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Going Under

Sadness is beautiful
Loneliness is tragical
So help me I can't win this war, oh no
Touch me now don't bother, if every second it makes me weaker
You can save me from the man I've become

Lookin' back on the things I've done
I was tryin' to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

I'm here with my confession
Got nothing to hide no more
I don't know where to start
But to show you the shape of my heart

- "Shape of My Heart" by Backstreet Boys

Chapter 25

Mamoru sighed deeply as he stared out the window at the sight that had become his best friend in the past few weeks.

"You have to go home, Mamoru," Makoto said kindly to him, "You can't stay here forever- the doctors are talking of kicking you out"

He shrugged, "I'll find my way back in"

Rei scoffed, "No doubt you will,"

"But," Ami said, directly beside him, looking in the opposite direction, "As a doctor, all I can say is that it's very unhealthy"

"Unhealthy?" Mamoru laughed disbelievingly, "Does it look like I care about my health?"

"Not really, no," Makoto snapped, "But we care about your health"

"What do you think Usagi's going to think when she wakes up to that face?" Rei added, "'Oh, look. There's that boyfriend that I almost gave up my life to save- wow, he looks about dead, maybe I didn't do my job'"

Makoto sniggered at Rei's impersonation of Usagi, but he merely cast her an annoyed glance.

"You've been here for three weeks," Ami said adamantly, "You've showered about twice, shaved once, and you eat only when someone forces it down your throat- which because of us isn't as rare as it should be"

Mamoru glanced at Ami, worried that he was hearing sarcasm from her. She tended to avoid the sarcasm whenever she could, but this was obviously worrying her. He shrugged at her with one shoulder, turning to look back out the window and at the bright and cloudless sky.

"Seriously, Mamoru. You need a shower," Makoto said, waving her hand, "I'm surprised Usagi doesn't just wake up from the stink of it all"

Mamoru's eyes went straight back to the beauty lying on the bed. She looked like she'd just fallen asleep with her mussed hair, and soft breathing. But she hadn't just fallen asleep. She'd been asleep for three weeks -he glanced at the watch- and two days and three hours. And he had barely left her side in the whole time, unable to find the heart to walk away.

But the girls had a point. Even he could smell the faint hint of staleness- which was definitely a first. He positively did not want the others to throw him out and force him to go home if it got too much. So he sighed, "Fine," and he stood up, "But someone has to-"

"We'll be here when you get back, I'm sure," Makoto said, "Since it'll only take a top of a half-hour"

"I say fifteen minutes tops," Rei said, "He's not leaving her side for longer than that"

"Shower and a shave should take longer than that," Makoto said, raising her eyebrow

"Ah, Makoto," Rei snickered, "What little knowledge you seem to have of our Mamoru." He rolled his eyes at Ami, who shrugged uselessly.

"I bet it'll take him a half-hour," Makoto said, giving Rei her raised eyebrow.

"You're on. No longer than fifteen. Ten bucks," Rei said, tossing her hair and casting Mamoru an evil eye- telling him in no way was he to take longer than fifteen minutes. She would probably have his head if he did take too long.

Ami shook her head at the two of them, giving Mamoru a helpless glance, "Go, Mamoru"

"I'm going, I'm going," he complained as he stood up, knowing he'd be back within fifteen minutes- with time to spare to visit Kevin.

Kevin was only two floors down- in the recovery room. The bullet had barely missed his heart and he had managed to hold on till Jason had arrived with the backup that had been about twenty minutes off. From there on out, it had been touch and go. He had been inches- no, millimeters away from dying, but somehow, he had survived.

Something had kept his heart beating till the bullet had been removed, and after that he had nearly slipped away from loss of blood. But he lived. Now, his heart was healing slowly, and he was going to be fine, given time. He had had a close call- much too close for Minako's liking, but he was recovering fine. His body would never be as strong as it had once been, but it was a miracle enough that he lived. And Mamoru knew Kevin would eventually be able to beat Nick in a fistfight again.

Mamoru had felt his heart lift when he had heard about Kevin. But as much as it raised his spirits, nothing was enough for him- except if it happened to be a blonde beauty who would look into his eyes once more.

By the time Usagi had arrived at the hospital that fateful night, her body had been much too weak to continue fighting with her awake- and thus, they had been forced to induce a coma. Her mind showed signs of slight activity, but she couldn't wake up- until her body decided it was ready anyway.

