Chapter Four

Draco was woken up by a scream. He leapt out of the bed and stumbled down the stairs to see Harry being lifted up by his hair by a man who was all too familiar to Draco.

"Let him go." He said lifting a wand on his Father.

"I'm so sorry Draco." Lucius Malfoy sneered. "But you had your choice."

Draco leapt forward cursing every curse he could think of, none of them managed to hit Lucius. Lucius just sneered at Draco before lifting his wand and shooting a curse at Draco which he dodged.

"I'm disappointed Draco. I would have thought you would know better curses than that." Lucius said and he dropped Harry on the floor.

"Leave him be!" Draco yelled leaping forward trying to grab Harry but Lucius just shot a well aimed curse at his son. It hit Draco in the chest and Draco flew backwards into the wall.

"DRACO!" Harry screamed. Lucius sneered and lifted his wand again. "NO!"

Suddenly Harry began to glow, green aura seemingly melting from him. He stood and ran over to Draco before Lucius could catch him.

"Stupid child." Lucius sneered at Harry ignoring the green aura. He lifted his wand again and pointed it to Draco and opened his mouth.

"NO!" Harry screamed. A large stream of green magic shot out from Harry and hit Lucius Malfoy directly in the chest. Just like his son had Lucius Malfoy flew backwards into the opposite wall his head hitting the stone hard.

Harry began to cry and curled up against Draco's side his magic swirling and curling around the blonde haired teen.

"Harry?" Draco mumbled and Harry looked up at him his tears still falling. "What happened?"

"Draco!" Harry cried hugging Draco tightly.

"It's okay Harry." Draco whispered hugging Harry tight noticing for the first time the swirls of green magic. "What happened? Where is my Father?"

"T-The b-bad man he was going to h-hurt you again, I knew he was and I-I screamed and he flew backwards." Harry sobbed. "I didn't mean to, I-I just d-didn't want him to h-hurt you."

Draco looked up from Harry's hair and saw his Father sprawled on the floor a fine line of blood trailing down his forehead. Draco stood Harry still in his arms and body bound his Father taking the wand that lay on the floor with him.

"We have to go tell Dumbledore." Draco said before leaving the rooms. He ran all of the way to Dumbledore's office and swore as he realised he didn't know the password. He shouted every kind of sweet he could think of.

"Mr Malfoy, what pray tell are you doing?" A voice asked and Draco turned to see McGonagall standing behind him her hands on her hips.

"My F-Father, he used a portkey and transported into our rooms. He tried to take Harry." Draco whispered pulling Harry closer to his body. The green magic had stopped coming out from Harry and Harry was now just sobbing and clinging to Draco.

"What?! What happened?!" McGonagall yelled. "Where is your Father now?"

"He's in the rooms. I tied him in a full body bind." Draco said.

"Come quickly, we must talk to Dumbledore. Fizzle whizz!" McGonagall said to the gargoyle that moved aside. They climbed the staircase, Draco cradled Harry closer and Harry whimpered but stopped crying.

"Mr Malfoy, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Dumbledore asked and Draco glared at him.

"My Father managed to get past the Hogwarts wards somehow and attacked Harry while I was asleep. I woke up but Lucius overpowered me and knocked me out. When I woke up Lucius was unconscious and Harry was hugging me crying, some sort of green aura coming out from him and encircling me." Draco said sitting down and cradling Harry close.

"Hmm, I was afraid this would happen whilst Harry was a child." Dumbledore said tapping his chin in thought. "What have you done with Lucius?"

"I put him in a full body bind and left him in my rooms. He won't be awake for a while though, he hit his head pretty hard on the wall." Draco said frantically. "But if one got through then it's really possible that someone else could too!"

"I know." Dumbledore said pinching the bridge of his nose as he thought. He walked over to his fire and stuck his head into it. "Severus, please can you go to Mr Malfoy's rooms. It seems Malfoy Sr has seen fit to break in and try and take Harry."

Then he pulled back and sat back down in his chair.

"Harry, would you tell me what happened?" Dumbledore asked and Harry turned his face from Draco's shoulder. Draco gently wiped the tears from Harry's face and Harry bit his lip.

