getting the best of her partly overwhelming her at the moment.

This was defiantly going to be an adjustment but she knew she could handle it, right?

No there wasn't a doubt in her mind she could do this, she knew she could, as long as she had Kouga anything was possible.

"Fine" Kagome reassured him placing her hand over his "I'm j-just surprised, really surprised" She openly admitted

"Don't worry your going to be a wonderful mother" Kouga leaned against her kissing her forehead tenderly with a smirk, there wasn't a doubt in his mind.

Kagome sighed against him patting her stomach slightly she loved their baby so much already she knew just getting him or her here sooner was a hidden blessing.

"Now I'm going to try and get in a nap, I have patrol tonight" Kouga planted a sweet kiss on her waiting lips before returning to the pile of silken fur that was their bed.

Kagome watched him fling himself carelessly onto the waiting pelts his muscular arms crossing over his face to block out the light of the burning torches blazing on the stone walls.

She couldn't practically say she liked it when Kouga left her to patrol along side his men during the night but she knew it was one of the many responsibilities he had as leader.

Besides it was for the greater good to ensure the safety of her and every other person under his protection.

A shame though he was slipping into unconsciousness with out at least trying her home made stew.

Then again one thing she had learned during their time together was Kouga was definitely not one for cooked meats.

But he had been open enough to try them for her sake, she loved that about him.

"Oh Kouga before you do-" Kagome spoke spinning around to scoop out a small portion of her meal into the wooden spoon she swooped up.

The steamy mixture clung to the rounded instrument as she carefully walked over to her sprawled out mate.

She knelt by him gently careful not to spill any as she placed the wooden rim on his lips.

"I want you to try this" She smiled sweetly down at him

Kouga peeked one eye open through his crossed arms eyeing the mixture pressed against him.

He slowly opened his mouth letting the heated mixture of spices and meat sink in.

The meat was thoroughly cooked to his dislike but the wonderful taste of the spices and herbs merged together perfectly made up for that fact ten times over.

"Hmm wonderful mother and a wonderful cook" He smirked up at her swallowing down the heated concoction.

Kagome leaned over him grateful for his compliment she planted a sweet lingering kiss on his heated lips.

"And don't you forget it" She smiled against him before returning to her feet.

She walked slowly over to her waiting dinner all to eager to get a full bowl of the richly scented brew.

She smiled to herself well seeing as she only had a couple more months left to enjoy her pregnancy she might as well not worry about calories.

She happily scooped her an overly large portion, oh yes demon pregnancies definitely had their advantages.

The welcomed scent of cool fresh mountain air invaded Kagome's nostrils filling her with its whispered chime.

She walked joyfully through the maze of tunnels leading to the main entrance to the eastern mountain.

She couldn't begin to count how many times she had be come lost in the labyrinth of seemingly endless chambers but after weeks of practicing with Kouga she had finally gotten a map rooted in her subconscious.

She placed her hand along the stone wall acting as her familiar guide as she walked further and further the rich scent of outdoors becoming more pertinent with each step.

Remorsefully Kagome had left Kouga sleeping back in their bed while she finished dinner, after eating her overly ambitious bowl of food she felt completely sluggish not a feeling she enjoyed at all.

So she had decided to take it upon herself to go for a brief walk she had read in a magazine once that walking was good for pregnant woman, right?

Carefully she stepped over the threshold into the waiting massive main den towering stone walls surrounding her along with endless rows of skeletons of fallen prey from the countless wolves laying lazily about.

To most humans such a sight must have been terrifying but to Kagome it had just become a part of her new life.

She was instantly greeted by a pair of young looking wolf demons she had come to know from Kouga's introducing her to the tribe, oh that was a day she wished she could forget.

Her standing silently and frozen at his side as he roared out she was now their 'alpha', it had been mortifying.

Kagome shook her head slightly at the thought forcing a smile onto her lips as the pair approached her.

Large wooden spears clenched in their hands no doubt Kouga had placed them on guard duty of the main entrance while the others were out hunting or doing whatever it was wolf demons do.

