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Chapter 33

The next night Bill and I just stared at each other while we waited for my grandfather. I had made dinner while Bill fed William; we had asked Amelia to come over to care for the baby while Bill and I met with Niall.

"Well darling tonight all of our questions get answered one way or the other," Bill said as he brought the baby over to me so that I could kiss him before placing him in his basinet.

"They most certainly will cause Niall is not leaving here without clearing all of this up," I said with certainty in my voice but fear in my heart.

Just then Niall popped in.

"Ah my beautiful granddaughter," he said as he opened his arms to me. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed the top of my head; the sweet smell of home pulling me closer to him.

"William.." he nodded towards Bill and immediately turned his attention to the baby.

"Little prince how are we tonight your majesty?" He gave a small bow to the baby and proceeded to remove him from his basinet. He gently kissed the top of his head and smiled down at the baby almost oblivious to Bill and I still being in the room.

"Grandfather…," I said breaking him from his enchantment. "Grandfather we invited you here so that we could talk," his eyes momentarily left the baby as he looked up at me the smile on his face almost completely disappearing.

"We could have dinner first if you like or we could start our conversation now." I said. Niall put the baby back in the basinet and took a seat on the sofa indicating he preferred the conversation over the meal.

"Amelia could you please take the baby upstairs and look after him while we have our discussion down here, thank you." I said as we moved into the living room.

Amelia took the baby upstairs and Bill and I sat on the sofa across from Niall as our conversation began. Bill started.

"Niall, you know how grateful we are for your gift to us when we almost lost each other; then you gifted us again with a true blessing in the form of our son and for that we could never be more grateful." Bill nodded in respect and then continued. "However, the time has come for questions to be answered completely. Sookie and I have been so wrapped up in the joy of having each other in our lives again and then the surprise of our child that we have not until now decided to question your motives. And, with all due respect Prince, motives other than your granddaughters' happiness abound behind all that you've gifted."

Niall appeared to slightly shift in his seat before a small smile covered his face. He appeared to be glowing and I felt ease start to wrap itself around me (as did Bill by his relaxed appearance). At that moment I no longer wanted answers to our questions, I just wanted to bask in the glow Niall was emitting.

As if in a flash Octavious entered the room hissing. "Niall!" He almost shouted, breaking Bill and me from some sort of enchantment.

"Your majesty I do believe your granddaughter has asked you a question and Prince, she deserves a truthful answer." Octavious said with a grin on his face.

"Octavious what are you doing here? My child, what is HE doing here?" Niall asked.

I suddenly became aware that my grandfather had not been allowed to see that Octavious had been in Bill's and my life. I thought back to Niall's words to Bill…

"… the 'fae seers" had predicted that a new and powerful ally would present himself to us before the King made his move; an ally we would also need if the "other kind" of fae ever made a move for Niall's throne in the far future."

My mind tried to wrap itself around that and then around Claudine's words to us when baby William was born…

Claudine stopped by the following night and informed us that Niall would offer us fae magic intervention and that we should accept it as the baby was part fae. She also instructed us not to let any fae know the exact source of the witches' magic or that Bill had been the one to make the contact.

Shaking myself from my memories, I looked from Octavious to my grand-father as he finally appeared slightly uncomfortable in his seat. His eyes focused on Octavious before turning to us, he waived his hand in the air and spoke. "Since apparently Octavious has seen fit to stand by Fintan even after his death, I am left with no choice but to give the answer to that which troubles you my child."

I blinked not believing my grandfather's words and my lips ready to question what this last statement meant; I leaned forward just as Bill silenced me with a soft pull to his chest. Bill immediately adding as I turned to look at him questioningly, "we are both troubled though highly appreciative your Majesty." Bill and I waited with baited breath for Niall's next words as Octavious crossed his arms over his chest as my grandfather began to speak.

"Many years ago a war started among the fae, it was an unprecedented one as it threatened not just fae but also vampires. My sons and I fought a tremendous battle as their mother perished in an ambush caused by our own kind. The pain of her death too terrible to bear, I was injured as was your grandfather. This war continued for many years and finally on the occasion of a truce union the fight was brought to this realm. This is why our world had been locked from mortals, it is why (he motioned to Octavious) he knows Fintan, it is why they became friends and why you are my great-grandchild." It was the first time I had heard mention of my great-grandmother on the fae side and my jaw almost hit the floor but Niall continued.

"Fintan fell in love with a mortal woman and their children were used against us once again. Your parents died because they were not strong enough to survive a fae attack, Fintan died because his weakness, his mortal family was used against him." He looked up at me and I could see the glow surrounding him change colors as if it wept for the family he had lost and I had to hold myself from going to him. But he held his hand up and continued with his pained words, "the general of my armies had been extinguished, none but him could lead us into our final victory. Our Prince had died as we all soon will perish unless another from his line takes his place."

