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I looked around the room totally shocked. I spotted my mom and her husband Phil then my dad.

My eyes landed on a pixie looking girl with black hair and green eyes similar to Edward's holding my firend's hand, Jasper.

I wanted to cry the moment I saw him. A ton of guilt crashed down on me,

I felt terrible for saying the things I said to him.


"Jasper just...just stop!" I yelled into the phone

"Bella I'm worried! Rose is especially. Your my best-"

"Don't say best friend because thats not it anymore you have Alice now" I said with such venom in my voice I surprised myself.

"Don't even go there!"he roared into the phone"You will always be my best friend! I care about you" he shouted. He had never ever shouted at me before.

"I just think it's best if we're not friends anymore" I whispered" Goodbye Jazz." I hung up

End of Flashback

I ran towards my mom and embraced her in a hug.

"I've missed you so much" I said into her shoulder

"Oh me too" she sobbed "It's so good to see my little girl again" she said tears of happiness running down her cheeks. She let me go and Phil gave me a nice one armed hug.

"Hey dad" I said and walked over to him giving him a tight embrace.

"Hey kiddo" he said and kissed my forehead. I turned toward Jasper and mustered up all the courage and looked him in the eye. All I saw was sadness. I lost it then and there, I ran to him and hugged him as hard as I could. He hugged me back hard too.

"We will talk later" he whispered in my ear. I looked up at him with tears threatning to spill over.

"Bells, I would like you to meet my girlfriend-" Emmett cut him off

"And my sister!" He yelled across the room

"Oh Shut up Em!" she said in a small but vibrante voice "I'm Alice!" she said as I stuck out my hand she jumped to me and gave me a hug.

"Nice to meet you too" I smiled, I looked around the room "How did you all know it was my birthday" I said pointing to Emmett, Rose, and my hunk of a man.

"We have our ways" Edward said leaning against the door frame.

"Oh! Mom, dad, and Phil, this is Edward, my boyfirend." I said walking over and grabbing his hand.

My mom ran to him and gave him a hug "It's so nice to finally meet you!" she squeeled. He smiled his heartbreaking smile.

"It's so nice to finally meet you." he said I just smirked

"Jasper, you never told me they were together! My brother finally found someone" she smiled softly. I was really going to like her.

"I didn't know" Jasper said between clenched teeth. His jaw was in a hard line. I glared at him, sending him a you better watch it look.

Once he saw it he relaxed a little bit, but he still look agitated. I rolled my eyes annoyed. Apparently Rose saw this and decided to jump in.

"Ok! The plan is for you Bella" she looked at me " to open presents then were going to all go eat" she said and lead me to the living room.

"You all really didn't have to-"

"Oh hush" Rose said and handed me a big blue wrapped box

"This is from Emmett and me" she winked "I picked it out!" Emmett piped in earning him a slap to the back of the head. I just laughed and started slowly unwrapping the box.

"Geez! Bella today would be nice!" Emmett yelled again this time earning him two slaps in the back of the head by Alice and Rosalie.

Just for Emmett's benefit I went even slower, I heard him sigh and mumble to himself.

"Bells your killing us all here!" My dad said

"Ok ok sorry, I just love this blue wrapping paper!" I said

"There she goes again" Jasper said rolling his eyes.

"Oh I remember that!" my mom said laughing to herself

"Is this an embarrissing childhood moment of dear Bella here" Emmett said looking hopeful.

"Oh yeah" Jasper said. Emmett pumped his fist in the air

"YESSS! Go on tell!" My mom stated the story while I blushed like crazy.

"It was back in high school when Jasper and Bella use to date-"

"Wait! You two used to date?" Edward said. I blushed even darker.

"Yes" I mumbled

"Anyways Jasper got her this portable radio for her truck-"

"Whoa! Bella drove a truck? Thats bad ass!" Emmett said loudly

"Emmett Cullen!" Rose and Alice said at once "Let her finish the story and watch your mouth!" Rose said very angry

"He wrapped it in this blue wrapped box and took literally an hour to open it just because she loved the wrapping paper so much." Edward just started to snicker

"I even told her what it was, because I got so impatient" Jasper said"Didn't you like hang the wrapping paper on your wall?"

Edward lost it he started busting out laughing as everyone else did. I don't think I could blush a darker red.

I ripped the rest of the pretty blue wrapping paper and bunched it up into a ball and threw it at Edward.

I looked down to see what I had unwrapped and I gasped at what I saw.

There were about six black framed picture frames . I picked one up and it was the the picture of me and Edward in front of the rose bush at the zoo.

The second was one of us sitting in my car the day we got it we were looking at each other laughing.

The third was the one we took last night, how they got it so fast I didn't know.

The fourth was one of me and Jasper eating ice cream at the park the day before I left.

The fifth was one of Rose, Emmett, Edward, and me in front of the Red Sox pub. The sixth was left blank I guessed left for a picture I wanted to put in it.

I looked up tears in my eyes.

"It's perfect...absoutly wonderful" I jumped up and gave both of them hugs. I turned and saw Edward looking at them, smiling while looking at the one from the hockey game.

I sat back down beside him and whispered in his ear.

"That was a magical night" I said while his breathing hitched

"I was just thinking that" he said back

Alice hopped up to me and handed me an evenlope.

" I had to get you something...I feel like were going to be best friends" she said I smiled and opened the evenlope.

Inside was a seventy-five dollar gift card to a bookstore downtown.

