"Max! Max!" Nudge called repeatedly. No sign of life. She panicked, and started screaming for Fang.

Fang stumbled into the room, still half asleep. He hadn't been getting much rest lately because of Max's little, ahem , problem.

"She won't wake up!" Nudge cried.

Fang sighed and studied her carefully.

At that moment Max's eyes flew open and as soon as she saw Fang her eyes widened and she scrambled to get up. Fang shook his head slightly and went back to his room to get dressed for school.

"Good morning." He called back, his voice dull and flat.

Max stared after him, then muttered, "Good morning."

^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

"Hey, Maxie. You sleep good last night? Had any dreams about me?" Alex whispered in Max's ear.

Max glared at him, but tried to control herself.

"Aww, come on darling. You know-"

"Shut up." She interrupted him, and then tried to loose him in the crowd of people.

Alex grinned. He loved this. He loved getting on her nerves, seeing her cheeks tint pink in anger and her hands clench.

"I couldn't stop thinking of you last night." He murmured, catching back up to her and quickly wrapping his arm around her waist.

She whipped around, instantly getting away from his touch. Her eyes flashed with anger and doubt shadowed in Alex's eyes as he realized he had just stepped on the invisible line.

"Look, Max, I didn't mean t-"

But it was too late as she curled her fingers into a fist, aimed and hit him on the bridge of his nose.

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