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Three years ago my life changed. Three years ago, Edward Cullen and his family left me in Forks never to return again. For six months I sat in my father's home spiraling down into a deep depression that I felt I was never going to surface from.

Then my life changed again, but this time for the good.

I met Anna during the summer while in Seattle visiting my mother who had flown up with Phil, her new husband, for a press conference he had there with his minor league baseball team. While walking around the hotel, I came across Anna in the ball room playing her guitar. I stood by the door, just watching her play and hum to herself lyrics that she had yet to write.

Listening to the beautiful music coming from her guitar, I started humming along with her, coming up with lyrics to her song myself. She stopped playing having heard me humming and asked if I knew how to play. I told her I didn't, but that I thought she was very good. When she asked if I could sing, I told her I only ever sang in the shower.

We had sat for hours in the ballroom talking about various things. What music we liked, where we were from, school, work, etc. We quickly learned we had a lot in common and our taste in music was exactly the same.

I had learned that she was from Indiana and had come to Washington with her boyfriend a week earlier. She was 18, and very beautiful. When I shook her hand and looked into her eyes, I knew instantly what she was.

Her eyes were a light topaz and her skin was ice cold and pale.

Vampire. A vegetarian vampire at that.

I hadn't told her that night I knew what she was; I let her think she had fooled me. I did however confess to her and her boyfriend Brian two days later when they took me out to dinner. They had tried so hard to act human and eat food, but I knew that they didn't have to. The conversation following after dinner was hilarious, but also very informative.

Brian, I learned, was 95 years old and had been turned at the tender age of 18, and that Anna only a year. They had met when Anna was just six weeks into her new life. She had met up with him in Nashville, Tennessee and had fallen for him completely. He had found her in the some woods feeding on a deer and was shocked to find she was a newborn. When she told him she didn't know who created her, he took her under his wing and taught her how to survive.

He was a vegetarian before he met her, and he made sure she didn't go anywhere near human blood. She told me that even though she could control herself around humans, and that humans didn't exactly appeal to her, that human blood still made her throat burn unbearably when it was spilt and she had to take measures in not losing control of herself.

When I told them that I had known a family of vampires before them, I think they were more surprised by that bit of information than when I told them I knew they were vampires. They wanted to know everything about the Cullen's. Their diet, if they had hurt anyone, and how I knew them.

When it became apparent that I was very uncomfortable talking about them, they backed off on the questions for awhile. Then one day, I just broke down and told them everything.

I told them how I met them, about Edward, and everything we had been through. When I told them he left me in the woods broken and alone, and that he had made it so he looked like he was never in my life before; they got angry. They wanted to hunt him down and, in Brian's words, "beat some since into him".

After that week, those two quickly became my friends. When the time came for me to go back to Forks and to Charlie, they made the decision to move there and in roll in Forks High with me. I was thrilled.

During that time, Anna taught me to play the guitar and Brian taught me to play the piano and violin. I was shocked to find that I was able to learn each instrument quickly and play it very well. Anna had also gave me vocal lessons to strengthen my voice and gradually, I was able to sing songs we had written together smoothly without my voice cracking on certain notes.

After graduation, our small band was booking shows in various bars and parties. We made good money at each gig and when an opportunity arose to play in Seattle at a concert during the New Year, we quickly accepted.

That's where we met our manager Gavin. Another vegetarian vampire who had exquisite taste in music, and I'm not just saying that because he liked our band. I'm saying it because he managed some very big and popular artists.

We quickly rose to the top of the charts with Gavin's help and guidance. He reminded me so much of Carlisle that I often found myself tearing up when I was reminded of him and the Cullen's.

I finally felt my life was getting back on track. I had vampires back in my life and they were my best friends. They protected me not only from unforeseen dangerous, but also from myself. I no longer felt like I was drowning in my self-depression. I was slowly starting to be happy once again.

But nothing could have prepared me for what came two years later.