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Bella POV

"Go clean the dishes" they shout, it's always the same. It's always 'Bella do this' or 'Bella do that'. They think I won't get my happily ever after, but ill prove them wrong. One day, ill be happy in a dance school, with the perfect boy, who will love me forever.

So this is me, Isabella Marie Swan, but call me Bella. To give you an insider of my life, my mother remarried, to a guy named Phil, to her he was an alright guy. Then my mother died, and I was stuck with Phil for the rest of my life. He asks me to do everything.

My step-sisters are 'angels', they get everything. I've gotten used to being hungry, and even sometimes I cry myself to sleep. But they don't seem to care. All they care about is how they dress, or what the house looks like. We haven't had visitors in years, go figure.

Phil owns a pub in New York. If I'm not cleaning the house, or shopping for them, I'm working there. It's my last semester in the twelfth grade. Graduating soon, I can't wait to get out of this hell hole. I'm hoping to get into Dance school. My friend Alice's hoping I get in.

I stayed up last night, trying to think things through. Suddenly my alarm clock went. 4:30 in the morning, already? I usually don't usually get up this early, but I didn't want to bump into the famous Cullenizer, or Edward - whichever you wanted to call him, and his best friends. I didn't want to look like a screaming fan-girl.

So I got out of bed and started to make breakfast. I eat mine on the go, so I ran around getting everything ready, soon after the bacon was almost ready, and there was coffee on the boiler. Then they walked down the stairs. Jessica and Lauren (my step sisters) asked for they're 'less fat food' it was really fatty, really, but they thought that there wasn't much fat in it, so let's let them think that.

"I'm going early today" I said, "I hope you don't mind" I talked to them like they controlled my life.

"And I guess you'll be home late too" he snarled. It was always like that when I decided stuff for myself. "I'm fed up of taking your shifts on Mondays so you can go to those stupid dance lessons that my two darlings have never seen you in before". I hated this life more than you would expect. Alice was waiting for me after I stormed out of the house.

I loved Alice and everything but she was way too exited for the Cullenizer to come to this school. Why doesn't anyone call him by his first name anymore? Shouldn't at least this school call him Edward? Just to fit in you know. I tuned Alice out till she stopped about 'Cullenizer' or as I would call him 'Edward'. I know what it's like to stand out. I'm not so sure that he'll want to 'fit in' around here though.

I walked into a full corridor, Jessica and Lauren were here, they looked orange as they walked pasted us. "Tangoed" was what Alice screamed after them. I pulled her away before they started a fight. All of a sudden a cheerleader, Rosalie, shouted "OMG. The Cullenizer is here." Then it all started. Alice puppy-dog-eyed me to see them, I told her to go if she wanted, but I won't get involved. I walked to my first class. It was English, I've always hated English. Alice came into the room about five minutes later with a huge grin on her face and handed me a note.

It said: Cullenizer is in this class. Don't make eye-contact with him. He's mega hot. He signed my bag. His friend Jasper is hotter than the Cullenizer. You'll see he's the blonde.

I sighed. Was I the only one that didn't care about this person? Alice was smiling at me when he walked into the room.

I couldn't help staring at him.

Edward POV

"Don't let go Edward" who was this; I dreamed her up and still no idea who she was. Whoever it was, she knew my actual name. Not that old effing nickname that everyone calls me. Cullenizer. All I get these days. But then the angel in my arms turned into a crowd, everyone singing:

'Cullenizer, Cullen-Cullenizer,

You're The Cullenizer,

Oh Cullenizer, Oh,

You're The Cullenizer, baby.

You, You, You are,

You, You, You are,

Cullenizer, Cullenizer,


Jeez, I hated that song. I should kill whoever made it up. I hated the song it came from anyway. Then the alarm clock went off. God I hated that sound even more than that song. Even though I should be glad that this was my first day back in school since the world tour, I just need to get away from it all. My best friend, Jasper, goes out running every morning. Today there was a note saying 'I've gone out running' nothing new about that, 'I won't be eating breakfast with you this morning, be back for school though'.

Why's everyone obsessed with school? Why couldn't Jasper turn out famous? Why this school anyway? I've never even seen the school before. I rolled out of bed. I walked downstairs for breakfast remembering that girl that was in my dream. It was strange to say the least. Mum came in with a plate of toast. Then she went on about being nice to Jasper's twin sister Rosalie. Ahh, that's why we're going to this school.

