I felt myself...going further...

my eyes were forced shut by all the presser. My body spun as did my mind. Was this how it felt? Then it all stopped. My eye lids lifted. I could feel myself. I could see them. I remembered this was vague but I still knew. Her eyes bright purple filled with fear and sadness. I new what to do, yet I started to question my actions. There is no turning back. I need to fix it to help them. To help her.


"I will go"


"good bye Utau"

suddenly everything went black. I knew what was happening. Good bye Utau...Kawa...Daki...Mori...Lorelei I will miss you now and forever...Amu.

Words you can never say

a person you can never meet

a fate you can never escape

memories you can never keep

I will let you keep them hold them now and forever for they are you greatest treasure...

thank you...

it's ironic that one thing killed 3 people and scared 3....

(Amu Pov)


My eyes fluttered open and I rolled off the bed in a attempt to wake myself up.

"morning Mori..." I managed to murmur out.

I picked myself up and crawled into the bath room. Hello my name is Hinamori Amu I am 14 years old. Today I am starting my first year of high school with my older sister Mori.



"yeah? Who are you?"


"nice to meet you you class room is just to the right"

"thanks I hope to meet again"

"no prob"


I shook my head, what was that? I slipped back into my room and flicked on an Utau CD. The notes were lovely I always listened to Utau while I got dressed in the morning.

"Amu time to go!"


sorry for the short chapter I'll try and make them longer next time:) and thank you to Lorelei for your advice about my story as you see you got the part you wanted:) I hope you like the story!