"Edward next week, we will talk about your adoptive parents okay?"

"Yeah that's fine, I'll see you Tuesday." I smiled and closed the door. I groaned and let go of the handle, automatically running my hands through my hair. I shook my head, and walked down the tiny hall to the overly furnished room where the blonde secretary was sitting.

"Oh, Edward, there is a brunette waiting outside for you, she told me to tell you." She winked at me and I smiled, not at her, or her lack of manners. I hated that she called me by my first name, and it was even worse when she flirted with me. I remained completely oblivious of course. I smiled at the fact that Bella was outside this room, waiting for me.

Just like every week.

I opened the heavy door and was assaulted by the cold air. I looked around and Bella was standing across the street looking in a shop window, tendrils of her hair were blowing about her face and she pushed them back and stepped closer to the glass. I walked across the road, and stepped behind silently. She was admiring a pendant, nothing special. Or it wasn't to me.

"Do you like that?" I asked nodding towards the silver circle pendant, she jumped and swivelled round,

"Edward, what have I told you about that?!" she swatted my arm and smiled, I chuckled and looked back over at the show case.

"Do you?" she turned back towards it,

"Yes its beautiful, the inscription reads 'together in eternity'" she turned back and smiled happily at me, I raised my eyebrows and her face fell, "no, not a chance, have you seen the price?"

"Bella." I put on my best pleading voice and she shook her head, pushing my arms and making me walk away from the shop, I glanced at the shop name and her hand covered my eyes,

"Do you think I'm that stupid?" she giggled, I laughed, I got the name anyway.

"Why do you do that?" I asked once her hand dropped and she linked her arm in mine.

"Because I will not have you spend unreasonable amounts of money on me."

"Cant I get it as a gift?" I tried hedging, I was going to buy it anyway, I just didn't want to get in trouble.

"What's the occasion?" she asked, raising her eyebrows, I flicked through my brain and my mouth lifted up in a smile,

"My tenth therapy session?" I beamed, she rolled her eyes,

"That would mean I would get you a gift." We walked into the parking lot,

"How about my gift is you let me get you a gift?" I tried again,

"How was therapy today?" she changed the subject, I groaned and she looked up at me, "you know the rule, you chose to go, you suck it up and deal, without the pout." She smiled,

"You know the cure for the pout." I wagged my eyebrows and she sighed, we stopped mid step and she leant up on her tiptoes to press a kiss on my lips. She pulled back but I wound my hand in her hair, pulling her face back to mine to give her something firmer. She giggled and I let my hand fall down her back. We continued walking to my car and she looked up at me,

"What did you talk about today?" I clicked the button on my keys and the car beeped, I opened her door and she climbed in. I walked around the car and sat down, turning the engine on to warm the car up. "Well?"

"I talked about what I usually talk about," I sighed, I put the car into gear and pulled out,

"He is going to get sick of hearing about me Edward." She moaned, I smiled to myself,

"And then we talked about..." I paused, she looked over at me and cocked her head, I sighed, "my childhood."

She burst into giggles and I glared playfully at her, "sorry," she tried to stifle her laughter against her hand and I looked forward, "you just sounded so clichéd" she started laughing again and I turned up past the coffee shop.

"It's not funny Bella." I sighed,

"I know," she coughed, "I'm sorry, go on, what about your childhood?" she asked, she seemed to have gotten over her strange hysteria and I smiled,

"About my mother," it turned onto our road, "about my first foster homes," I parked the car and shut the engine off, "and about my dog." I climbed out of the car and she shut her door behind her.

"You had a dog?" she asked surprised, we walked onto the sidewalk and I grimaced,

"Yeah, my first family though it would be a nice Christmas gift for me, a husky. I didn't like him very much." She laughed softly and opened the apartment building door.

Bella and I had moved out of Carlisle's house after graduation, we had both chosen to go to college here in Seattle, she was studying English, I had chosen something a little more musical. I had bought an apartment building not too far from the campus, so we could be alone, and have something that was ours. I loved our apartment, a little two bedroomed thing. A nice living area and kitchen, and Esme had helped us furnish it perfectly for us. Bella fumbled around for her keys in her purse and I sighed, I stepped behind her and wound my hands around her waist and dove into her jean pocket, I pulled out the keys and she grumbled. She opened the door and I couldn't help but lift her bridal style and kick the door behind me.

"Edward, put me down."

"Nope." I nuzzled her neck and she wrapped her hands around my head, pulling my hair in the way I liked. I began walking to our room.

Mine and Bella's room.

"I missed you today." I murmured into her hair, she hummed as I opened the door to our bedroom and closed it behind me,

"I missed you too." She whispered, god I loved it when she whispered to me, as if the words were for me only, I put her on the bed and crawled on top of her, placing little kisses where ever I could. She giggled and her hand ran down my neck,

It was one of those moments. The moments were the words bubbled to my lips, and I couldn't stop them. And I didn't want to, ever. Things were as perfect as they could get, well in my eyes at least; we had so many things to work through, and so many little obstacles that could still threaten to tear us apart. But that's what made our relationship perfect. Because we knew, deep down we both knew that we could overcome anything our live would throw as us, my therapy sessions, apologetic calls from her father, college, careers. Anything.

And so when my mind wanted to scream to her that I loved her with everything I had. I didn't stop myself, because I knew she loved me back, because I knew she would accept it, because I knew that she knew I did, yet I couldn't stop reminding her. Like all that time of keeping it in was being repaid slowly.

I nuzzled her nose with mine and her hands fell down my chest, I smiled and she bit her lip,

"I love you." I said happily, her face lit up in a grin and she giggled, snaking her hands back around my neck and pulling my face to hers.

"I love you too Edward, now take your clothes off before I have to tackle you." She giggled breathlessly.


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