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Author's Note: This is my first Wincest and being a hetero female, I'm struggling in lots of ways here so if I've made any glaring errors, please forgive my ignorance and try to look past them. I only wanted to show the brothers loving on each other. I hope you enjoy!

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The Beginning.

The shaman stares into the fire, chanting in old tongue, stirring the liquid he holds in a spirit bowl, heating it in the flames. A warrior beats a drum behind, a low thump that matches the beat of his heart.

His sing-song voice ebbs and flows with the heat of the fire, the yellow and red fingers flickering towards the sky. Pebbles of herbs crushed in gnarled fingers are thrown into the bowl, sparks flashing as the oil boils and bubbles.

The drums louder now, images in the sky, the hawk, bear, lion and wolf are silhouetted behind the white hair and wrinkled, ancient face. Lightening flashes and the patter of rain can be heard surrounding them but the witch doctor remains dry, his voice rising over the sounds of night.

His hand reaches down to gather up the last, scattered at his feet, juniper, thyme, rosemary, mint, cedar, mixed with other spices and herbs, wood chips and pine needles. They are added to the pot and the brew is raised to the sky, invoking all the animal spirits to give their essence to the mix.

With a final cry, the drums pounding furiously now, the images in the sky twist together, a funnel cloud forming, swirling above the fire, above the boiling oil until they snap into the bowl and the liquid pops madly, roiling furiously until finally, calming, the surface now smooth as glass.

Silence fills the night.

The shaman pours the oil into a bottle, capping it tightly. Wordlessly, he hands it to the two brothers who have come to ask him this favor. The spirit oil will be used to cleanse the world of unholy evil and his Gods will be well pleased. The translator listens to the witch doctor, instructing the boys on how to use the oil. It comes with a warning-


It will release spirits of the dead when used on the dead.

If touched to living flesh, the oil will reveal the hunger of the soul and the need will not be denied until it is fed, satiated, satisfied…

Neither brother remembers the warning.