"Lady Kagome" The both partially bowed in front her

Kagome waved her hand she hated being called 'lady' respect aside she hadn't grown accustomed to that title.

"Good morning" She smiled at them peering over each of their shoulders knowing it was indeed mid morning outside, though it was difficult to tell through the curtain of raging water from the waterfall covering the den entrance.

She couldn't believe how hard it was to keep track of time while she was inside the den with Kouga, she could have sworn it was much later in the evening.

Slightly she placed a soft hand on her swollen plain of her stomach "Were just going for a walk" She chimed happily

They gave each other a quick questioning look "M'lady we will call for Ginta and Hakkaku to escort you" One of the larger males vowed

Kagome eyes narrowed "I don't need an escort" Her voice a bit more sharper than she first intended.

She both hated and loved Kouga's over protectiveness of her and their unborn child, but a line needed to be drawn somewhere.

He constantly reassured her that this was now her home and she gratefully accepted that but how could she possibly feel welcomed here with armed guards shadowing her every step.

"M'lady, Kouga-" The other male began clearly fearful of what his leader would do if he found out they had allowed his pregnant mate out, alone.

"Is asleep and I don't need his permission" Kagome snapped taking her growing pent up anger towards her infuriating mate out on them, she would be sure to apologize later.

Forcefully she marched past them not about to wait for a reply, if she was really becoming their alpha then she didn't need one.

A few heated steps and she was passed the raging water of the waterfall and storming down the path that led to the serene hill sides.

Time shortly blurred as she walked over the glistening hills of the lower mountain side, she loved the feeling of grass beneath her feet and the scent of the welcomed mountain air.

It almost reminded her of Kaede's village which she missed very much though she wasn't willing to admit that to Kouga, not yet.

After awhile of walking alone through the vast space her anger from earlier had subsided into an odd feeling of calmness, she secretly blamed it on her no doubt raging hormones.

She closed her eyes sighing into the crisp breeze just another perk of being pregnant by a wolf demon she supposed.

She felt a new gust of wind touch her cheeks gently bringing with it the sound of almost battle.

Kagome's eyes drifted open as she listened more intensely making sure she had heard correctly fearing there had been a new development in her pregnancy that even she was unaware of.

The faint noise came again the sound of almost whelps of pain and the unmistakable sickening sound of knuckles into pounding flesh, a sound she knew far to well from living amongst the wolf demon tribe.

Against her better instincts she slowly pushed forward to a near by hill peek where the sound was strongest.

Once she reached the top the source of the almost brutal sound became clear as day.

There much further down at the base of the hill were the grass turned to dry hard dirt, was a small ground of shockingly built wolf demons, Kouga's head soldiers no doubt Kagome had learned to tell the differences.

But that's not what kept her eyes keen in the center of the some what surging crowd was a much weaker looking demon.

Kagome narrowed her eyes to get a better glimpse, defiantly a weaker demon he was no more than a boy.

And judging by the countless bruises/whelps all over his trembling body the others weren't taking it easy on him by any means.

One of the larger males approached the barley standing teenager then with a brutal hit slammed his fist into the side of his clearly unprepared face sending him into the dirt below.

Kagome had seen enough, her eyes flashing disbelief as she stormed down the hill side to the unsuspecting crowd of towering demons.

"What's going on her?!" She snapped her voice ringing out even over the cheers of excitement

Every wolf demon turned in utter shock at the sight of the nonfearful human glaring at each of them.

One of the larger males stepped forward instantly with a slight bow "Just training M'lady"

"This doesn't look like training" She scoffed shoving past him no trace of delay in her stern steps.

Kagome walked further with the aid of the immediately parting crowd until she stood in the center where the frail boy tried to push himself to his knees.

She kneeled down until she was eye to eye with the beaten almost child the sight of blood running down his face a briefly painful sight.

"Are you alright?" She asked her tone noticeably softer towards the badly beaten demon

The boy wiped the back of his dirt stained hand across his cheek smearing the blood across his skin as if trying to apologize for his disheveled state.

