I do not own any of the twilight saga. I do not own any of the following characters. They are from the inspirational mind of the amazing Stephenie Meyer.

A normal nineteen year old girl wouldn't count on her existence to revolve around a hundred-and-something year old vampire. A normal nineteen year old girl. A normal girl my age wouldn't have her life almost cut short because she smelt so appetising her enemies wanted to eat her. A normal girl my age. But, as it had been since before I can remember, I've never been normal. And I do count on my existence to revolve around a vampire, whom I perceived as a God, who is older than a hundred years. Not do, did.

Edward Cullen was my life, my lover, my soul mate. He was my world for a year and a half. That was until the eventful night that he lost control, eight months ago. The night I lost control. We lost control. In the process of making love for the first time, he managed to break two of my ribs, my left arm and my right leg. Sixteen hours and thirty-two minutes later, he left me. And I've never seen him since. He took everything that ever reminded me of him. Everything, but the huge bump sticking out under my maternity dress. The bump he wasn't aware of. So here I am, eight months and five days pregnant, a single teenager, and living in a college dorm by myself. Great.

"Bella!" I turned around too quickly, lost my balance, and dropped my textbooks and black umbrella as I held my hands out ready to clash with the ground. I was walking across campus, trying to get out of the cold and rain. Before I had a chance to hit my head on the sidewalk, a pair of hot, strong arms caught me. I would recognise the beautiful olive skin anywhere. I looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes.

"Jacob? Jacob Black! What are you doing here?!" I exclaimed. I hadn't seen my werewolf friend for over three months. He had abandoned me when I had confided in him about the pregnancy. I watched my best friend pick up my books and handed me back my umbrella.

"I came to see you of course, silly Bella." He grinned, my Jacob grin, and I couldn't help but grin back. "Let's get inside before you catch a cold, or something." He ruffled my hair playfully, like he used to do.

We walked silently and as quickly as I could with my extra weight, into the building, and then not quite as quickly to my dorm. Jacob walked in, and instantly dropped my books on my desk, and collapsed onto my bed.

"You look shattered, Jake." I commented, as I watched him close his eyes. I joined him on the bed.

"I haven't been sleeping much; I've patrolling a lot lately. Sam's got me working overtime." He didn't open his eyes.

"Jacob Black, you shouldn't let him over work you. It's like slave labour or something." I punched him playfully in the ribs, and wished immediately I hadn't. My knuckles were going to bruise. He looked up at me, with nothing but concern for me in his eyes.

"Look at you Bells. You're getting big. Like really big. When's the due date?" He glanced down at my bump, and automatically reached out to touch it, but withdrew his hand before he could. I cradled my belly affectionately as we discussed my little baby.

"A few weeks. May the twenty-ninth. I'm hoping he will hold out until end of semester." I grinned at Jacob, who was watching me intently.

"How are you Bella? Honestly."

"I'm fine Jake. Why wouldn't I be? Healthy as a horse." I grinned, but he did not grin back.

"I was on about emotionally. You weren't yourself before you left. You were...almost dead. Lifeless. Charlie was losing his mind."

"How is Charlie? Is he okay?" I looked up, the whole in my chest, my soul, threatening to open up. I hadn't spoken to my father since I left home in August, the year before. He hadn't replied to my letter, or gift, I sent him for Christmas. He didn't know I was expecting his first grandchild.

"He's alive. He doesn't fish so much anymore. Billy has real troubles getting him out of the house. He says that he's okay. He's waiting for a phone call Bells. Maybe you should call him?" Jake sat up, next to me, and put his arm around my shoulders.

"I can't" I whispered. "You know he will try and coax me back, which will just tear both of us apart when I refuse to go ho..." I was cut off by a twinge in my lower abdomen. Jacob stood up immediately, and crouched in front of me.

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