Mamoru dragged himself to the doctor's station- which he had taken to using whenever asked to clean himself up- which was getting to be more and more often, what with the increasing amounts of visitors Usagi received.
The doctors, when seeing he would never leave- and him flashing his old FBI badge till they let him in, let him use it without complaint. Even giving him his very own locker. After grabbing some scrubs lying in his locker- Zach having put them in a few days ago, probably- and his shaving kit, he went into the shower section.

He was showered and clean within seven minutes, and then shaved within the next three. He then went to visit Kevin, not at all surprised that Minako was seated beside him, the two of them bickering like an old married couple.

"Yo, Mamoru," Kevin said, looking up as Mamoru walked in, "Who's cooler? The elf or the man?" There was a light smile on his face, and Mamoru could see the relief in his eyes. They had had a talk after Kevin had regained consciousness, both just letting all their feelings for each other out. They had been so close for so long, but they had never once talked about how much they meant to each other. He knew that Kevin was healing from his wound- along with his emotional scars with Minako and the girls around, and he couldn't be happier for his best friend. If there was anyone who deserved it, it was Kevin.

"The man, duh," Mamoru said, pretending to be insulted, "Who can compare with Viggo Mortenson's 'But it is not this day' speech?"

"Legolas can," Minako said, sticking out her tongue at Mamoru, "He took down a whole Oliphaunt"

"Nice to see you up and about, man," Kevin said, smiling at Mamoru, "Thought you might have died beside Usagi"

"Usagi would have been quite pissed," Minako said, giving Mamoru a small smile, "Thinking she took that bullet for no reason"

Mamoru had thought that everyone would have hated him for what Usagi had done for him- but it had been the opposite with everyone (with the small exception of Kenji Tsukino- but he had a feeling there was nothing he could do about that)- and even Kenji seemed resigned to accept Mamoru as a part of his family.

None of them had given up hope on Usagi- just as Mamoru had never given up hope on her.

He didn't smile back however. That moment was forever ingrained in his brain- and whenever his body felt too exhausted to stay awake- he would slip off into recurrent nightmares where she died in his arms, over and over.

"Oh, she's kidding, dude," Kevin said, a sad smile on his face, "Usagi is only going to be pissed that she hasn't had real food in the past three weeks." He had been the most broken out of the guys about Usagi's coma- seeing as he had almost died for her. When Mamoru had told him what had happened, Kevin had almost punched him out. He knew exactly how Kevin felt- as he wanted to do the same for himself. But everyone acted as if it hadn't been his fault.

Minako snorted, "Ain't that the truth. I imagine she'll even inhale that horrible hospital macaroni and cheese." Mamoru couldn't help but let out a little laugh at that and Minako grinned at him, obviously happy that she had made him laugh.

It had been an ongoing competition for Makoto, Minako and Rei for who could make him laugh most. At the moment, Minako was winning by a mile. It was her- the person who reminded him most of his Usagi, that could bring real laughter out- if only for a millisecond.

"I've gotta get going. I've been ordered by Rei to win the bet that I can get back from the showers in fifteen minutes," Mamoru said, giving Kevin and Minako a wave and a wane smile, "I'll see you later"

He was back in Usagi's – and his, if anyone looked in often enough- room on the dot of fourteen minutes and Makoto grit her teeth angrily as she handed Rei ten dollars. She cast him a glare, her eyes flashing angrily, "You're so paying for that, Chiba." She had just about challenged him for a fight every single day since Usagi had been in the hospital. He had heard she had beaten Zach, Jason and almost beaten Nick. At the moment, he was slightly fearful of fighting her- she sure had a lot of pent up anger at him since she'd been visiting Usagi. He was sure that that anger would manifest itself into power. And he had heard the horror stories Jason and Zach had half-heartedly told him of their fights with her.

"Thanks, Mamoru," Rei said, giving him a grin, "I didn't have ten dollars on me in the first place." But truthfully, he was more afraid of getting Rei angry- she sure was a spitfire. He had seen her bite Jason's head off a bunch of time- though that hadn't stopped Jason from annoying her again.

"No problem," Mamoru said as he sat down in his seat, feeling at home once again. "Where are the guys by the way?" he asked them, wondering why Jason, Zach and Nick weren't tagging along with the girls as they usually did.

"At the office," Ami said, rolling her eyes, "Giving some sort of lecture of how you caught Diamond Chambers"

Mamoru vaguely remembered getting a call on something of the sort from Agent Martinez, but he had politely refused, telling him there was no way in hell he was leaving Usagi's side for something that fickle. He had then concluded by saying that he was quitting, and they could have his badge and his gun- but he had lost them in the process of fighting for his and Usagi's life.