"I-I'm fine" He tried to reassure her with an clearly embarrassed smile

"You will address our alpha properly!" The voice of another frightening large male boomed as he charged forward his fist clenched clear in his intentions to strike the boy down for his unknowing lack of respect.

Kagome swiftly raised her hand over the flinching demon before her shielding him from any further attack.

"That's enough!" She snapped climbing to her feet in sheer protest.

The demon instantly lowered his now unclenched hand having no intention on approaching further.

"I don't know what's going on here but beating someone who can't defend themselves isn't training, its just barbaric!" She hissed at the silent crowd anger laced into her every word

For the briefest of moments the crowd was completely silent, but then that silence was shattered by a roaring clearly disbelief filled voice.

"This is our way woman! If you don't like go crawl back to Kouga!" The now gasping group parted allowing a much larger male to step into the center along side Kagome.

His dirt colored hair cropped incredibly short his fierce beady black eyes glaring at the impudent human woman.

Clearly this new hugely built demon was lacking the respect the others held for their leaders mate.

"Souku!" One of the now enraged males growled knowing the beady eyed wolf by name.

"I wont stand for this!" Someone's booming voce rang out

"How dare you speak to our alpha-" Anothers voice lost in the partially surging crowd all surrounding demons egger to see who had dared to speak out against their leader's mate.

"Alpha?" The demon now known as Souku laughed disrespectfully talking a daring step forward towards Kagome.

"A human wench is no alpha" He chimed joyful in his defiance as he reached outward tugging lightly on a loose strand of Kagome's raven locks.

Kagome felt her eyes flash crimson her hand instantly swiping through the air open palmed as she slapped the disgusting male who dared to touch her!

The force of her attack surprised even her as Souku's head snapped to the side from the trauma!

Kagome retracted her now throbbing hand undoubtedly she had just sprung something from the assault.

The crowd fell completely silent as Souku absorbed what had just occurred, a human, a pathetically weak human woman none the less had just struck him.

He turned slowly to face the unwavering woman before him his beady eyes even more frightfully narrow than before, complete dots of fury blazing down at her.

His hands balled into fist as he lunged towards her in full pulsating rage!

Instantly the crowd surged men throwing themselves towards the center some to defend their leaders mate others to take down Souku for daring to attempt to strike their alpha!

Kagome felt her footing begin to wane in the fluctuating surge of men all around her, those trying to defend her unknowingly about to bring her to her knees.

Kagome clenched her stomach tightly desperate to keep her child from harm as she was pushed and shoved relentlessly.

Then just as quickly as the crowd began to surge they all completely stopped at the frightening thunder like boom of an all to familiar voice ringing down at them.

"What the hell is going on out here!?" Kouga roared from the hill peek his fierce blue eyes fixed directly below at them all.

Kagome felt a wave of both relief and fear flood over her, relief in knowing her mate was now here to stop this assault and fear on just how he intended to stop this assault.

Kouga came charging down the hill his armored chest plate glistening with the sun above his raven hair now tightly bound back into place, he had obviously gotten dressed in a hurry.

No doubt to find out where his mate had so disobediently snuck off to.

"Explain yourselves now!" He growled his fangs bared tightly

Kagome swallowed a forming lump in her now dried throat, he was mad, really mad.

The crowd all to quickly parted allowing their leader complete access to his still standing mate.

Kouga walked over to her not bothering to give her a reassuring look.

Kagome bowed her head, she knew what that meant, she was going to get it later, and bad.

"Kouga," One of the males approached bravely kneeling before his infuriated leader

"Souku disrespected Lady Kagome, he tried to strike her" The males eyes flashed in the still raging demons direction, Souku's hands now bound by two large males standing behind him.

Kouga's eyes flashed something frightful that made an unwanted chill run cold up Kagome's spine.

Dangerously slow he approached the bound wolf demon until he was directly in front of him.

Kouga shot the men holding Souku in place a fierce glance they instantly obeyed his silent command releasing the towering giant of a wolf demon.

