Mario's Sugar Cookie Fetish

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was heading over to Toadette's house for a special date with her. He brougth Fire Flowers and a blue spiky shell with him, both of which were special gifts for Toadette. Stopping right in front of her house, he knocked several times, and started whistling his theme to himself. Toadette opened the door, gasped, and allowed Mario in, with great joy.

"Oh!Mario, you did came!" Toadette squealed as she hugged Mario and kissed him on the cheek, blushing slightly. "I'm so happy that you're here! Can you wait a moment?" She then rushed into her bedroom, shutting the door.

Mario only smiled, taking a seat on the pink couch as he looked around. Nearly everything was pink and white, and the place had a cute, yet alluring atmosphere to it. Mario closed his eyes, and he then started smelling cookies... wait, cookies?

"Sugar cookies!" Mario exclaimed as he jumped out of the couch and headed for the kitchen, his eyes fully widened as he added, "Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!"

The red-capped Italian American plumber barged into the kltchen, looking all over to see where the delicious scent was coming from. He checked the stove, but it was not in there. Frowning, he snapped his finger sand checked the counter, but it was not there either. FOlding his arms, Mario took a deep breath and pondered where the scent could be. Suddenly, he could hear Toadette giggling from the other side of the wall.

"Golly! I sure hope Mario likes my homemade sugar cookies! Squee!"

His mouth drooling, Mario bursted through the wall, scaring Toadette, who hid under her bed, her panties accidentally falling out. Sweatdropping, Mario looked around to see where the sugar cookies were. He checked the drawers, then the mirror, then the paintings... nope. Frowning, Mario sighed as he sat on the bed, mumbling on how badly he wanted the sugar cookies. Toadette then got out from under the bed and sat down next to Mario, accidentally forgetting to put back on her panties (but it's not like anyone would notice since she was a rather large dress).

"Mario, I have the sugar cookies, but-" Before Toadette could finish as she held a plate full of sugar cookies, Mario grabbed it from her and snacked down on the entire thing, letting out a satisfying belch. Toadette sniffled, her eyes getting teary eyed as Mario noticed and frowned. "Those cookies weren't ready yet, and I'm hungry enough than it is!" Bursting into tears, she kicked Mario out of her house, who felt incredibly bad as he sulked and headed back for his home in a depressed mood.