Boston, Massachusetts, Thats where I would be moving to next week. I layed in my bed thinking about it, not another care in the world. I was overwhelmed with excitment! I would be moving from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast. Myself I might add, my name is Isabella Swan Bella for short. I just got the greatest job that I've always dreamed of. A journalist at The Boston Times, and in one week I would be living on the other side from all my friends and family. To tell you the truth I wasn't that sad about, or I wasn't wallowing in pitty kind of sad. O fcousre I'm going to miss Charlie and my best friend Jasper. We had been friends since I moved there in the 8th grade from Pheonix, Arizona. We were alike in so many ways. He lived with his dad in Forks like me. And his twin sister lived with his mom in New York. I've seen pictures of her and she is beautiful. Of cousre she is the nicest person I've ever met bessides Jasper. She was moving to boston too,to live with her boyfriend Emmett. When she found I was moving ther too she said that we absoutly need to hang out and go shopping. Great! I thought SHOPPING! I really hated shopping. I felt sorry for Jasper, he's moving to Seattle. Not even out of the state. Me and Jasper only dated once and it didn't work out cause we both agreed it was like dating our sibling so we just remain close friends.

"I still can't believe your moving all the way across America" he groaned. I rolled and smiled

"Oh I know! Isn't it great though?" I asked him looking at him. We were currently both sprawled acrooss my bed, while my feet rested in his lap.

"For you" he whined

"Don't be such a party pooper" I laughed and lightly kicked him in the gut.

He looked at me with fake hurt across his face.

"Ouch!" He said all dramactilly. I swear sometimes I thought he was gay. I stuck out my tounge at him. Jasper had always been goodlooking with blond semi shaggy hair and bright blue eyes, I still don't see why he hung around with me I mean I'm just a plain jane with brownhair and eyes.

"Are you all packed" he questioned interupted my thoughts

"Almost" I said up and rested my head on his shoulder

"I'm going to miss my best friend" I said

"I'm going to miss mine too"

"Ok at Christmas your coming to see me and at Thanksgiving I'll come see you!" I said

"Sounds like a plan, Dad is going to be gone Christmas anyways to visit mom and I'll bring Charlie with me on Christmas"

"Ok, Thank you Jasper" I whispered and kissed his cheek and got up and was searching for my shoes

"Hey tomarrow lets make a trip to Seattle I won't you to the apartment I bought" He said with a cheerful glint in his eyes.

"Ok? I didn't know you bought an apartment" I said surprised

"Well I just bought It like 2 days ago, I won't you to help me decorate it" he said smiling I just stared laughing

"What?" "You me to help you decorate it" I said between laughs

"Well it's nice to have a second opinon" he grumbled

"Ok I will Jasper" I laughed and stated toward the door "Lets go get some ice cream" I said and pulled him up. I walked downstairs to find Charlie and mom talking, mom had come to stay to see me off.

"Were going to get ice cream, do yall want to come?" I asked trying to be polite, I glanced at Jasper and was smiling looking ahead, Suckup I thought.

"Um sure lets all go" my dad annouced. That was the best family bonding I've ever had. We were sitting at the park eating our ice cream and talking about memories.

"...and then she slipped and fell and I had to help her up cause she was to embaressed to goet up" Jasper was recalling the time I fell the first I met his intimidating dad. I rolled my eyes

"I'm going to go slide!" i stuck out my tounge like a five year old and walked toward the slide

"Um...Bella you might be a little too big for that" Jasper said walking towards me

"NO I'm not" and slid down the slide with ease

"See?" I smirked at him. He held up his as if surrendering

"My bad" he said and I laughed

The rest of the week flew by. We decorated Jasper's apartment, It looked really awesome after we were finished.

"It's the offical bacholers pad" he said smiling triumphently

Before I knew us four were standing in the aiport waiting for the plane to board. I said bye to my parents first my mom already had tears in her eyes.

"I'm going to miss you" she sobbed in to my shoulder

"Me too mom I love you" I smiled back at her

"Bye kiddo" my dad said and hugged me" I put three cans of pepperspray in your bag" he winked at me

"thanks dad" I smiled " I love you" I hugged Jasper next I was going to miss him the most he was my best friend and like a brother to me.

"I going to miss you" he said and hugged me tighter

"ME too" I said wiping tears from my eyes

"I'll see you in two months" he said and let me go, I reached up kissed him on the cheek

"I love you all and I'll call as soon as I get there!" and with that I walked away to my new life.