Comme les Étoiles dans le Ciel
By: Manna


028: Another World

She lies next to him, pressed against him, mostly for warmth. Why is everything so cold? He caresses the smooth skin of her back; she can feel his calloused fingers, and it gives her a sense of peace that she's never felt before… It's one she's been looking for, though. She wonders how it managed to elude her for so long.

"André," she whispers, hating to destroy the beautiful silence. "What if things had been different?"

"Different? What do you mean?" He stares blankly at the sky, but his fingers twist around her hair, playing with it.

"What if I had realized much sooner that—"

His lips press against hers, effectively silencing her. "Maybe somewhere out there," he whispers, "there's a world where I said something sooner, when I first wanted to."

"When was that?" She's curious, she can't help it.

His voice turns melancholy. "A long time ago," he finally says, his hands tracing the curve of her cheek. "I would have run away with you the day you decided to wear the uniform… Maybe even sooner."

"I'm sorry…"

"We're together now," he tells her calmly. "There isn't anything to be sorry for."

She moves closer. "Can we be married in a church?"

"You don't think God approves of the forest?" He's teasing and she knows it.

"It's not that," she said. "I just… What if…"

"What is it?" He's concerned suddenly, and holds her cold hand in his larger, warmer one.

"I want to die your wife, André." Before he can interrupt her, she continues, "But I want more people to know it than the two of us."

"Do you think you'll die tomorrow?"

She kisses him softly. "There is always that chance."

He smiles, "Just let me go first; I've waited too long to stay here alone, now."

"Hey," she murmurs, nudging his stomach with a fingertip. "I thought it was ladies first!"

He chuckles and pokes her back lightly. "You're no lady."

"Maybe somewhere out there, there's a world where I was raised as one."


Author Notes:

Another World is a theme from a video game—Chrono Cross to be exact—and haven't you ever wondered if there is another timeline/world out there where your life is completely different? If you had taken the left fork in the road instead of the right? I know I have. Feedback's much appreciated!