He looked up at me with what appeared like pain in his regal face, "your brother is weak, you dear child are powerful but still too weak and too human to take Fintan's place. Only one of true cunning and power, a fae like no other can lead us to victory. Only one created from pure fae magik, pure love, can take the place of Fintan when my time comes to an end," I thought my jaw couldn't go further into the floor as he spoke that is, until Niall's head turned up and his eyes tracked Amelia's footsteps in the room above us before returning to Bill and I with a grin as the final words came, "and I devised a plan to have such a successor, one more powerful than any other fae, more powerful than any other singular vampire and now he rests in the arms of the witch upstairs."

Needless to say, Bill and I were stunned and justlikethat I fainted, my body sliding out of Bills arms and headed straight to the floor with a loud thunk. Someone, I think it was Octavious, grabbed me. I woke to find Bill holding me as Amelia pressed cold compresses into my forehead. "What? What happened," I said as my eyes focused on Bill.

"You fainted sweetheart, Bill's cool voice rolling off me as a calming balm and then it all hit me and I sat up like a spring recoiling back to its original form and shouted, "Bill get William! We need to get him away from here fast!" A small surprised whimper came from William and my eyes quickly searched for his little face, finding him all too comfortable in Niall's arms as he bounced him.

"Ssh, my little prince, let us not scare your mother," he bent his head and kissed Williams small head and continued, "she believes I will be taking you from her, should we tell her it must be by your choice? Shall we inform her that this was the deal struck by the one that announced you?" He looked from William to me with a smile as if he had just wished me happy birthday. I immediately stood, walked to him and opened my arms for my son, Bill and Octavious standing right beside me, apparently ready for, well I don't know for what but a battle did come to mind.

I took my son and held him close to me, Bill's gentle hands holding William and I to him as I incuriously looked at my great-grandfather. Finally I sighed pushing down the anger that was beginning to take hold of me as my words finally formed.

"Never have I loved anyone more than I love our son, I never thought it possible to love with such purity as I love Bill and now William." I looked at William and then to Niall, I would prefer death than to lose either of them, you will not take our child. If you were a vampire I would rescind your invitation but as it stands, now not only do I have vampires to protect him from but also you. How could you? I mean I know how you could but why? No wait, that would mean I would prefer we never had him. Grandfather, you would destroy us if you took our son from us." I almost collapsed on the floor, if it had not been for Bill holding me I was certain I would have and just as Bill was about to speak, Octavious spoke.

"Fintan regretted not being with his children, not watching them grow, not showing them what they truly were as they suffered in confusion. Your Majesty, he knew eventually you would force your hand and claim a successor; he just did not want it to be against their will. I gave my friend my honor, as he took in his last breath he insisted on my word to protect them against you and all fae when the time came. Tell us this is not that time."

As Niall was about to answer, the room glowed white and Claudine appeared before us as if in mid-conversation, "No this is not that time vampire. Niall knows the child will only grow stronger while with his parents. He also knows that in faery, the prince would be in greater danger from factions beyond his royal control. William will require training both from his Majesty and from his father and as Bill will not be allowed in faery, it must be here." She turned and smiled at Niall and he gave her a knowing nod.

"The prince will remain with his parents, Octavious you will assist in his training as he is vampire as well as fae," she smiled as she spoke, her hand gently passing over Williams cheeks. I tried to open my mouth to argue but the look on her face left me no room for argument as she continued. "Sookie your son is a prince and will, if it becomes his decision, be the Prince of Fae. He will grow, he will learn and he will love. You and Bill will always have your son, but when he chooses his path not vampires, humans or fae will be able to keep them solely to themselves," she glowed as she spoke, "none will be able to keep him from following the path he has selected for himself."

"But, but…," it was all I could say as Octavious cool hand reached out to touch my shoulders as he turned me to him, "My Lady, he will be with you and his father. We will protect him and teach him all he should know of being a vampire, he will learn of his fae heritage from his majesty," he closed the distance between us, "and he will learn from his beautiful mother the compassion and love for all mortal things." He brought my hand to his lips and kissed the back of my hand as he added, "you will be his greatest instructor." For the first time I noticed that Bill no longer growled when Octavious touched or kissed me, I found it curios and filed that in my 'to be discussed later' mental cabinet.

A thought hit me hard and the words flowed out just as fast, "what if he wants to remain here? What if he decides he wants nothing to do with fae? What happens then?"

With a slight grin my great-grandfather responded dismissively, "he can make any decision he so desires, he is a fae Prince, none will dare question his motives or decision." His grin widened, "He will have all the armies of fae at his disposal if any does." I had a strange feeling my great-grandfather was keeping something from me but I quickly set it aside as William turned his little head towards my breast, he was hungry.

"I must feed William," I sighed and turned to look at Niall and Claudine, speaking to everyone in the room, "I know there is more to this conversation that has not been shared yet but MY son is hungry and his needs take precedent before all of you but know this," I stepped out of Bill's protective arms and brushed Octavious' hand off my shoulder, "I may only be a weak human but I AM his mother and to protect him I will stake, burn or whatever it is you do to fae to kill them and vampires. An' all of you know I'm stubborn enough to do it too."

With that I walked out the room and headed straight for William's nursery upstairs leaving a highly stunned "William Compton fan club" downstairs.