Kyouya stared at Tamaki in disbelief. Hikaru and Kaoru were in fits of laughter in the corner, tears visible in their eyes. Hunni had his eyes covered by Mori's hand, the taller boy just as plainly disturbed as Kyouya was. Haruhi was the only one who had not overreacted; her hand was covering her chuckles, though she was also visibly disturbed.

The boy who had caused said disturbance was looking at them all in complete confusion. Sat atop a regal-looking white horse, blond hair falling just-so into his eyes, Tamaki looked the epitome of a handsome prince. So why was everybody staring at him strangely?

Kyouya was the first to snap out of the trance-like state they were all in. He coughed slightly, pushing his glasses up his nose and clutching his notebook.

"Tamaki… May I ask just what possessed you to turn up to school like this today?"

Tamaki blinked, focusing his gaze on the Host Club's treasurer, before breaking out into a huge grin.

"Okaasan, was it not you who told us all we should show our customers a more natural appearance when we aren't during club hours?"

"Yes." Kyouya admitted grudgingly. "But what does that have to do with a horse?"

Tamaki beamed at him. "I thought, 'what's more natural than a beautiful, white horse?!'."

The Host Club King seemed pleased with his logic. Kyouya just shook his head and returned to staring in disbelief. Tamaki's reply had sent Hikaru and Kaoru into raucous laughter again, and the two were now crouching on the ground, leaning on each other.

Haruhi was the one who spoke next.

"I understand the horse, Tamaki-sempai... But why exactly are you naked?"

AN: So, this is the first of many one-shots. It was a tonne of fun to write, even though it's so short. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Till next time,