Fangirl's of the internet,

I am Kanda. I'm an exorcist. You are probably wondering what I am doing here, rather then being on a mission. I can answer that quite simply.

Idiot Komui wants me to write a report on something as 'homework', which I don't really understand. I told him I didn't want too, because I didn't feel like it. He said I have to, and to look on the 'internet' for a topic, otherwise he would keep me off missions.

And so now I have to write. I even threatened him. I wanted to spear his torso to the wall, but Lenalee stopped me. (I can't attack her, she's a woman.)

Anyhow, I know all you idiots out there are still wondering about relevance. Well, you see, I happen to know about a little thing called 'Yaoi'. Most of its involving me and that Moyashi, me and that stupid rabbit, me and that Noah guy, you know, the one with the butterflies (I don't know where that one came from). His name escapes me. It's an awkward name.

I'm sick of it, you bastards. Can't you see I'm straight? Is that too hard for you to comprehend?! I'll slice you all up with my Mugen!!

I just want to know why you like Yaoi so much… and why Im always in there, somewhere. (Sometimes, Im watching, not even doing anything! Are you guys sick or something?! I have better things to do in my spare time!)

Tell me what you think about Yaoi so I can write it in this report that Im not really paying attention too. I suppose you would have to press that 'Review' button, then.

I'll answer back to any comments left in my next segment. Oh, and don't use your stupid internet language. I cant understand that. I will maim you if you do.

Im warning you, I'll destroy anyone who says anything about me being gay!!

From Kanda.

PS: Can someone tell me why people keep saying I'm a girl?!