Agent Martinez hadn't seem all that surprised, actually sounding slightly proud. He apologized one last time, saying if Mamoru ever needed anything, he was welcome to ask for FBI assistance. Turned out the FBI owed him a lot- what with him sort of 'catching' Diamond Chambers.

Diamond Chambers had been pronounced dead on the scene three weeks ago, having had a bullet pierce through his heart and stomach. From what he had overheard from the medics, it hadn't been very painful- since once he had been shot in the heart, it had been over. He seriously wanted to bring the s.o.b. back to life so he could punch him a few million times. But he knew wherever Diamond was, he was definitely in pain. He would suffer for what he had done to Usagi- somehow and in some way. There had to be that much justice in life and death.

Sapphire, on the other hand, had been instantly dead when that bullet had shattered through his skull. A part of Mamoru mourned his death. Sapphire had been completely jarred by Usagi's apparent death- and he had turned on his brother, effectively saving Mamoru's life. He understood where Sapphire was coming from in a way. Mamoru had seen it in his eyes.

Sapphire had loved Usagi, and to think she had died- it had broken him. But he had broken too late- he had been fine with giving up her freedom, but when it came to her life- that was the only thing he hadn't been able to handle. The man had been fighting with his love for Usagi, and his love for his brother, and only at the end had he finally chosen, if you could even call that choosing, Usagi.

But Mamoru had to believe that their escape hadn't been thought out only by the two of them. Someone had tied him up with easily breakable chains, someone had left the hammer in the closet, and Sapphire must have known Usagi would try to contact him if she knew he was on the phone with Sapphire. He had thought they had had a guardian angel- it turned out to be Sapphire Chambers.

The poor man had never experienced a true moment of freedom from his brother, maybe that was why he had loved Usagi- because she had had the guts to escape and do the things Sapphire could only dream of.

Esmeraude and Rubeus had been taken in- but Mamoru had placed a call to Agent Smith, vouching for them- since he felt an odd sort of connection with the two of them. They, in the end, had saved his life- though they had almost cost Usagi's life, and he knew if Usagi hadn't taken the shot for him, none of that would have happened- but he could understand where they were coming from, as odd as it was. All that mattered was that, when it had truly counted, they had come through for Usagi.

Agent Smith said that it would all be taken into account during their trials. But Mamoru had no doubt that they'd be fine- probably escaping with slight community service and light prison sentences. The two of them were survivors.

No doubt they'd survive this.

Now if only Usagi would wake up, everything would be perfect. Somehow, miraculously, the only people to die so far- excluding the agents lost in the battles- had been the remaining Chambers. And he hoped with his whole heart that it would stay that way. But he found that he wasn't giving up hope.

If there was one thing he knew about Usagi, it was that she was a fighter.

"Come back to us, Usagi," he said, leaning to her and grasping her hand, "We know you're there. We can feel you with us. It just takes a little more- show us you're with us"

"Please, Usagi," Ami said, mindlessly clearing Usagi's hair from her pale face with her hand while she held Usagi's other hand, "We miss you"

"And Mamoru's really turning into a stinker sitting here all the time," Makoto complained, "I still can't believe you chose this guy to almost die for"

Mamoru gasped as he suddenly felt pressure on his fingers- Usagi had squeezed back.

He looked at Ami, who had gone pale as she stared at the brain screen, "Keep insulting Mamoru!" she near screamed at Makoto and Rei beside her.

Thankfully the other girls caught on soon enough and it was an all out insult of him.

"Seriously, Usagi," Rei said, "He's such a loser- what with having no job, and only four friends- he's such a loner, how'd you ever fall for him?"

"He's really stupid too," Ami said, unable to completely lie, Mamoru saw her fingers twitch, "Zach's so much the better choice"

There was no response this time and Mamoru felt his hope drain slightly. It had only been a brain spike- they'd gotten used to it, but they had never been rewarded with her opening her eyes.

Rei and Makoto deflated and looked at Usagi with hopeless looks on their face, looking defeated. He squeezed Usagi's hand, "It's okay, Usa. Take your time- just make sure to come back to us"
Ami nodded, "We'll wait as long as we have to"

His heart hit his stomach at the words. This was all his fault. If he had made sure Usagi couldn't come in front of him…

But his mind disagreed. If that had happened- there wouldn't have been anything holding Diamond back from taking her for himself. But she'd have been alive! That was worth more than anything. He knew she would have disagreed. Her actions that night had told him that she would have given up if he had died. She was stronger with him than she was without him. He hated knowing this, but he knew it was the truth.

