Oi, Fangirls.

I am dead.

No, seriously.

Also, I am pissed.

Remember, I said something about my screen before? Well, I turned it on, and it went completely black, and made this high pitched noise. And now I have no screen, yet the 'net-top' makes the starting noise that sounds like annoying wind chimes, and I know everything is working except for that fucking screen. But the screen still makes the high pitched noise, which will not stop until you turn it off. What the hell is wrong with it?!

So, this is the first time I have managed to get online for ages. And, its in time slots, and I only have half an hour. It sucks. I can't write, I can't go online, nothing, because the screen is pitch black, and I do not know how to fix it. Nor can I be fucked to fix it.

So, unless you guys can think of an idea to help, what can I do??

I don't know when the next time I will be able to get online. It was hard enough to get online today, let alone at any time at all. Neither do I have time to answer back all of these PM's that I have got.

I don't want to ask for help, because I am not begging for the 'internet'.

Hopefully I'll get to write again, but for now, bye, I guess.

I win, Moyashi, by default. Yes, you bastard, you heard me.


(PS: No, really, what do I do. Its not like I can write a story and mail it to you people.)