I've heard a lot about her lately, but luckily she has a boyfriend, so she can't have a mega crush on me. I hope I find at least someone like that, someone that doesn't care about my famous life. I was pulled out of my train of thoughts when a horn beeped outside, time for the torture to begin. I stepped outside into the quite warm air. When I got to the silver Volvo Jasper was already there. "About time" he mumbled, I just laughed. We got to the school in less than half an hour.

"Do I really have to go back to school? I don't want to be the freaky famous guy, again" I wined, maybe he'll let me skip the semester, and I'll leave this town forever after.

"You're going to this school. Remember what you're mother told you about skipping school? She won't let you tour again if you to skip this one again." he said it like he would miss touring. I sighed. What was the point to arguing about it?

We got out of the car, I hoped I wouldn't be noticed but one of the cheerleaders screamed "OMG. The Cullenizer is here." God were they trying to kill me. Then everyone surrounded me and Jas- oh wait he's gone, typical. As I attempted to get past a pixie kind of girl and her friend were leaning up against lockers. Her friend –the pixie- came running out; she –the other girl- just slowly walked to class. I wished everyone would be like her, not caring about me at all. I walked out of the crowd to find my ex-girlfriend Tanya standing there.

"I've missed you so much." She sighed, trying to put her arms around me, "Why didn't you call me while you were on tour?"

"Listen Tanya; we're over. I want nothing to do with you anymore." I said maybe a bit too harshly. I walked into the office, to find out what periods I had. English, free (or optional dance), Music, Biology, free (Language optional). Sigh, I would take up the optional dance class, and not go to the language class.

"Do you want to take an optional class, dear?" the girl behind the desk asked, her name tag said she was Angela.

"I'll take dance, but ill have a free last period." I told her.

"Do you want to teach the dance class for a couple of lessons, dear?" so even the receptionist knew I was famous.

"I'll teach them for a couple of lessons." I replied.

"Would you like to do it 5th period too?" she asked, probably to get me out of peoples systems.

"Whatever. I have to get to English." I hated my school life already. I walked around the school with my hood up. It probably would kill me if I got noticed now. I had my head in a map when I bumped into Jasper. "Where've you been, man?" I asked, confused that he hasn't been to the office yet.

"I met this amazing girl." He answered. "I'll tell you about her later." I sighed. I continued my way to the English room. I found it about 5 minutes before the bell rang. As I walked in, the girl of my dreams was staring at me. My heart stopped at that moment. She was even more beautiful than in my dreams. I found a desk around middle of the class. Everyone was staring at me. It was like I has a neon sign above my head saying 'stare at me, I'm famous'. That girl, that's all I could think about, she was doodling now. She didn't even have to try not to look at me. Then the teacher walked in, she had black hair, she was tall and thin.

We were studying Romeo and Juliet. At least Miss Nelson was trying to teach us about Romeo and Juliet. She noticed the brown haired girl doodling. "Miss Isabella Swan, are you listening?" So her name is Isabella? I'd have to ask her about that. I looked at her, her head snapped up, obviously she hadn't. Her hand reached up to her chin, then I saw a heart on her doodle book, I didn't want to look see whose name was in it, she might already be taken. I hope she's not.

"Err... I was listening." She said, almost too quietly. She looked towards two girls that were laughing at her. I wanted to slap them for it. 'Just because you saw her in your dream, Edward, it doesn't mean you are in love with her, you don't even know the girl' my thoughts took over. There was 5 minutes left of the lesson and the girl to Isabella's left, her friend, started laughing. Then White Horse by Taylor Swift started playing and Isabella started looking for her phone. Phil was phoning her. Who was Phil?

After that, the teacher gave up, and left the last of the period a free period. I daydreamed about going over to Isabella and having a decent conversation with her. But as usual I got surrounded by other girls. And she was talking to her friend, she looked over sometimes. Then after what felt like hours, the bell rang, I was so glad to get out of the class, she stood by the door for her friend, and I didn't notice her until I bumped into her. "I'm sorry! I didn't see you" I stuttered. She just looked at me, and then the conversation began.

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