"Dance like snowflakes,
Dance like snowflakes
In the air, In the air
Whirling, Twirling snowflakes,
Whirling, Twirling snowflakes
Here and there, Here and there."

Rin was twirling around in the snow, her heavy winter kimono catching the light winter breeze. She giggled as she continued her graceless dance offering to winter, earning a curious stare from Ah-Un.

"Rin! You must stop that nonsense this instant!" Jaken commanded from beside the dragonet, a little behinds Rin. "We must make haste if we are to meet Sesshoumaru-sama!" Plus, Jaken was starting to get a touch of vertigo from her spinning around so much.

"Rin is not doing nonsense Jaken-sama! In fact, Rin is unsure how to do nonsense. Nonsense is a thing, how do you do a thing? Do you think Sesshoumaru-sama would know? I think he does.." Thus Rin was started on a never ending monologue, still twirling herself along the path.

"RIN! Stop moving!" Jaken finally cried as he could no longer take the pattern of her checkered kimono circling anymore. Rin froze in mid-spin, one foot in the air and arms in an awkward position, looking very silly with her determined face.

"Jaken... sama... Rin... cannot-" With that, she fell with a whoosh! into the snow. Ah-Un shook his heads in amusement, reaching over to pluck the girl out of the snow dune. Jaken sighed heavily, wondering if his lord truly appreciated his presence when dealing with Rin when she was in one of her silly moods. Ah-Un brought the giggling, snow covered girl back to the path and she smiled brightly at Jaken. "Jaken-sama, if Rin does not move, Rin cannot reach Sesshoumaru-sama. So Rin must move!" She informed cheerily, preparing to dance once more.

"Wait!" The little girl paused. "Just walk! You can do that right?" Jaken seriously wondered if she could, never have seen the small ningen just walk. Always skipping or jumping or running or a brisk jog to keep up with Sesshoumaru-sama's long, slow paces. Never walk though. Rin smiled giddily up at Jaken.

"Of course Rin can! But it's not very good in the snow." Rin informed as if it was the most natural fact in the world, and went back to her snow dance.

"Why not?" Jaken demanded, marching through the snowy field. "I'm doing just- FIIIIIIINE!" Rin stopped twirling and turned to look for the kappa, seeing only empty field and a very amused looking dragonet.

"Jaken-sama?" Rin looked around. "JAKEN-SAMA!" She yelled out, hearing a muffled response in return. Realization brightened her honey, brown eyes. "Oh no Ah-Un! Jaken fell in the snow! We have to find him!"

"Find who Rin?" A smooth, bass inquired.

"SESSHOUMARU-SAMA!" The girl launched herself at the taiyoukai and hugged him tightly around his knee.


"Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Release this Sesshoumaru."

"Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama." She immediately freed him from her hug, optimism not dampened in the least. "Rin is looking for Jaken-sama. He fell in the snow."

"Hn." Sesshoumaru glided over the field, reached in and grabbed the sputtering kappa.

"JAKEN-SAMA!" Rin cried in delight. "YOU'RE OKAY!"

"No thanks to you, you stupid girl!" Jaken waved the empty fist that usually held his staff in it at her. "If our great lord had not come-" Jaken was cut off by being thrown back along the path.

"Come Rin." Sesshoumaru once again started on his way.

"Yes Sesshoumaru-sama!" And the odd ragtag group continued their journey through Japan.