And here they were, almost two months after their first meeting, and Usagi had nearly died, he had nearly died, his best friend had nearly died, and the people she loved had nearly died. He was a walking plague, wasn't he?

But what the guys and girls kept trying to get through his "thick head" (as Jason quoted) was that it would have been worse if he had never met Usagi. He thought back to the first night- when he had told her who he was, her face had lighten up, full of hope when it had been dulled and sad the whole night before that. And he knew that it was then that she had come to trust him- after so long of not having any hope of truly escaping Chambers, she had allowed him too close- and had paid for it with her privacy when he had bugged her. But even that had not pushed her away, she had accepted it quickly- though that might have had something to do with his past, but she had understood why he had done it.
She had come to completely accept him- and love him regardless of his many faults. She had killed for him. She had died for him. And what had he done?

What had he done to deserve such love?

His love was what had almost destroyed her in the first place. The reason Chambers had been so pissed was because Usagi had chosen him- had it had anything to do with him being Darien Shields, the man Diamond had failed to kill so long ago, or just his obsession of Usagi, which if she had loved any man, he would have tried to kill him just the same? Chambers was dead- his dream for the past fifteen or so years of his life- and he didn't even care. The love of his life was in a coma. Nothing else mattered.

He had noted, from a distance, that the girls and guys had paired up. Ami and Zach were always whispering quietly to each other when they were together, Zach discreetly comforting her when they thought no one was looking. Jason was always hovering around Rei, and as much as he had come to know Rei in the past three weeks, he knew she enjoyed having him around, and she let him care for her- which he hadn't seen anyone else be allowed to do. Nick and Makoto were going at it like crazy- PDA might as well have been their forte in the way their hands were always on the other. It looked like Nick- in the horror that he might lose Makoto the way Mamoru had almost lost Usagi, or the way Minako had almost lost Kevin- had finally snapped his head on straight and pushed his and Makoto's relationship forward. Makoto had immediately ditched her boyfriend, who, according to Rei, was a jackass.

As for Minako and Kevin, it was clear that they were crazy for each other way before what had happened, and yet Kevin couldn't believe that Minako was in love with him. He always had a surprised look on his face whenever Minako showed affection towards him, but Mamoru could tell he was getting around to believing he wasn't in heaven but right down here on Earth. He couldn't have been happier for Kevin, who deserved life and love more than any other man he had ever met.

The girls stayed for a little longer, talking of nonsensical things like make-up, shopping, food, and Mamoru's mind wandered, unable to stay on the small topics. He rested his head against Usagi's hand- his usual sleeping place- and allowed the darkness settle around him, unable to keep fighting it anymore.


Mamoru opened his eyes to a slight pressure on his head, "Usa?" he whispered sleepily, "Is that you?"

He raised his head, knowing it was just his head messing with him, as usual. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room.

She blinked back at him.

He blinked a few more times.

She returned the visual.


"Hey, Mamo," she croaked, "Am I in heaven?"

"OH MY GOD!" Mamoru cried at the top of his lungs, "USAGI!"

He felt the tears falling as he hugged her midsection and then continued on to kiss her senseless. It was as if his heart had burst into life in the past few seconds, and as he kissed her, he felt as if he was once again alive. Because she was the only thing worth living for.

"I thought I'd lost you," he whispered into her hair, tears falling thickly into her lustrous locks, he shook his head, his voice unable to add anything more at the thought of that.

He looked down at her, her eyes were leaking tears just as his- and just as his, he could tell they were tears of happiness.

He hurriedly detached himself from her, mentally slapping himself for not doing what he had been told to do when she woke up. That was when he began pressing the nurse button like a maniac.

"Would you like anything, Usa?" he asked, leaning in with wide eyes

"Water would be nice," she croaked

He immediately poured her a glass of water, handing it to her. She easily lifted her hand, glancing at it as she did so, a confused expression on her face as she took the glass and drowned the water down.

"What's going on?" she asked after she finished the glass, "Where am I?"