"A b-bad man came, he grabbed me and I woke up. Draco came running down the stairs and they started fighting, light coming out of their wands. Then the man's spell hit Draco and he got h-hurt." Harry stopped here and gently touched the blood on Draco's forehead. "I got really scared and green light started glowing from me. I-I screamed and the bad man flew backwards."

Draco cradled Harry close as he started crying again.

"Sshh, it's okay Harry." He whispered stroking the child's hair. Just then there was a knock at the door and Dumbledore called for them to enter.

Snape walked through the door levitating an unconscious Lucius Malfoy behind him. Harry let out a small scream and clung tighter to Draco.

"He can't hurt you Harry, don't worry." Draco murmured but he kept his eyes on the limp figure anyway.

"Thank you Severus. I shall fire call the Ministry now." Dumbledore said and Snape nodded. Dumbledore knelt next to the fire again and Draco stood walking over to Lucius he glared at his Father as he felt Harry's fingers dig into his robes.

But just then Lucius' eyes flew open and he grabbed Draco. Draco let out a cry but it was too late. The portkey had activated dragging him and Harry along with Lucius.

He landed on a cold floor his back stinging as he landed. Harry was crying again and tugging at Draco's robes. Draco slowly sat up clinging to Harry. He looked around himself and he gasped as he realised where he was.

They were sitting in the middle of Voldemort's higher circle.

"You took your time Lucius." A cold voice hissed and Harry cowered against Draco.

"Sorry my Lord. There were some distractions." Lucius said and Draco glared at his father.

"Hmm. Never mind. It seems you have brought us a toy as well Lucius." The same voice hissed and Draco looked up to the tallest seat. Upon it sat Voldemort, his snake like eyes glinting red in the light.

Draco shuddered but then one of the death eaters stood and walked over to them.

"It is so perfect. I shall be able to raise Potter exactly as I wish. A weapon against the Light side." Voldemort hissed. "Take the boy and lock Draco in the dungeons."

"NO!" Draco yelled as they tried to take Harry from him. He clung to the child and Harry screamed and clung back. But the Death Eater was stronger and he pried Harry kicking and screaming from Draco's arms.

Draco tried to go after him but he was grabbed from behind by another Death eater. He was dragged from there all the way to the dungeons. Which he was thrown roughly into. His head hit the wall and the world swayed before turning black.


Draco was woken by the sound of a lock turning in the door. He sat upright as he remembered where he was. He watched as the Death Eater walked into his cell. He raised his wand and the room glowed green for second.

"We only have a few minutes to talk." The Death Eater removed his mask and Draco frowned, it was Snape.

"Sev?" Draco whispered.

"I have found the antidote to Potter's condition. I'll find some way to give it to him. But I can't get you out just yet. They have this cell guarded to the extreme." Severus said. "When Potter gets back to his normal age I'll come and find you. You have to be ready."

Draco nodded but then the room glowed again and Snape walked out from the room, his Death Eater mask firmly in place.


Harry sat in the room they had given him cowering in the corner of the bed. He was worried about Draco. No one had come into the room yet and he was terrified of the snake man he had seen earlier. He was the man who had come in his dream.

Just then the door opened and Snape entered, Harry's eyes widened as he recognised the man.

"P-Profes-sor." Harry stuttered and Snape nodded.

"Do not fear Potter. I am not here to harm you. I just brought you a drink." Snape said quietly, still fearful that someone might hear him in here. He handed Harry a blue potion and Harry drank it slowly. His eyes widened before drooping and he fell backwards. Snape caught him and lowered him gently to the bed. He then transfigured Harry's clothes into the right size and watched as the boy's body grew.

Snape winced as he heard the bones cracking as they stretched, he was thankful that he had put a pain-relief potion into the mix so Harry did not have to feel the pain.

It seemed like hours later when Harry was the right size and he groaned before his eyes fluttered open. He seemed to remember where he was and he shot up.

"Where's Draco?" He asked worriedly.

"In the dungeons. We must hurry." Snape said helping an unsteady Harry to his feet. Harry didn't need to be told twice and he hurried after the Professor wanting to get to Draco before Voldemort did.


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