I was bored. I decided to write this letter and post it on here :). I was also very tired and cba to re-read it now.... :S. The A/N written below was written straight after i wrote this. W-O-W.

but anyway i was bored and this came to me... What if Edward hadnt come back? What would have happened.

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Dear Edward Cullen,

Edward Cullen. A name I have heard so many times, sobbed into my mother's pillow, called out from the darkness. I understand that she has never written to you, has never phoned or searched or looked for you – but I will. That's why I'm writing to you now.

You've got to understand, that it doesn't make me feel good when every single night of my life I can hear my mother, your old girlfriend, yell your famous name so that it lingers about the house, looms in the darkness for eternity… or until you return.

I don't know much about you, Mr Edward Cullen, and that is why I don't understand why you left her. I will never understand these things, unless you help me to. I guess you're wondering who I am, interfering with your life, messing up your perfect world. I'm Bella's daughter. My name is Lizzie Edward Swan. You've no idea how much that name has gotten me bullied. A boys name as my middle name? Unheard of. Thanks, for that.

She was raped, I think, that's how I was born. Romantic, eh? But she was walking home form a shrouded meadow one night, I once heard her shout out in her sleep, 'it was worth it to be in Edward's meadow', and a drunken man saw her. I don't even know who my father is, Mr Edward Cullen, and I wont ever. She won't even tell me whom she thinks it is, and I know she knows. All I have been told is how she wasn't expecting me, and how my father was a bad, bad man. I also know she was raped exactly 9 months and 6 days before my birthday, 20th June.

I'm not even sure why I'm writing to you. Mum said you would never come home. But I guess I wanted to know why.

And you may want to know why I'm writing now. Well, I have just turned 16, and my mother is ill. Depression, they say. And I know what from… but I also know the cure. She's dying, Mr Cullen, everyday her pale face gets graver, sometimes I cannot be sure if she is even looking through her brown eyes, if a ghost has inhabited her body and she's already dead. And she said something about you turning her, I know that it doesn't make any sense; she said it when she was sleeping.

So, I hope that by some miracle, Mr Edward, this letter will touch your heart. Because we all know that you have one, even if it is hidden deep in your chest.

Thank you,

Lizzie Edward Swan.

INSPIRATION was why I wrote this!

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