Kouga looked up at Souku standing mere inches taller with an unreadable expression carved onto his handsome face.

Souku looked down at his leader clearly unphased by his cold stare, if anything he found it slightly entertaining.

He flashed Kouga a small smirk in defiance, Kouga mirrored his actions, a smirk fanning over his lips making Kagome shudder with fear.

Then the hard bone breaking slam of Kouga's fist pulverized into Souku's unsuspecting cheek rang out around them.

Instantly the towering demon was forced to the ground from the sheer weight of the impact.

Fresh blood spurted from Souku's open mouth undoubtedly having lost several teeth from the damage of Kouga's punch!

Souku barely made contact with the now blood stained dirt below before Kouga delivered another punishing blow!

He reared his foot back bringing it hard into Souku's bare ribs a sickening crack ringing out from under his flesh!

Souku gasped the air flooding out from his lungs from the impact!

Kagome watched deadly silent as Kouga continued his merciless assault on the now defenseless mound of unresponsive wolf demon.

Sickening blows with his kicks and fist smashing into Souku making fresh blood cover the ground.

Kagome held her stomach tightly she felt as though she was about to be sick, this was disgusting.

Kouga lifted Souku's now blood covered head by his cropped hair from the dirt before smashing his fist into the side of his face once more sending him flying towards Kagome.

The unresponsive pile of badly beaten wolf demon landed with a thud at her feet blood smearing underneath him as he skid across.

Kagome was frozen in utter shock at the state her mate had put this demon into.

Mere hours ago those loving hands of his had caressed every part of her tenderly with love and desire and now they were blood stained from the brutal assault he had just unleashed.

Souku coughed out blood and drool as he desperately tried to claw his way to his knees, he never had a chance.

Kouga towered over him shoving his foot hard against Souku's back sending him right back face first into the ground.

"Bow before your alpha!" Kouga seethed his eyes never leaving the bloody mess of what once was a demon before him

"Beg her forgiveness, you wont get any from me!" He roared pressing his foot harder into Souku's back undoubtedly causing unbearable pressure to his now broken ribs.

Souku opened his blood stained mouth but only a wet hiss of pain shriveled out.

"Beg!" Kouga stomped his foot harder making the demon below him cry out in sheer and utter pain.

"F-Forgive me a-alpha!" He coughed with his last useful breath praying it had been enough for Kouga to release the pressure robbing him of much needed air.

Kagome felt a sickening taste of bile rise in her throat she prayed this would be over soon!

The male had been disrespectful yes but did he deserve this? To have the life beat out of him like meat for the slaughter?

Kouga reluctantly removed his blood spotted foot from Souku's crumbling back allowing him finally the breath he so desperately needed.

His mercy was short lived, he delivered one final brutal kick into Souku's already broken ribs no doubt pulverizing the unseen bone further into splinters.

Souku let out blood curdling whelp as he lifelessly laid on the ground below unable to even breath at this point.

"Let this be a lesson to each one of you!" Kouga boomed his fierce eyes fixed on each solider who silently witnessed his merciless attack.

His message had undoubtedly sunk in to each one of them.

Kouga flicked his wrist freeing his fingertips of the blood still clinging to his tan skin.

"Now get out of my sight!" He commanded unaffected by the look of sheer shock written on each of his comrades expressions.

All to obediently the crowd began to disperse several larger males making sure to carry off Souku's barley life filled limb body as to not enrage their leader further.

Kagome watched the group of males vanish leaving her now completely alone with her slightly distant mate.

She looked down realizing she was cupping her still slightly throbbing hand only now had she realized how badly it had begun to sting.

Silently Kouga approached her his crimson stained finger tips gripping her injured hand gently.

"Let me see" He whispered surprisingly gentle, he brought the smooth palm of her hand towards his face to examine it further.

Kagome could feel the blood of Souku smear against her hand sickening, suddenly breaking the dumbfounded trance she had found herself under.

She jerked away her injured hand fighting the urge to flinch in pain as she did so.

