Max waited for Alex to do something. Hit her? Maybe. Punch her? Probably. Make her do something for him so that he would get off? Definitely.

Alex leaned down farther, as if to kiss her, but Max was wriggling too much. Alex felt his grip slipping.

"Aww, that feels good." Alex teased, knowing that would make her stop.

Max's eyes widened in horror, and she screeched as loud as possible, "GET OFF ME!"

Alex winced as the sound hurt his ears.

Besides that, Alex was really enjoying this. First, because Max was hating it but second, because he was forming an excellent plan.

"Now now, Maxie-girl, calm down." He whispered, ignoring the crowd which was now getting impatient.

But Max wasn't calming down. In fact, she was forming a plan herself, gathering up all the spit in her mouth, swishing it around. It just so happened that Max had near-perfect aim.

"I'll get off you, but only if you do me one thing-"

She aimed, and fired.

Right into his eye.

Alex reeled back, closing his right eye as spit ran down his cheek.

Max smiled, satisfied, and tried to get out of Alex's grasp while he was distracted. Alex just gripped tighter, now glaring angrily. His face showed disgust, which was exactly how he was feeling.

"That was a dirty trick." He hissed.

Max didn't answer.

A small half-grin spread across Alex's face.

"Nice." He murmured.

Max's face twisted into confusion.

"I look forward to fighting you again." He whispered in her ear, and let her go.

Max sprang up, but Alex had already moved away.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ALEX?!" One of Alex's buddies shouted.

"GET HIM!" Shouted someone on Max's side.

But Alex had already slipped into the crowd and disappeared.

^-^ . . . *-* . . . - . . . O.o

Nudge stared in shock, watching Alex walk to the edge of the park, then across the street.

Troy raised an eyebrow, "Why'd he let her go?"

Nudge shook her head confused, and looked back down at Max, who was trying to also go through the crowd. She could tell Max was pissed.

"Nudge?" Troy raised his hand to her arm.

She quickly shook it away, "I got to go."

Troy nodded, knowing Nudge wouldn't be won over in just one day. But he would keep trying.

"Can I walk you home?" He asked, as he jumped down from the tree, and landed on the ground.

Nudge's eyes flashed, "Are you hitting on me?"

Troy gulped, and felt a rush on nervousness go through his body. But he didn't let Nudge see that.

"Yeah, I am." He answered, without missing a beat.

Nudge hadn't expected him to be so . . . urgh! Her thoughts swirled around. Shouldn't she slap him? Didn't she tell herself that she would not waste her time dating stupid middle school boys?

"Well, you better stop." She said, through clenched teeth.

Troy nodded understandingly. He would stop, for now. But he wasn't about to give up. He'd wanted Nudge for a long time now, but he had needed an excuse to talk to her.

"Okay, then." Nudge said, suddenly unsure. She hadn't expected him to give so quickly.

"You still haven't answered." Troy said.

Nudge looked up, confused.

"Can I walk you home?" Troy asked again.

Nudge glanced at the crowd. It was already filtering out. And Max was long gone.

"Why not." Nudge finally said.

Troy grinned.

Weren't expecting that, now were you?