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I was so happy that this manga finally got its own section! I've had this story lying around my Word for a while, so here it is!


Merleawe was still trying to conjure up a valid excuse in her head as to why she and captain of the Black Knights were both sitting ten inches apart only in their underwear in one of the smallest and quietest rooms in the palace, when Vaith casually passed her a box of chocolate.

"What's this?" Mel asked warily- Staring over at Vaith with her pale blue eyes with one eyebrow quirked. Vaith smirked back at her, making her melt the tiniest bit.

"It looks very much like chocolate to me." replied Vaith, "But maybe that's a trick question?"

"You know what I mean." Mel snapped, though she had to try really hard not to giggle girlishly, "What have you done to them?"

"Nothing!" protested Vaith, but Mel didn't look convinced. He pouted.

"You're so suspicious." tutted Vaith, undoing the violet ribbon on the box deftly and flipping off the lid. Selecting one of the chocolates, he popped it into his mouth, licking his bottom lip with a pointed pink tongue.

Mel frowned, jerking her head to flick the silver bangs out of her face. Leaning toward the chocolates, she hesitantly picked one up with clumsy fingers. The dark brown surface was flecked with tiny chunks of white chocolate, and it was making her mouth water just looking at it. It practically squealed, 'Eat me!'

Cautiously, Mel took a bite.

Caramel oozed out of the chocolate as Mel sank her teeth into the tiny chocolate. She was actually shocked that such a small chocolate could contain such a ridiculous amount of caramel and not have exploded trying to keep it all in.

Then, as Mel chewed, she noticed something fatal.

Vaith was smiling.

Mel swallowed the chocolate, frowning, her finger twisting around the violent ribbon, a kind of gaudy tourniquet.

"What's the matter?" inquired Vaith, all innocence. Mel's eyes narrowed again, cold blue steel. Vaith was immune. Damn him. "Don't you want another?"

"Don't you?" answered Mel, sweetly, because if he could play the angelic card, so could she, goddamit! She had the hair and everything.

"I bought these for you, you know." Vaith actually had the cheek to sound offended.

"Well, then they're mine to do what I like with, right?" Mel replied, and without further ado, she leant forwards and stuffed a randomly selected chocolate into Vaith's mouth.

Vaith looked shocked as the chocolate was forced past his teeth, but a gleam had entered his eyes and Mel knew that she had just made some kind of 'first fire' move.

"I suppose so." mused Vaith, after swallowing his almond chocolate, "But since I bought them..."

Vaith's hand shot out, and Mel opened her mouth of her own accord, letting Vaith push an orange-flavoured chocolate into her mouth, which she swallowed in one go, feeling the chocolate go sliding down her throat, making her all warm and happy inside. Vaith's face was suddenly very close to hers.

"Oh, looks like I missed a spot." he mused, and Mel realised he meant the slick of chocolate on her bottom lip. When Vaith decided to get it off using his mouth, Mel decided that she didn't particularly mind. In fact, she decided that it was the best method of doing it ever invented. She returned Vaith's kiss with her own, mentally trying to decide whether that was better then chocolate. It was a really tough thing to decide on, especially as Vaith nibbbled her low lip.

So it was quite shame when Yue came bursting into the room, his normally impassive face flushed an angry scarlet, with a shocked but amused Glen right bein him.

"WHAT is going on in here?!" expostulated Yue, looking from Merleawe to Vaith.

Mel blinked.

Vaith blinked.

He held up the box.