"Eureka," Shane said when he found the bowl of fudge in the back of the fridge. He grabbed a spoon from the drawer and ate spoonfuls of the dessert.

"Shane," Mitchie called from outside of the kitchen.

Shane quickly stuffed some of the dessert in his mouth and hid the bowl behind him as Mitchie entered the kitchen.

"You ready to-," Mitchie asked, "Shane, what are you eating,"

"Nwuthif," Shane answered, his mouth obviously full.

Mitchie walked over to him and after a struggle, got the bowl that Shane guarded.

"Shane, this is the third time I have caught you eating dessert...before breakfast,"

"So," Shane answered like a child.

"So...I think we need to throw out all this junk food in the house and get healthier food,"

"What?" Shane exclaimed.

Mitchie opened the cabinet and brought the garbage can with her, she started throwing, bags of chips, cases of sodas, and packages of cookies away.

Shane quickly react and took the fatty delectables out of the garbage. "Mitch, what are you doing?"

"Get your coat, we're grocery shopping," Mitchie demanded.

Twenty minutes later, Shane and Mitchie walked the aisles of the store.

"Let's start with getting the vegetables,"

"Ew," Shane complained.

A few minutes later the shopping cart was filled with every vegetable and fruit that the store supplied.

"These are the last ones," Mitchie said picking up small green balls, "These are great when they are steamed,"

"They also smell like feet," Shane countered, "Mitch, I don't even like brussle sprouts,"

"Well you'll learn to like them," Mitchie sternly said.

"Can we atleast get cookies," Shane begged.

"Fine," Mitchie reluctantly said.

"Yes," Shane punched the air.

The couple walked to the cookie aisle and Mitchie put a box in the cart. Shane examined the box for a few seconds.

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

"Cookies," Mitchie said in a confused tone.

"No cookies cannot be made of oatmeal and raisins," Shane said, "I need oreos Mitchie, please, just one box,"

"Shane, get off the floor and let go of my legs, this is embarrasing,"

Back at home....

Shane's POV

I sat at the kitchen table, still moping the loss of my cookies, which Mitchie refused to get.

Mitchie set to plates on the table.

White rice, with a side of steamed mixed vegetables, and boiled chicken.

That's it.

"Dig in," Mitchie said.

Is she kidding me?

I took a bite of the chicken, it was like chewing rubber.

I ate......okay more like forced the food down my throat, as quickly as I could.

"I'll be right back," I said getting up from the table and walking to the kitchen.

I searched every cabinet, every drawer for some sort of real food, I was going to die if Mitchie kept feeding me food like this.

"Yes!" I said too loudly.

I had found my only source of good food.

A bag of Cheetos.

I ripped open the bag and ate them as fast as I could, savoring the flavor.


I turned around and stood like a deer caught in the headlights.

"This is not what it looks like," I said quickly..

"I don' care what it is, just give me some of those," Mitchie said.

She stole the bag from my hands and started eating them.

I stood speechless.

TRUE STORY!! My mother is insane. REVIEW