"Kagome?" Kouga asked completely caught off guard by her aggressive behavior.

If anything he should be the one being angry at her, she had disobeyed him in exploring the mountain unattended.

Had she no regard for her own safety as well as the life of their child?

This little stunt should have put that clearly into perspective how unpredictable wolf demons are, how dangerous!

Kagome glared at him hot tears unknowingly filling her eyes in sheer disdain, hormones or no she was furious!

She shook her head slightly she couldn't stand to be any where near him at this point!

Angrily she stormed off towards the distant waterfall wanting to put as much distance between her and her stunned mate as possible.

If she didn't Souku wouldn't be the only one getting injured around her, that much was certain!

The low cracking of the now fading ember logs burned in the fire place filling the small stone chamber with ash.

Kagome had watched the full transformation from once blazing flames to now flickering sparks.

It gave her some indentation on just how long she had been sitting here in her and Kouga's fur pelted bed, alone.

After watching the awful assault Kouga had unleashed she had forced herself back to the sanctity of their room.

She was both grateful and disappointed he hadn't followed her, she wanted to see him to iron out the issues that she knew needed to be addressed but on the other hand she wasn't sure if she could stomach being near him right now.

For the past few hours she had been sitting here replaying his brutal attack on the probably near death wolf demon over and over again silently in her head.

She could still feel the sickening churn in her stomach as she remember the mangled mound of what once was a towering demon.

Kouga had severally over reacted, what had made him think she needed his help? She was perfectly capable of handling that brutish jerk completely by herself!

But no he charged in hot headed as usual and bloodied the guy into a mess than forced him to apologize to her!

Kagome bit her lip lightly trying to hold back a gag of disgust as she remember the way that demon had coughed out a forced apology!

It had been humiliating for her, she didn't want or need that mans hollow words! She wasn't as fragile as Kouga seemed to think she was.

Had he forgotten on several occasions it had been her coming to his rescue? His male ego had probably forced those memories into his subconscious.

Kagome sighed pulling her knees as close as they would come to her chest her raven hair falling over her face like a raven curtain.

Kouga had always constantly wanted her to be more active among the tribe be more of a dictator like him.

How exactly was she going to do that if he always came running at the slightest sign of resistance?

How was she ever going to gain the respect of the demons she was suppose to rule over?

Kagome put her head on her knees she didn't want to be respected solely because the members of the tribe feared what Kouga would do to them otherwise, she wanted to be accepted for her and her alone!

Adding to her growing distress the light tap of nearing footsteps fast approached the cave entrance.

Kagome stiffened knowing without a doubt who it had to be openly invading the bed chamber.

Softly she heard the furs of the silken bed rustle Kagome peeked through her shielding locks watching as Kouga knelt slowly by her side.

She took a sharp breath she wasn't sure if she was completely ready to face him yet.

"Kagome" He whispered edging just a bit closer towards her

She didn't move an inch in response, almost every muscle of her body tightening in unease just being near him at this moment.

"Kagome, look at me" He asked surprisingly sweetly as he extended out his warm hand.

Kagome jerked away feeling his fingertips fan over her shoulder, she was barely stomaching being near at him at this moment touching was pushing her boundaries a little to far.

Kouga retracted his hand with a half growl/sigh he was obviously losing his own patience.

"I don't understand why your so angry-" He barked lowly completely unaware why his mate was being so distant.

He pinched the bridge of his nose maybe it was the pregnancy hormones making her so snappy.

Kagome spun to face him her eyes glowing with open aggravation at his unawareness.

"Oh I'm not angry, I am way beyond angry, I'm disgusted! How could you do something like that, to me?!" She hissed at him her knuckles white with strain as she balled her fist around the furs beneath her.

Kouga was in utter shock his eyes wide with surprise at his newly fuming mate, what the hell had he done?

"Do what? Defend you!?" He snapped back at her finally losing the remainder of his patients.

