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Note: This is my first 1/362 fanfiction and it's dedicated to my friend Allie!

It was Christmas eve and the KND had their annual Christmas party. This year it was held at the moonbase. Everyone showed up and there was at least 2,000 kids. They danced and played games and had lots of snacks. Then around 11pm everyone had to leave so they could sneak back in their homes before their parents found out they were gone. Everyone was now in the sectors ships and pods heading back home all except for one.....Rachel McKenzie.

"What a fun party! It was the best one yet" Rachel told herself "To bad when you have a party with over 2,000 kids the mess is so big I'll be cleaning until new years!"

Rachel decided to stay and clean the moonbase after the party because she knew if she diden't well nobody else would. Fanny offered to stay but Rachel told her to go home because she knew how her father could be and that nobody should be doing anything for the KND even the villians took a holiday break!

"Look at this mess....These kids can be so stupid sometimes! Numbuh 109 left his shoes here!" Rachel told herself "Looks like someone left a jacket too"

So Rachel started picking things up. Plates and cups and 2x4 tech the kids were messing with. Along with that she found several other things.

"Now where did I put those garbage bags?" Rachel asked herself

"Looking for these?" Nigel asked her as he said from behind her causing her to jump

"You scared me" Rachel told him "When did you get here?"

"Just got here now" Nigel told her "I dropped my sector off at their houses and then realized I forgot my jacket"

"I found it before and put it on my desk in the next room" Rachel told him

"So why are still here?" Nigel asked her

"Cleaning this mess" Rachel told him "Someone's got to do it"

"Alone?" Nigel asked her "Nobody should be alone on christmas"

"Not alone....More like late" Rachel told him "I'll finish here and then go home....Now about the jacket"

"In here right?" Nigel yelled from the next room "I don't see it"

"It's on my desk!" Rachel yelled "You can't miss it!"

"Come show me!" Nigel yelled back to her

"Are you blind?" Rachel asked standing in her doorway "It's right there"

"Oh I see it now" Nigel told her "You see what else I see?" He said smiling

"Numbuh 109's shoes?" Rachel asked him

"Well yeah..." Nigel said as he looked at them "But I also see someone standing under the mistletoe"

"Well I guess I am" Rachel admitted blushing

"You know that means I have to kiss you right?" Nigel asked her as he kissed her on the lips

"Well uh....Merry Christmas Nigel" Rachel told him as she blushed

"What are you trying to get rid of me?" Nigel asked laughing "I'm staying and helping you clean up"

"You would waste your christmas to help me clean up?" Rachel asked him

"I woulden't call it a waste" Nigel told her "As long as your with someone you care about that's all the matters"

"You mean that?" Rachel asked him

"I do" Nigel told her "So shall we clean?"

"Ya know we could forget about cleaning" Rachel told him "Wait until after the holidays I think we still have some cake left in the cafeteria wanna get some?"

"I'd love to" Nigel told her "Merry Christmas Rachel"

"Merry Christmas Nigel" She replied as they walked off to the cafeteria hand in hand