Comme les Étoiles dans le Ciel
By: Manna


001: "Distance"

She's sleeping on the couch, the little one in her foyer.

He came to ask her if she wanted to have a fencing match, but he finds her in repose and he's loathe to disturb her when she looks so peaceful.

Instead, he watches as she lets out each breath, as she shifts slightly in her sleep, as she curls her legs up under her and lets out a whispering sigh.

He smiles at the sight, but there's something missing, something big. He tells himself that it's not important.

He drapes a blanket over her and she seems to settle as her fingertips feel the soft material and grasp at it. Warmth, she likes it even though she wants people think she is as frigid as the arctic wind. The skin of her face is warm too; he's touching her and she doesn't even notice.

Bending over slightly, he touches his nose to hers, feels her breath fan across his face. He's so close, so very close. Only a fraction of an inch separates their lips. His are trembling, no, maybe his hands are trembling, no, he is trembling.

Tears work their way down his face, tears born of his love for her, maybe the first few. And suddenly, it's important, everything is so damn important. And the distance between them…is far too much. But he can't close that gap, that fraction of an inch.

So he pulls away, and he leaves her there to sleep on the couch, the little one in her foyer.


Author Notes:

"As the Stars in the Sky" is the translation for the title. 365 drabbles in 365 days, starting…well, today! That is my goal for 2009.

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