Mario vs the Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario was fighting a bunch of ninja Koopas who were ambushing him in the plumber's own home. Mario used his own house's furniture to fight off the ninjas, but they kept coming back with their ninja stars that pierced through wood. Turning around and noticing that, Mario's eyes widened as he was kicked in the stomach by a ninja Koopa, who then proceeded to spin around and smack Mario several times before another one body slammed him into the ground. Mario moaned weakly, but he had no time to ponder, as a ninja Koopa grabbed some of the dishes from the cabinet and started chucking them at Mario. Mario screamed, and he got up to dodge the dishes, but he slipped on a bar of soap another ninja Koopa tossed on the ground, the swift turtles laughing as Mario slid right into the wall, falling on his back.

Mario quickly got up, opening his eyes slowly and gasping to see the group of ninja Koopas (four of them, to be exact. Hey, Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas!) slowly but surely approaching them with their ninja stars. Mario quickly did a barrel roll to the door and got on his feet, hopping into the bushes and pulling out a Star, using it to become invincible. He then ran back to his house, punching through the outside wall and confronting the ninja Koopas, who all pounced onto him from all four corners. Grinning, Mario allowed the ninja Koopas on him, proceeding to do a spin attack to knock the turtles out of his house. He then grinned with glee as he watched the ninja Koopas heading towards the southern direction, fleeing. Sighing, and the Star's invincibility disappearing, Mario turned around, and sighed, shaking his head. His beautiful home was wrecked by the ambush.

"Well, looks like I-a got a job to-a do," Mario stated to himself as he grabbed a hammer and started pounding some nails into the wooden piles, to help them keep in place. But little did he know... ninja Koopas would and could come back to ambush you when you least expect it... in larger numbers. And a sneakier fashion.