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*Hinata's POV

Humans are very friendly, especially males. I've made more male friends than I have female in my past two days of High School. Despite all the drama shown on television people are really nice. It's kind of cool. I like fitting in and I love making new friends. What I don't get is how Sasuke is always glaring at the boys. They were just being friendly! It hardly made any sense.

*Sasuke's POV

It's bad enough that I'm stuck with this idiot, but to have guys flocking around too! It's sickening how oblivious to reality the little moron is. She just smiles at everyone and thinks the world loves her. Well I got a newsflash for you: They don't. The guys are perverts and the girls all want to get close to me.

How am I supposed to ward of fan girls if I have to ward of fan boys too?

*Hinata's POV

Naruto is so dreamy. He's friendly, handsome, talented, funny, sweet, and everything I want my Prince Charming to be. He's not the most popular guy at school, but I know the girls have noticed him. He doesn't seem to notice. He's nice to everyone, isn't that sweet?

-insert dreamy sigh here-

I'm so lucky that my fairy godchild is best friends with this angel. It definitely makes things worth it now. Like on Wednesday when Naruto held the door open for me. What a wonderful guy.

Of course I still have my priorities in line. Despite Naruto's natural beauty I knew there were some things far more important than pursuing him.

I do not want to go to the Outer Limits but how am I supposed to bring joy in Sasuke's life? I'm not Barney the Dinosaur and Sasuke is definitely not one of those overly-happy kids! I groaned a sigh as I collapsed on his desk chair in his bedroom. Said fairy godchild was taking a shower after having just left Basketball Practice. I had staid in the humongous auditorium as a casual observer and was surprised to see that Sasuke was an excellent athlete. I always pictured him for the 'stay in my room and write music while crying' type so vividly portrayed on television.

"This is never going to work." I said to myself, recalling how the only time he talked with me was whenever his fan girls were around. I may be dense sometimes but even I can tell when I'm being used. "I hate Father."

Once I said those words aloud I realized they were the truth. I had no love left for the shell of a fairy who dared misuse me so. The only reason why I went through this strenuous mission was to save myself from the Outer Limits.

I would pass this test and prove him wrong.

Everything depended on it.



*Sasuke's POV

When I entered my bedroom I was surprised to see the little fairy in my room blaring the music from 'Rocky' on my stereo. She bobbed her head up and down in time with the beat, a determined look on her small face. For a second I wondered if she was entered in a boxing match.

"What are you doing?"

She turned around sharply, surprised. "AAH!" she squeaked once realizing that I was shirtless. "M-my eyes! My poor virgin eyes!" she wailed covering said eyes with her palms and pivoting her body so her back faced me.

I raised an eyebrow and slowly made my way to my drawer, pulling out the shirt on top. Black. Just like the shirt below it. I slipped it on quietly, wondering how long she would maintain that position.

I counted to sixty about seven times before she turned around cautiously, peeking through the crack between her fingers. Her hands instantly dropped "Oh th-thank goodness!" she said, relieved.

It was about then that I realized she truly wasn't a fan girl, and my respect for her raised a few points.



*Hinata's POV

Now that my goals were set I just needed a game plan. How exactly would I get Sasuke to become joyous? A mental visual of Sasuke bounding through flowers came to mind and I couldn't hold back a snicker.

"What's so funny?" he snapped from his place in the drivers seat, angrily cutting off a red pickup truck.

"N-nothing." He really isn't a morning person. I wrinkled my nose at the grouch once I was sure he wasn't looking. "S-so…"

He ignored me, slamming down the brakes once he realized that we couldn't beat the stop light. His face was twisted into an angry scowl, his clothes were slightly wrinkled, and his strong hands clutched the steering wheel. The sad thing is, this is how he usually looks.

"So…" I tried again, pleased that I hadn't stuttered "B-big day h-h-huh?"

"WHAT?" he yelled sharply. I cowered into my seat. Sasuke is scary when he's angry.


We pulled into the school parking lot in silence, except for when he nearly ran over a short sophomore. It took me five minutes to unpeel my hands from the armrests. Sasuke, however, hadn't noticed and stalked his way into Konoha High leaving me behind.

I climbed out the car and felt self conscious as everyone who went by took their time staring at me. I was suddenly aware of how much I stood out. Without Sasuke I was just the weird transfer girl. Without Sasuke I was alone.

I quickened my steps, listening to the steady rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement. Much to my surprise the crowds started parting for me too. I easily made my way up the small flight of steps and into the noisy building.

"HINATA!" Naruto yelled from across the hall, his golden hair standing out amongst the throngs of people.

I felt a tugging at my lips and before I knew it I was smiling. I hadn't given a genuine smile for some time now. It felt nice. I waved back. Maybe I wasn't as alone as I thought.



"Hey Hinata sit with us!"

"No, sit here!"

"Hi! I love your outfit! So original and so cute!"

I was stunned. Were all these human girls talking to ME? I was Hinata, the failure of a fairy! I couldn't believe it, and apparently neither could Sasuke. "Um…" I turned to him, balancing my food tray on one hip "Y-you…"

"Sit with them." He said before walking off towards his table, unaffected as ever. He could've at least wished me good luck.

