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Dedication: This is dedicated to ceeji16 for being the first to write a Love of Siam fanfic and inspiring me to write this. Hopefully this will get me out of my writer's block.

Yay! I'm the second one to write a fanfic for Love of Siam… but I hope there'll be MANY others.

Summary: Does happiness happen at the risk of heaven and hell? With Heaven and Earth against them, will Mew and Tong ever end up together or will their lives end with regret? Traditions, loyalty, family, love, faith; what comes first?


Mew watched Tong walk away that night with a heavy heart, but while his heart was weighed down with chains, his mind seemed unburdened. By allowing Tong to walk away without any regrets, Mew reasoned to himself, we will both be free to live life to its fullest: without any guilt. Now, Mew thought as he, too, walked away, the snowman's nose clutched tightly in his hand, if only I can convince my heart that this is for the best.

When he returned home, Mew placed the snowman's nose back to where it rightfully belonged. He picked up the snowman, walking over to the windowsill to put it now. Like the nose, which was once apart of another set but is now part of a different set, he realized with a feint smile, he was once a part of Tong, but now he will one day be apart of another. Mew set down the snowman, which represents so much more now than ever before, and went to sleep.

A lone tear glimmered in the moonlight shining in from an open window.

The snowman's smile never wavered.