"Defend me? Ha!" Kagome forced out a hard laugh in disbelief "That wasn't defending me! What you did-" She trailed off an unwanted flash of Souku's badly beaten face invading her vision

"It was brutal" She snapped

Kouga was almost at a lost for words did she honestly think that disrespectful sorry excuse for a man didn't deserve what he got?

"The bastards lucky to still be breathing! He tried to hit you Kagome! His alpha! My mate! Mother to my unborn child!" He seethed in utter rage at the mere idea of anyone laying their hands on his woman!

Kagome temporarily felt her anger subside she hadn't considered that in her frenzy of heated thoughts.

What if Souku had actually struck her ? The idea of being hit by a wolf demon wasn't so much of a frightening thought as the idea of possibly having injured their baby.

Kagome slowly placed a calmed hand on her hidden navel she couldn't bare the thought of her baby in harms way.

Still the fact that he had made a good point didn't mean she had totally forgiven him.

"I-I don't want you to do something like that again" She whispered her eyes lowering to the furs below "It was humiliating"

"Kagome" Kouga sighed edging just a bit closer he hadn't meant for his actions to have this effect on her.

He knew regrettably that he had probably unintentionally made her lose face in front of the tribe males.

Making her seem like a delicate flower that needed his constant protection.

Even though it pained him to admit it to himself Kagome wasn't helpless he knew from experience she was very capable of handling herself.

But that didn't mean he wanted her in any kind of threatening situation especially now, while she carried their baby.

Daringly he reached for her hand forcing her palm open to accept his as he intertwined their fingers gently.

"There are things in demon society you haven't learned yet this is just how something are." He whispered.

Kagome was everything he knew he had ever wanted or ever would want but she wasn't a wolf demon.

She hadn't been brought up in the almost savage life style most of his kind had endured, and there were certain rules she needed to learn.

She was carrying his child, heir to the eastern territory, and that was inevitably going to lead her down some not to pleasant paths in the demon world.

Kagome sighed heavily knowing he had spoke the truth, their was still so much she didn't know about wolf demon society or any form of demon society.

She curled her fingers into his hand grateful to see he had obviously bathed to rid his body of the sight and smell of Souku's blood.

Kouga stroked her palm gently feeling the tender flesh slightly swollen under his touch.

He had heard from his men that Kagome had struck to defend herself earlier judging by the amount of swelling on her skin she had put some force into her attack.

Kouga chuckled darkly "You must have hit him pretty hard" He smiled up at her noticing she was much more clam than before.

Kagome partly returned a laugh "I almost purified him" She admitted

Kouga rolled his eyes "And I'm the brutal one" He thought not daring to speak the words out loud.

He gently brought her hand to his lips kissing her skin softly.

Kagome welcomed his touch she knew this dance far to well, the fight was now over and fast approaching was the make up.

"Come here" He whispered partly aggressive as he tugged her forward edging her to close the distance between them, she all to willingly curled into his waiting lap.

Kouga instantly nuzzled his heated face into the cool craves of her shoulder and neck.

He breathed deeply her scent letting it fill his lungs bringing with it the need to explore more.

Tantalizingly slow he pulled the sleeve to her already loose kimono down further until the bare plains of her shoulders were revealed to him.

He kissed her neck sweetly before he began leading a tail of heated pleasure with is tongue down towards the permanent fang mark on her shoulder.

Kagome moaned responsively leaning her head slightly backwards to allow him better access.

His mouth slowly began to water for her the silky texture of her flawless pale skin becoming very difficult to resist.

"You know where this is going right?" He rasped against her with another lingering hot kiss

Kagome clutched her hands against the pads of his armor "Yes" She mused

"Then your not angry with me anymore?" He asked with another hot lash of his tongue making her shiver in response.

Kouga openly admitted he loved torturing his mate in their bed room but he wouldn't go any further unless she absolutely wanted him too.

"N-No" She gasped gripping him tighter secretly begging him to continue.

"Good" He chimed knowing he had all he needed to continue much more forcibly he shoved the remainder of her kimono downward her breast instantly naked and exposed between them.