Jerk. I thought.

"Don't mind him." A tall girl with hair the color of honey said kindly, grabbing my arm and guiding me past Sakura's table and towards hers "He's always a jerk. Makes me wonder why he lets you hang out with him."


"Excuse me!" It was a red haired girl from Sakura's table. You could tell because they all wore extremely revealing clothes. "She was like, so going to sit with us!"

The honey haired girl's dark green eyes widened "She, like, was?"

The red haired girl, oblivious to the blatant mockery, nodded her head emphatically "SO like, let her sit with us. C'mon Hinota, you'll like so fit in, especially since you like, are hanging out with Sasuke and all."

My jaw dropped. That was kind of harsh, the girl showed no interest in me as a person only in Sasuke. I wondered how many other people liked me only because of my connections with the mystery bad-boy?

"My God Karin," my defender said despairingly "You are so stupid. Do you ever think about what you say, or rather, do you even think at all? No wait, of course you don't. The stuff you do requires pure instinct isn't that right?"

I didn't quite understand what she meant, but I could tell it was an insult by the way Karin's cheeks were suddenly matching her fiery hair. She glared hatred at my valiant defender before storming off, her heels clicking and all.

"U-um," I turned to the tall girl "Th-thank you."

"No problem." She shrugged, "I'm Temari. Hang out with me and those bitches will leave you alone."

I took one look at her and knew what she was talking about. She wasn't masculine or anything; in fact she was the very image of an exotic beauty. Her hair was tied into four spiky ponytails which only made her stand out more. She was regal; I could picture her as the queen of some desert country, flicking her fan open and closed as she demanded the executions of those who displeased her.


She didn't give me any time to respond as she guided (pushed) me to her table. Seated there were a few other kids who looked defiantly bored, as though the mere act of sitting at the table was too much for them to bear. One was a girl with dark brown hair pulled into two buns. She wore a pink Chinese top which led me to believing that she was possible Chinese, or part Chinese anyway.

A snoring guy lay with his face on the table, both his hands propped up around him. His bushy ponytail stood up like a beacon and I had the urge to laugh. Temari seated herself beside him, leaving me with the space beside the Chinese looking girl and the chubby guy on her right. I slid in murmuring a polite 'hello'.

"That's Choji, Shikamaru, Tenten, and the idiot who occasionally joins us is Kiba." Temari pointed to each person in turn "You won't see much of Kiba since he's on the Basketball Team. Stupid dog-boy."

I nodded, smiling at the group. They weren't so bad. At least they were more talkative than Sasuke.

Speaking of which, I craned my head trying to see across the cafeteria. No luck. His table was completely obscured by the active students.

"So, do you like Sasuke or something?" the girl to my right asked suddenly.

"H-huh?" It took me a second to understand the question "NO!"

Temari and her friend's all leaned back (with the exception of Shikamaru), startled by my little outburst. I felt my cheeks heat up and ducked my head "I-I mean, we-we're just friends."

Temari clicked her tongue disapprovingly "Honey, Sasuke doesn't have friends."

"W-we go w-w-way back." I hoped that they couldn't see through my lies.

"Wow." The chubby kid, Choji exclaimed, "To think that Sasuke was actually once social! Hey, are you going to eat that?" he pointed to my chicken sandwich, which honestly looked like crap. I shook my head, quickly sliding it over to him. He murdered it in less than twenty seconds, I leaned away, perturbed.

"That's kind of cool." Tenten offered with a kindly smile which I readily returned. Out of all the people at the table, she fit the bill most for a normal human. I'm not saying that the others aren't nice they're just…different. "I mean, it's nice to think that Sasuke is human."

Temari gave an unladylike snort "Define human."

I smiled uncertainly. Temari was very cynical, and probably beat up hundreds of people in her lifetime. I mentally reminded myself to stay on her good side. At that moment Naruto walked past, lighting up the room with his smile, his very presence, and his bright orange jumpsuit.

My smile widened as he waved vigorously at me. He seemed pleased that I made other friends, and gave me a friendly wink before sauntering towards the corner where Sasuke was predictably brooding.

"Oooohhhh!" Tenten cooed loudly "Someone's in love!"

My cheeks burned, I ducked my head to hide my face. "I-is it th-that obvious?" I asked, rather than try to deny my feelings.

Temari folded her arms "Honey, I've seen billboards more subtle than you."



I decided the best person to ask about Sasuke was his best friend. That decision had nothing to do with my undying love for Naruto. Really.

I found him by his locker, fumbling with the lock and muttering to himself. I couldn't help but smile. He was so cute! I approached him slowly from behind. He started rattling the handle. I tapped his broad, masculine, shoulder.

"Hm? Oh! Hey Hinata! What's up?"

Was it me, or did my name sound much lovelier on his lips? I sighed dreamily.

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed "Uh, Hinata?"

I snapped out of my trance, mentally berating myself. How could I behave so stupidly? "Oh um, I k-kind of h-had a q-q-question for you."

