I held the embryo.....

(Amu Pov)

As I walked down the street toward the school I noticed a large van parked near the back. I shook it off and proceeded to the math room where the teacher loaded all the desks in a box a gave them to movers. "Wait!" "what is it Amu?" "where are you taking the desks?" "factory to be recycled" "What?!?!" "we desperately needed new ones Amu" "but- but-" I saw a flash as my memories faded to nothing... "Amu?" "what were we talking about?" "the new desks" "hu? Oh about time we got new ones" I muttered then waited in the hall with rest of the students


Words you can never say

a person you can never meet

a fate you can never escape

memories you can never keep

sometimes you can change fate...but other times you can't

The end

(for real this time)