"Kouga" Kagome gasped at the sudden attack on her clothing.

She never had the chance to protest further instantly he closed his lips around one of her sensitive buds.

Kagome shrilled in the dark of the cave throwing her head back in sudden surprise and ecstasy.

Kouga growled against her as he sucked softly feeling the firm perked pearl rise between his fangs.

He flicked his tongue across the tender spot before continuing the cycle on her other breast.

The frenzied touch was enough to make her hips grind against his lap a muffled cry passing her parted lips.

"You taste so good" He groaned between punishing lashes of his tongue and fangs.

He nuzzled her with his nose he couldn't get enough of her scent, it was maddening.

Kouga couldn't take it anymore usually he would have loved to continue torturing his disobedient mate but his own greed was beginning to cloud his judgment he wanted her, now.

With inhuman speed Kagome found herself flat on her back her mate leering over her with lust glossed eyes.

Instantly his fingers went to the straps of his armor a few quick tugs of his knotted leather straps and he was freed.

He shoved the heavy plate aside the metal making a loud clank once it made contact with the ground below.

Next was his fur pelt he hooked a finger under the rim of his lower cloth before pulling it downward.

A moment passed before he kicked free of the pelt then he was completely naked hovering over his waiting mate.

He brought his lips down onto hers heatedly parting her sweet folds with his tongue as he began ravaging her.

All the while his calloused hands stroking her toned thighs as he began shoving the fabric of her kimono upward.

He could feel her tremble with anticipation, Kouga wouldn't make her wait a moment longer.

He glided two digit into her already damp sex instantly setting a steady tortuously slow rhythm.

Kagome's breath hitched under him as she was filled without warning, her body responding without hesitation as she began to pulse around him secretly urging him to move faster.

Kouga smirked against her as he allowed himself to speed up his thrusting fingers arousing her further her muffled moans tingling his lips.

Then slowly he began to alter his pace the deepness the speed completely unpredictable, she obviously loved it.

Kagome moaned slurred words into the void of the cave, she was loving it and clearly wanted more.

Kouga began to predict her reactions every time he slowed her voice turned desperate with want then when he pushed into her harder with a faster pace she moaned in sheer bliss.

Then finally he withdrew from her altogether her wanting voice rang out instantly in protest.

She needed him so badly she was more than willing to beg if it meant he would once again fill her, and that's exactly what Kouga wanted her to do.

He began to reposition himself pressing his toned hips between her spread thighs.

The swollen head of his length dragging over her moist opening, his fierce blue eyes began to close as he groaned between clenched fangs.

She was so warm so damp ready for him and the way she shuddered underneath him in longing made it all the more sexier.

He rocked back and forth gliding his shaft over her swollen lips his clawed hands gripping her hips as he watched her reaction.

She was beginning to buck against him in frustration small whines and pleas laced in her dark voice.

She needed him more desperately than ever, her eager tone clear she was more than ready for him to continue.

Kouga groaned against her darkly finally letting the head of his length begin to part through her waiting lips.

He slowly gave a shallow thrust allowing just a bit more of himself inside her before withdrawing all together.

He repeated the cycle giving her just a bit more every push of his hips it was becoming torture for both of them but her desperate moans for more were well worth it.

Then with a final thrust he was fully with in, he was instantly surrounded by tight rippling feminine muscles.

Kouga rasped loudly she was absolute perfection gripping him tightly her body squeezing him length.

"God Kagome" He growled breathlessly easing himself back and forth in and out of her painfully slow.

He loved the way her body instinctively protest his retreat sucking him deeper with each thrust.

He pulled himself nearly completely out of her then he shoved his hips forward slamming into her deeply!

Kagome cried out in ecstasy her back arching into him her naked breast pressing into the hard muscle of his chest.

Kouga buried his heated face into the crook of her neck as he resumed his slow pace.

Over and over filling her with slow deep thrust, he lowered himself slightly further on top of her feeling the perked buds of her nipples rub tantalizing over him.