He nodded, eager to please. If only Sasuke were more like him, then I wouldn't mind the mission so much. The name of my fairy god child triggered an unwilling response in my brain. I had to focus on the mission. Sasuke. Right.

"Ask away!" he chirped, completely forgetting his locker door. A group of giggling cheerleaders walked by, eyeing him slowly as they did. I felt angry with them for looking at him like that. Wasn't it enough that they were every man's objects of lust? Why were they after Naruto too? His eyes followed them.

"Oh right…" my shoulders slumped "I-I ju-just wanted to know what m-made Sasuke so unhappy, and h-how I could make hi-him happy again." My stuttering had slowly ceased as my heart died. I hated these human emotions. I hated the wave of jealousy and the cold crack of heartbreak. Above all I hated myself for not being the stunning, intelligent, perfect girl I should have been.

"Oh!" He blinked, my question taking him off guard. "Well…" he rubbed his chin "It happened a few years ago when his parents died. Suddenly he turned all angry and emo. His brother Itachi naturally inherited the family fortune, although he must share it with Sasuke once Sasuke comes of age. I guess in a way Sasuke hates Itachi for becoming his guardian, and he hates the world for taking away his family." His blue eyes dimmed, and I could see genuine sadness and concern cross his usually merry face "Poor Sasuke. You should've seen him; he loved his family so much. He was always trying to make his Father proud. He didn't have to work hard with his Mother; she was the sweetest woman in the world. He and Itachi were kind of rivals, and the day his parents died they got into a huge argument which broke out into a fight. I don't know what happened; all I know is that some harsh words were spoken. Maybe that's why Sasuke still hates Itachi."

My eyes welled with tears. Poor Sasuke, to go through so much at such a young age. No wonder he was so bitter and mean today. I felt an almost maternal wave of compassion replace the anger I felt before.

It took me a few moments to realize that Naruto was calling my name. "Hinata? Hey Hinata, you alright? Hinaaataaa!"

"I'm fine." I said suddenly, jerking back from his face which suddenly flooded my vision. "I j-just need to… I-I I gotta go!" I turned tail and ran.



*Sasuke's POV

The fairy godmother lingered after school, so I left her behind. She was probably too busy mooning over Naruto anyway, the idiot. I didn't care either way. It felt nice having time to myself. I pushed the gas pedal a little harder than necessary to get past the yellow light. I didn't feel like waiting for the worthless fools in the other vehicles. I was more important. I'm Sasuke Uchiha, of course I matter more.

I had no regular hangout spot so I drove home. Itachi's car wasn't in the driveway, much to my relief. Even more time alone. I needed to study for that stupid Trig test anyway.

I stepped out the car, enjoying the silence. Our neighborhood was an exclusive one. The only noise we ever hear is the dogs barking, our neighbor at the end of the street's parties, and cars driving past. Usually the cars were full of poor people, lusting after our houses and dreaming of a life that would never be theirs. I shook my head. Pathetic.

I was almost to the doorway when I heard a sound. It was heavy footsteps. A jogger perhaps? No. No one ran in our neighborhood, that's what expensive treadmills are for. Maybe another thief? Either way I didn't care enough to turn around. If anyone messed with me I would kill them. Simple.

The footsteps grew louder until I realized that whoever it was, was running in my direction. This time I did turn around, fully prepared to decapitate the attacker. My eyes widened as Hinata threw herself at me, tightly wrapping her arms around my torso. I gave an 'oof' as I fell backwards onto the freshly trimmed lawn. That didn't stop her she only hugged me tighter.

"What…" I gasped for air "The. Hell. Are. You. Doing?"

Her small face was buried in my chest, she was breathing even harder than I was. Did she run the whole distance alone? On these streets? She pulled her face up. We were uncomfortably close but she was too tired to care. "Oh Sasuke!" she wailed loudly, her pale gray eyes filling with tears "I'm so sorry!" she began to sob.

"What?" I was too confused to act indifferent.

"I'm sorry about everything! I'm sorry your parents died! I'm sorry I'm bothering you! I'm sorry that you're unhappy!" she sniffled loudly. I began to fear for my shirt. "Please," she turned her pleading face up to me once more so I could see the sincerity in her expression "If you will let me, I will try and make you happy! I swear upon my honor as a fairy!"

She didn't stutter once. She re-buried her face in my chest and sobbed once more. I patted her back, trying to ignore the seeping dampness on the front of my shirt. "I want to be your friend! I want to make you happy!" I leaned my head back on the grass and stared up at the sky. This was absolutely ridiculous, and my back hurt.

I didn't know why this tiny fairy was so intent on my…happiness, but somehow it didn't bother me as much as it should have. This was the first time in years that anyone had genuinely cared about me. All these years of selfishness were products of my self reliance. No one cared about me as much as I did. No one but maybe the little fairy, lying on my chest, crying the tears I never cried.

Hinata gave a shuddering sigh. She had worn herself out. "I want to make you smile…" she said in a wistfully tiny voice.

If she had looked up for one brief second, she would've seen her last wish come true.



End Chapter

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