A/N: Another one of my older ILH fics. This one is actual shounen-ai, unlike Sacred Honor. Haha. Hope you enjoy this little one-shot! ^^


First of November

Finch, Pig Pig, Mr. Kitty, Devil Lad, and Moochie lay sprawled across the lawn in exhaustion. Stuffed pillowcases and piles of candy and wrappers surrounded them. It was another successful year. Finch turned a heavy eye to the horizon. Tufts of light threatened to end the darkness.

"Hey, guys! Stand alert!" They shakily rose, Pig Pig mumbling to himself half-asleep until Mr. Kitty's elbow in his rib cut it short. Finch had to hold his sleepy little sister upright so she could see.

They watched in fatigue-induced silence as the first November sun climbed into the sky.

Mr. Kitty yawned. "So ends another one."

"Yup," they all agreed. They watched on for several more minutes.

Mr. Kitty turned suddenly. "Well, I gotta go. See ya."

"Yeah, me too. Later, Finch." Pig Pig followed him.

"Bye," Finch called over his shoulder, hoisting Moochie into his arms. Devil Lad came up beside him.

"We're headed the same direction. I'll walk with you."

"Alright. But only if you help carry my stuff. I gotta hold Moochie." Devil Lad grabbed the bags, and they set off slowly down the dim sidewalk. They were silent as they walked, so they noticed the birds wake up and begin to sing.

"November always seems so calm. Like the peace after the storm." Finch said, breaking the heavy quiet. Devil Lad nodded.

"Yeah. November is the true start of fall, I think. October is still too full of summer mischief, you know?"

"Yeah. That's why I like Halloween. It's like a second summer, one last chance for fun before winter."

"Before you gotta hold still for Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures." Finch laughed.

"I know, I hate that!"

Silence again for a while. This time, Devil Lad broke it.

"What time do you think it is?"

"No clue. Prob'ly around five or so. Maybe six."

"Wow. I'm surprised Moochie made it this far."

"She's got some tough stuff. Anyone who disagrees disappears mysteriously and looses their molars." It was Devil Lad's turn to laugh. Finch stopped in front of a house.

"This is me." He grabbed his bag from Devil Lad with a free hand. "Hey, where're you headed to?" Devil Lad shrugged off the question.

"Oh, a little ways on. Not too far.

I'm good," he added at Finch's concern.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." Devil Lad shrugged off the question again. Finch wasn't convinced.


Devil Lad turned, waving a hand over his shoulder. "See you next year, then."

Finch felt his heart drop. It happened every first of November. He watched the pink-hooded devil walk away.

"Yeah… next year…"