"You've been in a coma," Mamoru said, wiping the tears from her face and then continuing to take the glass from her, "For the last three weeks"

"But I died," Usagi whispered, a confused look in her eyes

He shivered as she said it and then shook his head, "You didn't die- you were very very close however- which is why they had to shut your body down. It needed time to fix everything"

"Why are you so sad?" she whispered, her hand reached for his face and cupped his cheek lovingly, "You look like you haven't slept in years"

"I've been here," he said, leaning immediately into her embrace- a reflex almost, "And these seats aren't the most comfortable"

"Then join me," Usagi said, "Get some rest"

She scooted over on the bed, patting the spot beside her softly.

He shook his head, "This is what I want to be awake for, Usa," he paused, wiping the tears from his eyes, "This is the only thing I want to be awake for"

She smiled and he felt his heart thud dangerously. He was ecstatic; she was awake once more. Thank god.


Usagi stepped out on the dance floor, remembering the last time she had gone at it alone. That night was when Diamond Chambers had saved her, sure only to give her something worse, but it had all worked out well, hadn't it?

She looked back at the table where her friends were chattering happily, all of them shining brightly like stars. She had never seen them this happy, and she'd been with them every step of the way since they had been teenagers.

They spotted her and made their way over, and the five of them danced the night away to random pop songs. Then all of a sudden, a slow song had them pairing up with their boyfriends as she waved them away, saying she'd be fine.

Usagi felt sadness consume her for a second as she saw them move away from her. She didn't have her boy today- the first night she had felt strong enough to venture out into the big bad world once again.

Mamoru had been busy for the past few months with setting up his business-- since Mamoru had reclaimed the Shields Empire. He had bought the Chambers corporation, which had been cleared out by the FBI after Diamond had died, and Mamoru was now the head of the Shields-Chiba Incorporated. Nick, Kevin, Jason and Zach had immediately dropped their lives in the FBI as well- having been threatened by Makoto, Minako, Rei and Ami.

She felt slightly sad, surprisingly about the way things had ended in Fresno. Her heart felt immense sorrow for Sapphire, her one confidant through the horrors of her and Diamond's relationship (if one could call it that) and she wished he hadn't sacrificed himself. But she knew she owed him everything in the world for saving Mamoru. In a way, she had known that he would destroy Diamond for 'killing' her. He had loved her- in his own way and that had led him to save the one thing she had almost died for, Mamoru. And she'd always remember Sapphire for that. He was a hero.

As for Diamond…she wished there had been another way to keep Mamoru safe, but she knew there hadn't, so she had Sapphire and Esmeraude to thank for that. She had never expected it to happen, that they'd one day choose her over Diamond- especially not Esmeraude. But their eyes had finally been opened to how insane Diamond had been. She had visited the both of them in their separate prisons, and surprisingly, neither had harbored any resentment for her. Both had even apologized for their previous behavior- not that she had thought it necessary. They had saved her and Mamoru's life- she didn't have anything but love for them now.

In the end, everything had worked out. Most importantly, Kevin had recovered from his near fatal bullet wound- and now both of them held vaguely similar scars along their chests from where the bullets had been removed. And she could tell Mamoru couldn't be happier that the both of them were perfectly fine. He was so much brighter than she had ever seen him, and she knew that she was getting to know the Mamoru that was supposed to have been, and would have been if the horrors in his life had not occurred.

It had been a good three months since that fateful night in Fresno and she hadn't been happier than in those three months- excluding, of course, the three weeks she had been in a coma. But during the next weeks it was as if her life had fallen into perfect place. Her family was repaired- her mother had also improved as Usagi improved, and was now almost as strong as she had been before her stroke. Her friends were, of course, paired up with each other and the happiest for it. They had all found love in the most unexpected of places, just as Usagi had. But these things had nothing to do with Usagi's happiness- okay, maybe not nothing, but not everything. Most of it had to do with the man-

Who was now standing in front of her?

"Mamoru?" she asked, her brows furrowing as she looked at the man in front of her. He'd always look like an angel to her, and she could hardly believe he was there some of the time.

He smiled at her as he came closer and immediately after she was held lovingly in his hands, the song changed-

"Find me here
And speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you
You are the light
That's leading me to the place
Where I find peace again"

A smile immediately came to her face. It was the song that Mamoru had called 'their song' and it was perfect. He had probably gone and asked the DJ to play it for them. She leaned her head against his chest, as love surrounded her.

"You are the strength
That keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything"

They swayed slowly to the song, unable to find the words to halt the melody. Mamoru sighed deeply into her hair, ruffling it slightly.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"

She felt calm surround her- as it did the second he held her in her hands, but this time, it was permanent. She remembered clearly that the first time she had met him had been in similar terms, and they had danced together. Now, four months later, it felt like she was in his hands for the first time. Every time felt like the first time. And she loved it. She was sure it would forever stay the same way.