"Oh my!" I said holding it up then i jumped up and gave her and Jasper a hug.

"Thank you so much" I said hugging her once more. She laughed and hugged me back.

"Okay mine's next!" my mom handed me a huge gift bag. I laughed.

"Mom, you are awesome!" I said hugging her

"I know! I actually took time and wrapped it! I tried to use wrapping paper but you know me I suck!" she laughed

"I finally just told her to use a gift bag, I was tired of having to go out and but more paper." Phil said and wrapped his arms around my mom's waist.

They were so great together. I pulled out the tissue paper and looked inside the bag and pulled out a plate, cup and silverware set. It was royal blue and pearl white. It was so beautiful. The silverware was so elegant.

"Rosalie said you need some new plates and cups and I knew you loved blue!" she laughed with everyone else.

"Thanks mom and Phil" I said and hugged them both. My dad came up to me with a brown paper bag.

"I remember telling you a few years back I would always give you my policemen jacket when we got new ones, and guess what we got new ones. Happy Birthday kiddo." he said and handed me the bag.

I gasped and looked inside the bag and there was his jacket with Chief Swan printed on the back. I sat there holding my daddys old jacket.

The tears were really spilling now.

"Daddy, It's perfect" I whispered and hugged him. A flash went off in the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw my mom had snapped a picure of us.

"My turn!" Edward said and grabbed a jewlry box.

"Edward" I warned " You really shoul-" he silenced me with his lips. The room erupted with Awwws and flashes.

"Happy Birthday, love" I opened the box and saw the most elegant, beautiful, and lovely neckless. It was white gold with a heart and a green stone in the middle of it. I gasped for the upteenth time that day.

"Edward...it's...it's beautiful" I said while he gently grabbed it and turned me around and putting it on.

"Just like you" he whispered and wrapped his arms around me.

"Smile you two." my mom said. I rested a hand on his chest while his arms stayed around me. The camera flashed

"AWW! That is a wonderful picture" My mom said looking at it on the small screen.

"Bella I love you and everything but I'm starving!" Emmett bellowed

"Ok...where do you all want to go eat?" Edward and Emmett's shared glances

"Eagles!" they yelled in unison

"It was voted number two place to pig out!" Emmett said

"Oh wonderful!" I said sarcasticly Edward's chest vibrated as he laughed.

"Well, lets go! I could pig out!" My dad said.

Edward, my mom, Phil, and Charlie rode in my car and the others rode in Emmett's oversized excuse of a car. Edward drove, because I has no clue where this Eagle's Deli was.

Once inside I scanned the menu of the packed place, I decided on the Not So Hot burger, it sounded good to me.

"Please Rose!!" I heard Emmett whining

"NO! Another time" I started laughing at Emmett's pouting face.

"She won't let me do the Challenge burger!" he said very accusingly towards Rosalie.

"What's the Challenge burger?" I asked Edward looked at me like I was crazy.


"Eddie here" Emmett slapped Edward on the back" Tried it once but threw up half way through it."

Edward cringed at the memory.

"That bad?" I asked he just nodded

"The Challenge burger which is 5lbs of beef, 20 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon and of course what's a burger without fries, so it comes with 5lbs of fries!"

Emmett explained in one breath I scanned the menu for the "Challenge burger". Holy Crow! It was $50.00!!

"Um...wow!" I added"Can I try it?"

"I don't think that is the greatest idea" Edward said

"Yeah, you could barely keep a half pound steak down." Jasper said and smirked. I glared at all of them and saw my dad and Phil snickering in the background. So I pranced up to the counter.

"What can I get you today?" the man said behind the register.

"I would like the Challenge burger....with extra bacon!" I said and the man smiled and yelled to the kitchen

"We got a challenger!" I turned around and smirked at everyone who had their jaws open. I walked up to Edward and whispered

"I would close that, you might catch a fly" I laughed and walked off and sat at a table waiting for my challenge that I knew I would regret.

It had been an half hour and it still wasn't ready yet! Everyone else had already finished their burgers waiting on me now. Emmett kept chanting Bella is a beast! Edward was just sitting there stunned that I Bella Swan had the balls to do this!

"Ok! Here we go!" The man brought out the biggest burger I had ever seen. It looked almost as big as Alice. My eyes widened

"If you finish and the fries you will have a new burger named after you!" he said and smiled. I just gulped and dug in.

Fifteen minutes later it was halfway gone and I was still hungry so I just kept going and going. I would glane at Edward every so often, he just had the same expression on his face the whole time, shock.

I had finished the burger and I just had a handful of fries left and I was still feeling okay. Before I knew it, I was all done. I gulped down my water and sat there looking at everyone.

"Holy Shit, Bella is wat too bad ass!!!" Emmett yelled and high fived me I belched a little and smiled.

"Excuse me?" I giggled

"Are you feeling sick or nausaous?" Edward asked taking my hand

"Um...no?" I said as the owner was smiling brightly

"Congraulations Miss..."

"Bella Swan" I said proudly. He took my picture and hung it up with everyone else's who had conqured the monster burger. They named a new jr. burger after me.

We were on our way back to Rose and Emmett's house when it happened

"Oh no! Pull over Edward!" I said franticly and hopped out of the car vomited all over the sid of the road.

Edward just laughed and held my hair back

"Jasper owes me 50 bucks" he snickered I just rolled my eyes and got back into the car. Great! I though they bet on me when I would vomit!


By the way Eagle's deli is a real place in Boston it's amazing!! The Challenge burger is CRAZY!!