The swollen mound of her belly gliding across the hard plain of his stomach.

The air was filled with moans of want and Kouga couldn't help but allow his own raspy sounds of pleasure pass his gritted teeth.

How was it possible she felt this good, this perfectly tight? He lowered his lips until she latched onto one of her breast sucking the swollen pink bud.

Kouga was becoming lust crazed teasing her whispering hotly against her how good she smelled how wet she was becoming.

The dark tone of his voice forced her onward making her rock her hips against him harder her moans growing noticeably louder.

She was lost in him, no longer capable of forming coherent thoughts nothing else but the feel of him inside her.

Kouga gradually began building up his speed until he was thrusting into her rapidly.

He could tell she was drawing dangerously close to the brink of orgasm the overwhelming changes in her scent giving away her building secret.

He was enjoying her whimpers of sheer pleasure and longing until finally he suddenly pulled from her.

He wanted to dominate her make her submit to him in the most pleasing way he knew how.

Before Kagome could mourn her loss she was shoved over her knees forcibly bent underneath her.

The position put her behind in the air while her heated cheek was pressed into the furs reliving the pressure off of her swollen belly.

Kouga positioned himself behind her his hands squeezing her firm globes.

Then he slammed into her moving, pounding into her hard and inhumanly fast.

Kagome moaned incoherently as he plunged into her burying himself to the hilt with ever merciless thrust.

Her knuckles white with strain as she gripped the furs beneath her for support as her mate dominated her from behind.

This is what he craved her submitting to him in every way possible to allow him to ravage her anyway he pleased, it was intoxicating.

He held her hips tighter bringing her hard against him, she eagerly pushed back taking him almost impossibly deeper.

"Kagome" He hissed through gritted fangs as she began to clench around him.

He pulled her back harder his shaft pounding into her making her sob in ecstasy her voice echoing off the lit stone walls around them.

Any other woman would have been in sheer pain but Kagome cried out in bliss rocking against his hips aching for more.

Oh she was stronger than any demon just one of the many reasons he loved her so damn much.

Faster and faster he pushed grinding into her until her scent told she was on the verge of orgasm.

He gripped her tighter with one brutal push into her dripping sex, screaming and clawing the silken sheets she finally reached her unbearable peak.

Kouga growled animal like noises as her body pulsated around him, her unseen feminine muscles forcing him to join her in climax.

His hot seed erupting inside her filling her darkly his body jolting in sheer sensation.

Kouga howled her name into the darkness of the cave before collapsing by her side freeing his now limp member from her moist sex.

Kagome joined him curling herself onto her side as she tried to regain her depleted breath.

Being with him was indescribable just sheer and total ecstasy during sex and devotion filled love both during and afterwards.

Kouga pulled her to him both their bodies glistening with sweat and sweet musk from their love making.

Kagome curled against his chest resting her head on the soft meeting of his shoulder kissing him sweetly.

"I love you" She whispered breathlessly

"Not as much as I love you" Kouga smiled wrapping a strong arm around her.

Kagome laughed lightly "I doubt that"

Kouga smirked a fangy grin before reaching for a hand full of the warm furs they currently laid on.

He pulled them over their naked bodies before curling his mate tighter against him.

It had been an unbelievably long day, with a magnificent ending.

He kissed her sweetly he could tell by the light sound of her breathing she was already asleep, he couldn't say he blamed her.

He pressed himself into the depths of their silken bed he was all to eager to join her.

He closed his heavy eyes listening to the soundless void around him just the soft breath of his slumbering mate.

It was the most peaceful melody in the world.

He rubbed a lone digit up her naked back feeling her shiver beside him, words couldn't describe how much he loved this woman.

He sighed into the dark void above them words couldn't but maybe actions could and he had every intention on proving that fact once they had both gotten their fill of rest.

Then ever so slowly the whispered sound of his room was slightly altered as a fresh mountain breeze invaded their room.

Kouga felt small goose bumps tingle across the naked plain of his torso and he knew instantly what had so carelessly kissed across him.

Winter had returned.

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