(I've been reading a lot lately... instead of studying. Any who I've really wanted to write a few different stories but The Hunger Games is most prominent in my mind right now so I'll work with that I guess. I'm known for grammar errors so I'm so sorry I'll do my best to proof read this, get my friend to proof read it and then proof read it again.. or something. :) This is a one shot... probably Reviews are my fuel. and it's environmentally friendly... mostly.)

He should have expected this, really. Peeta's eyes looked after Katniss. He felt... hollow. No matter what, Katniss had to survive. The Capitol was after them. No, they were after her, the little girl with the red plaid dress.

He held her hand barrenly. He didn't want to love her right now but... looking at her eyes, seeing the despair, the confusion. He could pull this off one more time. For her. People surrounded them. He held his head higher, slipping his hand around her waste and kissing the top of her head. He looked to meet his mother's eyes in the crowd. He had survived despite everything she had thought... they had survived together.

The Mayor gave his speech, obviously he wasn't used to it. Pauses were awkward and dragged. He kept looking up at the girl wrapped in his arms. She was a survivor. In these people's eyes she was the survivor. That was all too true though.

"We could never have survived without each other." He whispered. The cameras caught that. He was enraged they were here suddenly, after all the death and starvation this district had so cruely faced, all it took was someone winning these games. Other wise they are ignorant of the situation of District 12. Despite all this he kept his face blank. They were in enough trouble as it was. He sighed inwardly for what he was about to do. For the act. To keep her alive he repeated in his mind as he pulled her into a kiss.

He felt her weak response, but encouraged her as best he could, his hands caught on her shoulder . In the forest this had been so much more real. Why.

Because, it was the only way you could survive, that ought to be enough. The universe is only so generous.

She helped him survive. He wanted so hard to believe that she wouldn't have lived without him too but he knew that wasn't fully true. She was strong, she could have made it, even if Cato had gotten his grimy hands on her. Peeta shuddered at the thought of that happening, of Cato cutting her life away, of finding his smug, disgusting face over her pale, lifeless body.

He let Katniss go, her eyes were almost enraged. You love me Peeta begged with his eyes. Katniss turned her eyes to the crowd. Her eyes met Prim's, then her mothers. She wasn't thinking about him right now. It encouraged him that she wasn't looking for Gale. She just wanted her family right now.

In a way he supposed he missed his family too. His father in the very least. The smell of his father's freshly made bread as it wafted into the house. He would wrestle with his brothers for the last piece of whatever their father had left from the day.

Katniss gripped his hand, and lead him off the platform. Everything seemed lost after that. She ran for her sister and her mother, and of course Gale. He stared after her desperately.

Being home suddenly held little meaning. His father came to his side, hugging him with more emotion than usual.

"So she noticed finally?" His father asked. Peeta gave a lonesome smile.

"Yeah... she noticed."