"You calm the storms
And you give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall
You steal my heart
When you take my breath away
Would you take me in take me deeper now"

"I love you," he whispered down to her, "Don't ever leave me again" there was so much emotion in his voice that she didn't have to look up at him to understand that he was close to tears. The man who had never cried before meeting her sure did a lot of crying when it came to her. And she couldn't have been happier that he was just as he was.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"

"I won't," she said into his chest, "I'd never leave you"

And she meant it completely.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"

She couldn't find the answer to the song- and she never would.

He kissed her forehead softly, "I'm sorry for everything, Usa"

"What is there to be sorry for?" she asked, her heart in her throat, "I wouldn't change anything of what happened in the past four months"

"Cause you're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything, everything"

"Nothing?" he asked, a perplexed, endearing look on his face.

She kissed him, "Nothing at all. Every moment, every instant led me here. And I wouldn't have it any other way"

"You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything, everything"

It was sad how it had taken a mentally deranged, obsessed boyfriend to lead her to the love of her life. And along the way, she had been hurt in immense ways- but she wouldn't have changed a single thing. She loved everything just the way it was. Where she was held lovingly in the arms that would forever love her.

"You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything, everything"

Her death had been impossible to avoid, she had known it that instant when she had taken the bullet for him, but somehow, his love had saved her, again. And it would keep saving her.

"You're all I want
You're all I need
Everything, everything"

She had never looked so forward to anything in her life than she did at this moment. She could see pure happiness forming around her. She'd have a full life with this man. She could already see the wonderful children that they'd raise together, the hours they'd spend together, the business they'd make together. They'd never again be separate from one another.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"

She'd almost died for this man, and she would again if she had to. But she knew that the fight was over, there was peace in her world once more, a bright and beautiful peace that would blossom like a flower.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better any better than this"

She'd almost been destroyed in the past year- but it had taken this man to rescue her, to save her from going under. This was how it ended.

"And how can I stand here with you
And not be moved by you
Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"

With a happy ending and the promise of a beautiful beginning in which they would leave behind their broken pasts and head off into the sunset together. In love and happiness, together forever.

"Would you tell me how could it be
Any better than this"


Okay, wow, so Going Under is officially over... :(

But it was an AMAZING run. I sincerely loved it and everything that came from it. All the reviews, the friends I made, and just the story in general. I never thought I could write something this profound and get away with it, but wow...I definitely didn't expect this. I started out as a wannabe writer at the beginning of this, and I saw myself grow into at least a mediocre one! :D

Thoughts on the last chapter (which, if you review, I will definitely go into even deeper conversation about): It was insane. I changed the way this chapter ended about a gazillion times, but after much, much, much thought, I finally decided to keep it like this. I just couldn't kill off Kevin OR Usagi. It just...wouldn't have been right, y'know? Plus, I was plenty evil for having them suffer through all of the stuff leading up to this anyway, right? ^_^"

The song I used for this chapter was Everything by Lifehouse, and I thought, was the best song to use for the couple of Usagi and Mamoru. They went through so much together, and learned to love each other, and even when it was all threatened, they managed to hang onto each other. WOOT! GO USA/MAMO! (Okay, I honestly love Seiya too, but for this story, Usa/Mamo all the way!)
But yes, I did pick the songs from my personal favorites, but I tried to make sure it leveled with the chapter/story too, so if you guys want to check out the songs, please do, they're awesome! :)

This story was...just amazing. I worked for hours, days, months (you get the drift) and I'm just amazed at how it turned out. The characters really wrote themselves out, and it was like I was just the pen for it all. I loved all the characters, and hated putting them through all of that grief.

Okay, now I just don't want to stop talking. Please, if you have any questions or comments about the story, don't hesitate to message me/ REVIEW. I will definitely answer/comment to the best of my ability. (At this point, I'll do anything to keep Going Under alive for a little longer!) :'(

For readers who liked my writing style, and want to see more, check out my new stories, Sorrow and In Darkness. Both are much darker than Going Under, so only read them if you're up to it. I'd love to have a similar following as Going Under, but if it doesn't happen, I won't mind all too much. Going Under is special, I totally get that.

So, one last review for the writer who brought Going Under to you? Would you be so kind?

Thank you, all of you guys! I hope you enjoyed Going Under as much as I did!